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Knock Out Kaine – House of Sins

Posted in CD, Rock with tags , , on 25th June 2012 by izaforestspirit

Knock Out Kaine
House of Sins
Released May 2012
Sleaze Rock / Classic Rock
Released via Dust on The Tracks Records

‘House of Sins’ is the debut album from the Midlands-based, British rock band Knock Out Kaine. The band first caught the attention of the crowds and record labels after winning Kerrang’s ‘Best Unsigned Live Act’ award back in 2008.

So after the circus-themed intro ‘The Welcome’, it’s straight into sleaze rock territory with the title track ‘House of Sins’ which sounds like a bastard child of Guns’N’Roses and Mötley Crüe. ‘Liquor Up’ has this catchy feel to it mostly due to the groovy guitars. Then there’s the Guns’N’Roses style ‘Set the Night on Fire’ where the guitar solos and the catchy chorus ensure that you won’t forget it.

‘Backstreet Romeo’ sounds like one of those songs which people like to practice when learning to play the guitar. It’s catchy enough to make it memorable and the lyrics are easy to follow so I’m guessing the difficulty lies in mastering the guitar riffs as well as these guys. Anyway, back to the music… ‘Coming Home’ is the main ballad on here complete with mix of electric and acoustic guitars along with melodic, classic rock style vocals. Then it’s back to the catchy sleaze rock with ‘Going Down (She Goes)’, ‘Somebody Save Me’ and the somewhat cheesy sounding ‘Time’.

4/5 – Sleaze rock at its finest!

Iza Raittila