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Eyecult – Morituri Te Salutamus [2009]

Posted in Review with tags , , , on 13th August 2011 by Nico Solheim-Davidson, the North Sea Poet

Band: Eyecult
Album: Morituri Te Salutamus
Release year: 2009
Genre: Black Metal/Death Metal

”Eyecult” features members of dark metallers “Anachronaeon”. Their album “Morituri Te Salutamus” was released via Ewiges Eis Records in 2009.

“Aeternum”, which is Latin for “to eternity”, starts the album with a loud and brutalising sound. The double bass drums and guitar riffs work brilliantly together and the vocals are raw and angsty. The energy and heaviness of the track flows like a tidal wave onto the eardrums of the listener. “Saligia” blasts its way next more vehemently than the previous song. The aggressiveness and violence seems to have been turned up a notch as well. There’s a use of melodic riffs that add a certain beauty to the chaos of the music. The vocals are an extremely enjoyable part of the song as well.

The third track, “Furor”, starts with a fast-paced, bone-smashing intro – the kind that would make the listener go deaf if listening to it on full volume with headphones in. The vocals are much louder and heavier as well. The drum work is very technical and precise to the beat. There are one or two slow-ish, melodic parts that add a new dynamic to the song. “Skuld” begins with a similar intro to “Furor”, only much more bloodthirsty, violent and hateful. The use of slightly melodic riffs works well with the brutality of the song as well, strangely enough.

”Oblivaeon” has a very drum-heavy introduction with a good use of guitars. The vocals, raw and untamed, are simply brilliant adding a great touch to the song. The whispered section that turns into growls adds a very haunting and mystifying sound to the song, which is both unexpected yet pure genius. “Ashes” brings a more melodic sound to the album with its introductory riff. It does take a brutalising turn into some seriously angry death metal riffage though there is still a lot of emphasis on the melodic sections. The album finishes with the song “Slave”. The intro is an odd one as it mixes slow drum work with fast-paced guitar riffs. Despite being an odd intro, it sound amazing. When the vocals come in, the drum work speeds up. The guitars are raw and powerful, much like the vocals and drums.

The only negative point to be made about this album [Morituri Te Salutamus] is the sound quality. It’s too clean and well-produced in terms of the sound quality, which does take a lot away from the strong, raw and aggressive sound of the music. However, overall, the album is an ingenious death metal release and will get any death metal lover banging their heads along to the music.


Nico Davidson