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Valk-Fest line-up changes; Old Corpse Road replace Gone Til Winter as headliner

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Both Gone Til Winter and Shades of Avalon have withdrawn from this year’s Valkyrian Festival. Gone Til Winter withdrew from the festival and postponed their entire UK tour, which was to take place next month, due to ill-health whereas Shades of Avalon withdrew form the line-up due to their recent parting with their drummer. Glaswegian black metal suits Maelstrom have also withdrawn from the line-up due to work commitments.

Old Corpse Road will now replace Gone Til Winter as the headlining band on Saturday 30th November and Leeds metallers Bludger have replaced Maelstrom. This will also be Bludger‘s last UK show before they tour Europe’s holy land of metal: Finland. Tour dates can be found here. Newly formed metal band Bharghest will also be opening up the first night of Valkyrian Festival on Friday 29th November, making it their second show – their debut show will be at Shades Nightclub on Friday 22nd November, supporting Finnish death metal lords Re-Armed. And last but not least, Twilight’s Embrace have been confirmed as main support on the final night of Valkyrian Festival 2013, supporting the co-headliners Severed Heaven and Andraste.

There are still two slots spare on the second day of Valk-Fest. The bands to be booked for these two slots will be picked by public vote. The poll can be found at this location.

The bar will also be open throughout the festival but valid ID will be required for the purchase of alcohol. There will also be a raffle hosted on the second day to help raise funds. Prizes will include a limited edition Valk-Fest 2013 mug, items donated by Victory Records, Napalm Records and Meta

Valkyrian Festival will take place at Shades Nightclub in Bridlington from Friday 29th November through to Sunday 1st December. The festival is in aid of Rape Crisis and weekend tickets are available for £5 from this location.


Hull date of Gone Til Winter’s UK tour changes

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Manchester-based dark power metallers Gone Til Winter will be embarking on their Hiding From The Sun UK tour next month. The first date of the tour which will take place at O’Rileys in Hull has changed date from Friday 1st November to Saturday 2nd November.

Full tour dates are as follow:

Nov 2nd Hull – O’Riley’s
Nov 8th Preston – Roper Hall
Nov 9th Blackpool – The Blue Room
Nov 14th Nottingham – The Old Angel
Nov 15th Sheffield – The Dove & Rainbow
Nov 16th Macclesfield – The Swan With Two Necks
Nov 30th Bridlington – VALKYRIAN FESTIVAL

Gone Til Winter online:

Burn Thy Enemy release first official video

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Gothic metal band Burn Thy Enemy have released their first official video. The lyric video for Bring On The Violence was produced by Rooke House Productions and can be viewed below.

In related news and as exclusively announced via MetalDivas.comBurn Thy Enemy have replaced Nya at this year’s Valkyrian Festival.

Burn Thy Enemy online:

Gone Til Winter – The First Season [2011]

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Band: Gone Til Winter
Album: The First Season
Release year: 2011
Genre: Melodic Metal

Gone Til Winter have been tearing up the British underground for the past few years, with their debut demo “Deconstruct The Season” receiving airtime in the UK, Belgium and France, as well as being played on Bruce Dickinson’s [Iron Maiden] show on BBC6. They’ve even gone as far as support former Iron Maiden frontman Blaze Bayley and Forever Never. Their latest album “The First Season” was released just last year.

The album begins a strong, guitar-heavy track called “Solemnise”. If I didn’t know it was Gone Til Winter I was listening to, I would have easily mistook these for Theatres Des Vampires due to similar sound in the vocal styles and atmospheric use of keyboards. The guitars have a slight hint of thrash elements (without the aggression or speed). “Heat Signal” tears the place up next with a Lamb Of God-esque introduction. I was definitely impressed by how much the bass work could be heard throughout the song and the way it worked with the vocals.

The album takes a lighter pace of guitar work in the soft yet semi-epic sounding form of “Kill Me”. The piano adds a distinct solemnity (is that even a proper word?) to the track which I feel works wonders with the viciously raw guitar sections (or in simpler terms, the less melodic riffs). The bass work, again, can be heard clearly though it does feel like it’s working against the piano in parts of the song. “Utopia” sounds like a polish down Epica demo – musically speaking anyway. The vocal melody is off putting at first as it feels and sounds choppy and lacking any sort of flow. The orchestrated parts are partially ReVamp sounding, creating a warmth within the music. “Deep Sleep” sound void at the beginning but it gradually builds into something worth the listen, especially with the beautiful twang of the bass strings and the rhythmic splash of drums.

”Distant Places” draws in a much darker sound, much like the way that light draws draws in the moths, with the harmonious fusion of vocals and acoustic guitar work. At a few points, the track sounds like it’s going to explode with a roar of guitars and drums, but sadly it does not. Gone Til Winter certainly know how to tease your ears with this track. The dark, acoustic sound travels into the next song “Release” bringing with it a Gothic entourage of vocals and pianos that conjure up dark images and grim feelings like a necromancer calling the dead. “The First Season” comes to a sophisticated end with “Constant Retreat”. The vocals echo a warmth that makes the song sound more welcoming while the acoustic guitar softly sings a harmonic lullaby that feels like it’s apart of the vocals.

”The First Season” displays quite the variety of different sounds, elements and influences, kind of like a musical box of chocolates. Its definitely a unique album in terms of female fronted metal as it avoids the typical elements of most female fronted metal bands (i.e. beauty and beast vocals, strong orchestration). After hearing this album, I would definitely count Gone Til Winter among my top ten favourite female fronted bands.


Nico Davidson