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Lazarus Syndrome – Flatline EP

Posted in Review with tags , , on 10th May 2012 by izaforestspirit

Band: Lazarus Syndrome
Album: Flatline EP
Release date: March 2011
Genre: Melodic Death Metal
Label: Self-released

‘Flatline’ is the debut EP from the British melodic death metal band Lazarus Syndrome.

The intro to ‘Forsaken’ features some good guitar riffs. There’s definitely a Machine Head influence in here particularly in the guitar style. As for the vocals, let’s just say that the semi-growls are better suited to the music than the clear wailing, bad ‘radio indie rock imitation’-style vocals. Same goes for the next track ‘Devoured By Conflict’. Then ‘A path Less Travelled’ sees the singer ditch the growls in favor of the aforementioned mellow, clear indie rock style up until the second half of the track when they make a brief reappearance. What a shame!

Luckily the final track ‘Blameless Creator’ has precious few of these indie rock moments as it is focused on the melodic death metal growls and decent guitar riffs making it one of the better tracks on the EP.


Iza Raittila