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I.R.I.S – Out Of Fiction

Posted in Review with tags , , , on 23rd July 2012 by Nico Solheim-Davidson, the North Sea Poet

Out Of Fiction
Released: 6th August 2012
Released via Engineer Records

Forming in 2010, Kent-based rockers IRIS have gone onto support the lines of Feed The Rhino and My Passion, as well as sign to Engineer Records. Summer of this year sees the release of the band’s newest EP Out Of Fiction.

The alt rock wailings of guitars open up the EP with the title track Out Of Fiction. At first the vocals sound pop punk orientated but soon take on their own unique sound, while the backing vocals take the form of screams in a few sections, adding a heavier element to the song but without running it off course. Your Sacrifice is another track with a pop punk sound in the vocals before their unique sound properly kicks in. The guitar call out in a typical alt rock manner, being egged on by the rhythmic drum work.

The Shade begins with an almost hard to describe introduction, that mixes melodic guitar workings with alternative influences and the distinct sound of either a cello or violin before becoming a more laid back track. The original sound of the vocals is carried well by the contrasting guitar sections, as well as the staunch rhythm sections. Long Walk To Sleep has a very heavy rock approach with some new, fresh sounds thrown in for good measure.

Lie For Me carries on the heavier approach on the previous track and just like before, has some newer, different sounds put into the mix. The vocals bring a diverse sound to the table, changing in style here and there, as do the guitar workings of the song. The EP comes to its end rather softly with the acoustic track Thicker Than Water. The acoustic riffs ring out softly but majestically, blending with the vocals, bringing the EP to a fine end.

IRIS have done well for themselves since forming and Out Of Fiction is definitely proof of their hard work. While it’s not something I would normally listen to, I won’t have any problem slapping it in the old CD player and jamming along to it.


Nico Davidson