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Interview: Jenny Green [Cryptic Age]

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For York based Folk Metal band CRYPTIC AGE 2012 is going to be one hell of a year and a year that should see them truly emerge and blossom on to the scene. This is the year that Cryptic Age release their debut album entitled ‘Sounds Of Infinity’ and for a teaser if you visit their website you can stream the excellent new track from the album, ‘Eternity Beckons’.

If you think that is all the band have on though you’d better guess again. This year will see Cryptic Age grace the stage at both the Metalcamp Festival in Slovenia as well as the Warhorns Festival right here in York with the mighty Skyforger.

So with all that in mind, here is what keyboard player and vocalist Jenny Green had to say on all things Cryptic Age, from the new album to metalcamp with a stop off on the Isle Of Man for good measure.

With this being your debut album, were there any nerves or worries regarding the writing process?

I wouldn’t say nerves, but I think we took a step up from our EP on the quality of the songs. Sometimes we made up a really good riff really fast, but other times we changed things a lot until we thought they sounded good enough.

How do you feel the overall finished article has come out?

We are personally very happy with it. We’ve managed to accumulate a style we were still trying to find with our EP, the overall sound quality is far better than before and the songs flow together very well. And also the artwork is amazing!

Who was responsible for the artwork?

The artwork was done by two guys who make up a small company called Kogain Art. The album art was up for sale, but it was archived on the website so it was pure chance that we managed to find it.

What was the bands inspiration lyrically and musically for Sounds Of Infinity?

Well our inspiration on both musical and lyrical terms for the album came from countless places. We did stick to a few rules though, in that we wanted the album to maintain its overall folky sound which is the bread and butter, while the more symphonic, black, thrash and progressive elements are extra factors of our music that we think give us a unique style.

With the lyrics, we also had a few rules. We wanted to put more Manx Gaelic on there because of popular demand and of course we wanted them to be memorable and visual. The only difference is the sixth track Sea Invocation, which is an arrangement of a Manx traditional song.

So where does your love of folkish/gaelic styles come from?

For me it comes from my upbringing on the Isle of Man. Manx folk music I suppose sounds very similar to Irish music but still has its unique aspects. So we like to maintain a real sense of folk metal which stems from Manx folk music, which gives our sound subtle differences to possibly the more generic folk sound other bands may use. And of course I love folk metal ever since I got into Finntroll and Eluveitie. In fact it’s probably my favourite metal genre.

So part of the new album is a four parter by the same name as the album, whats it about?

Well it’s based off a Manx legend where if you put your head to the ground on top of Dalby mountain, you can hear the sounds of spirits, known as Sheean ny Feaynid. This loosely translates as ‘Sounds of Infinity’ although it also means ‘Sounds from Space’ so I personally wanted to re-capture this theme in the concept of revelation that there is so much more out there than one may first think. The story itself is something we wrote: I play a Manx woman whose husband is out at sea during a terrible storm. Unfortunately he doesn’t make it back alive and I becoming mad with grief. I then remember the legend of Sheean ny Feaynid and set out to Dalby mountain to find them. I finally reach them and then supposedly they take me up so I can be united with my husband once again. However we left the ending very ambiguous. For all we know she could have committed suicide from madness and these spirits never existed, or it could have actually happened. It’s left to the imagination of the listener.


Now the new album isn’t the only exciting thing going on with Cryptic Age right now, how did the Metalcamp Festival slot come about?

Well we were very surprised at this – all we did was register our band on the metalcamp website. Then there was some kind of poll as to which unsigned bands should play and we were on there. We thought nothing of it and there was no word on it for months. But then suddenly Hallam got an email from them and there we have it.

Thats amazing, so which bands on the bill are you looking forward to sharing the stage with?

Well the rest of the bands on the second stage are none we have heard of since most come from Slovakia or Croatia, however I’m looking forward to seeing the Furious Horde since they’re symphonic black metal, which I love, and of course they are a band reigning from familiar territory. We also got a message from Avven who said they were looking forward to seeing us. On the first stage there are so many bands I can’t wait to see: Epica, Finntroll, Eluveitie and Scepticflesh to name a few.

That’s going to be an excellent experience, and then you’ve also got a spot at the Warhorns Festival supporting amongst others Skyforger, so would you say 2012 is really going to be the year that boosts your musical career?

Well I never like to predict the future too much, but I can certainly say that we’ve made great progress this year and hopefully next year will be the same!

The new album from CRYPTIC AGE is out right now and you can buy it HERE!

Interview: Jenny Green [2011]

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Since March, Cryptic Age have been on the rise in the British metal underground supporting acts such as Hecate Enthroned and Skyclad, as well as Ravenage and Morpheus Rising. The release of their Homeland EP also helped gain them exposure, being reviewed on several different sites. Cryptic Age will also be releasing a new album early next year. Valkyrian Music editor and promoter, Nico Davidson, has a chat with Cryptic Age’s frontwoman “The Manx Maiden” Jenny Green about the new album, the band and their previous gigs.


Nico: Aside from the concept of the new album, do you feel that it will differ in any way – lyrically or musically speaking – from the Homeland EP?

Jenny: Definitely. The lyrics cover a more expansive range of material – we still keep the Manx folky aspect but we’ve also got other songs that look away from this. Musically, it’ll be a more progressive album overall with more symphonic elements, but still keeping the folk metal as the main feature. We’ll also be getting a few guests to play and sing for us – this album’s gonna be epic!

N: Do you feel that Cryptic Age’s music differs from most folk and female fronted metal bands? If so, why and how?

J: Well in folk metal you normally have a growler or at least someone who sings cleanly but isn’t classically-trained. I also think that the fact I play keyboards while still being the front-woman is a unique edge to our band.

N: Since March, Cryptic Age have shared the stage with a long list of bands and played a number of shows, which one, for you, has been the best one you’ve played so far?

J: For me I’d say it was our second gig at Stereo, which we headlined. It was great to see so many people there and it was one of the gigs we’ve played our best at! The first round of Metal 2 the Masses was pretty good as well – we played our first two songs really badly but then everything changed and we got a really great reaction from the crowd.

N: Are there any shows that you’re looking forward to playing?

J: Well yes – there’s Valk Fest [Valkyrian Festival] of course, and we’ve also got the S.O.P.H.I.E fest in Manchester we’re playing at beforehand. We haven’t really got any more shows planned  for now, however we’re hoping to get a couple lined up with some new bands we’ve never played with before. There is another show we’ve got lined up for February which is VERY exciting, but it’s all hush-hush I’m afraid so I can’t say anymore.

N: Cryptic Age’s lyrics – as you stated in an interview with another site – are mostly influenced by legends from the Isle of Man, so where is it that the influence from the music comes from?

J: Well On the Bare Cold Ground is the best example. It tells the story of the Moddey-Doo (Black Dog) which haunts Peel Castle in the west of the island. Guards normally travelled in groups to lock the gatehouse for fear of being killed by the ghostly dog, and a drunken guard becomes so overconfident he decides to lock the gatehouse on his own. Of course, to the horror of the others, he never returns. The Manx lyrics in Homeland are a poem about a storm in Port St. Mary harbour where a family of fishermen are trapped on their boat. In the four-parter Sounds of Infinity the lyrics are based on a legend even I didn’t know about which consists of travellers being able to hear the sounds of other-worldly men at the top of a mountain. Also another one of our songs in-progress for the new album has been taken from Manx history and we’ve turned it into our own story. There’s many Manx legends so we have a lot to work with.

N: Cryptic Age are booked to play our [Valkyrian Music‘s] charity event – Valkyrian Festival – on 27th, this will be the second show that Cryptic Age will have headlined, how are you feeling about it?

J: Very excited! For me it’s always more fun headlining gigs because you get a bigger audience and more people will have come to see us, in theory. It’s also great we’re headlining a festival – even though it’s not the biggest in the world it’s still something we can tell everybody, and I know there’s lots of our fans coming so it’ll be great!

N: Does the band have any plans – aside from the release of Sounds of Infinity – for 2012?

J: Well we never get out an official checklist and say, “We need to get this done by such and such a time.” and then tick it off. We’re currently in the process of sending out press packs to record labels, and basically promoting ourselves with bigger festivals such as Bloodstock and Metalcamp, the latter of which we might be playing at if we get enough votes!

N: How is the progress with the new album going? Are there any more details you can tell us about it?

J: Well I’ve revealed a lot more stuff already I guess, but the writing is going alright. We’re currently in the process of writing Sounds of Infinity Part III which’ll be a good old instrumental, and we’ve got a few riffs we’re playing around with for some new songs. Part I is coming together quite nicely behind the scenes. It’s going to be folky and mostly acoustic, based on a Manx sea shanty.

N: Cryptic Age are known to perform a metal cover of the “Game Of Thrones” intro medley at live shows and the band have also released a recorded version of it on Youtube, are there any more plans for covers like that?

J: Not really, certainly for now. The cover for GoT was a pretty spontaneous thing – we just liked playing it because it’s such a good tune and then we thought, “Why not cover it?”.

N: Are there any bands from your area that you’d recommend our readers to check out?

J: If you haven’t checked them out already, take a look at Lost Effect. They play melodic death metal and they’ve recently got a new singer. Infernal Creation are a great band too – they play insane Black Metal and put on a great show!

Cryptic Age will be headlining Valkyrian Festival on 27th November at The Ringside in Hull. For more news and information about the band, check out either their official website: or their official Facebook:
For live videos for Cryptic Age, go to the official Valkyrian Music Youtube channel: