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Necrogrinder – The Bunty Man

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The Bunty Man
Released 28th June 2013
Brutal Deathcore/Grindcore
Released via UKEM Records

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‘The Bunty Man’ is the debut album from the Sheffield-based British deathcore band Necrogrinder. It is the follow up to their 2010 EP ‘Mangled Fetus Insertion’.

Now, let’s face it; with a name like Necrogrinder and songs titles such as Chainsaw Brainsore, you can pretty much guess what type of music you’re in for. This could go one of two ways: it’s either going to be some brutal, Cannibal Corpse-esque death metal or death/grindcore. Well, this is definitely the latter and according to their official biography, Necrogrinder’s music is likely to appeal to fans of Gorerotted and Cock & Ball Torture.

If it’s “brutality” and guttural vocals you’re after then this album has those elements in abundance. The songs don’t tend to differ much from each other. They all follow a similar formula of croaking/squealing vocals, blast beat style drumming and fast, down tuned, grindcore style guitar riffage. Creepy Crawly is an exception that makes the rule, as it features the Machine Head style high pitched guitar riffs and even an attempt at a solo. At least some variety, though not quite enough to redeem the album.

Then there’s the aforementioned Chainsaw Brainsore, the shortest track on the album offering less than two minutes of pummeling and guttural vocals. You deserve a medal if you can actually make out a single word this guy is uttering.


Iza Raittila

Gorerotted Website Launched

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Founding member and guitarist Tim Carley and long time vocalist Ben McCrow (both now in THE ROTTED) have launched a new website dedicated to the history of UK Gore/Death/Grind legends Gorerotted! The in depth website features tons of photos and information from their own personal collections, as well as contributions from other long term members including bass player Wilson (2001-2008) and guitarist Matt ‘Robin Pants’ Hoban (2002-2007).

Says Tim Carley “I started Gorerotted in the summer of 1997 so that’s 15 years ago this year! When we split up in 2008 I needed some distance from the band, but now after 3 years away from it and sick of the tons of misinformation on the internet, me and Ben have decided it’s time to spill the beans and write the history of the band! The website features tons of old photos (some dating back to the first gigs and photo shoots) and loads of history of the line-ups, the ideas behind it all and the tours we did! With around 15 people passing through the ranks during the 11 years we were active for, it’s cool for us to be able to acknowledge them all and publish some photos that even people who supported us from day one might never have seen!

The site also features links to what all the ex members are up to now!

There is also a Blog section for people to ask questions about the band and send photos, stories, links and whatever else they have!

Check it out here.