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Colour of Noise – Colour of Noise

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Colour of Noise
Colour of Noise
Released 4th December 2015
Classic Rock
Released via Colour of Noise/Townsend Music

‘Colour of Noise’ is the debut album from the Brighton-based, British classic rock band of the same name. The band was formed last year by guitarist Bruce John Dickinson (Little Angels) and Matt Mitchell (Furyon). They describe their sound as “steeped in the spirit of the late 60’s British Blues Boom and early 70’s Stadium Rock”, and cite Free and Led Zepplin as influences.

We’re off to a good start with Can You Hear Me? – a very radio-friendly rock song with playful guitar melodies and a chorus that is both catchy and easy to sing along to. Yes, I can hear you, loud and clear, just keep on rocking! And so they do, offering another nine tracks of energetic and highly entertaining classic rock packed with catchy guitar tunes and melodic vocals.

Some of the tracks were so catchy that I actually started swaying along to the tune whilst writing the review. For example, the chorus in Drive It Like You Stole It has that rock’n’roll feel to it and the “bouncing” guitars makes this song one of the most memorable ones on the album. There’s the odd slower track on here but none of them quite reach the epic ballad levels of complexity. Last but certainly not least is the aptly named Great Day for Rock and Roll, another very enjoyable classic rock tune which is sure to make you want to get up and dance.

In summary, listening to this has been a pleasant experience. What I like most about Colour of Noise is that their music is very uplifting and leaves you in a positive mood. Good job guys, keep on rocking!

Iza Raittila

Furyon – Lost Salvation

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Lost Salvation
Released 23rd February 2015 (Europe), USA/ Japan release date TBA
Hard Rock/ Heavy Metal
Released via Dream Records

‘Lost Salvation’ is the second album from the Brighton based, British heavy metal band Furyon. It is the follow-up to their highly acclaimed debut ‘Gravitas’ which was produced by Rick Beato (Shinedown, Fozzy) back in 2010.

First up is ‘All That I Have‘, a melodic track which offers an interesting mix of clear, story-telling, hard rock vocals with powerful, heavy metal guitar riffs. The pace is rather slow but the skillfully executed guitar melodies make it memorable. The title track is much heavier and faster in comparison and the aggressive, “shredding” guitars and a catchy chorus only add to the appeal.

Yet there’s more to these guys than just your average hard rock music. The album also features some dark, groove metal undertones in both the drumming and the guitar riffs as evident in tracks such as ‘Scapegoat‘. Other memorable songs include: ‘Good Sky‘ which has some of best and the most energetic guitar solos on here and ‘Wiseman‘ with its “playful” rocking guitars, catchy solos and an easy to follow chorus. I can foresee the latter becoming a crowd favourite at the live shows.

Overall, this is a very well produced album from a promising band. I appreciate the variety in their sound and the fact that they don’t just play it safe. Their signature mix of hard rock, melodic heavy metal, groove and even elements of progressive metal is refreshing to hear.


Iza Raittila