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French experimentalists Dot Legacy release debut video

Posted in News with tags , , , on 29th March 2014 by Nico Davidson

Rising French expermentalists Dot Legacy recently released the video for Kennedy, the lead single taken from their self-titled debut album. The video can be viewed below. The band had this to say:

We chose Kennedy as the track’s title because we are all inspired by the path of mankind towards the stars, progress and technology. It’s a mixture of pop, rock and stoner altogether.

Kennedy is based on a speech of the US president before the congress and that says that within the decade they should land a man on the moon. The structure of the song and the clip is done in a way where you feel mankind running towards an objective, the lifting off (the psychedelic solo) and finally reaching this new state or era (the ending with the “white lady”) in exploding circumstances.

The intention was to alternate fast rhythms with some pop rock feelings and stoner breaks and then go to a psychedelic tunnel to emerge with some good old rock.

The band will release their debut record through German label Setalight Records in June 2014.

Dot Legacy online:

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