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Ulcer – Heading Below

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Heading Below
Released 25th May 2016
Death Metal
Released via Arachnophobia Records

Heading Below’ is the third album from the Polish death metal band Ulcer. Now, I’m quite fond of death metal and some of my favourite bands happen to be from the same country as these guys. That being said however, the Polish death metal scene has its standout bands such as Vader, Behemoth and Decapitated who have inspired several clones, so hopefully this is not another one of those…

Well, for those expecting to hear some Behemoth-style blackened death metal, you won’t find anything like that here. Instead, what you get is some good old school death metal, which seems to be inspired by Swedish death metal, particularly Dismember and Entombed. One thing that’s fairly unusual about Ulcer is that they have two vocalists, a shouter named D. a.k.a Sonnelion (also in the black metal bands Oremus and Blaze of Perdition) and a growler called Angelfuck from the technical death metal band Deivos.

Most of the songs are either slow or mid-paced, not super technical but gritty, coarse-sounding, and mostly guitar-driven death metal. The slower tracks tend to drag on a bit, with the guitars and drums just plodding along, dragging the listener through a deep, dark forest of mediocrity. Luckily there’s a handful of more energetic and more brutal-sounding tunes such as Sights to See and Miscarriage’s Lullaby to keep you on your toes. The two different vocal styles seem to work surprisingly well together, almost as though they were meant to tell two sides of a story with the second voice providing the additional commentary as demonstrated by tracks such as You Called, We Came.

Overall, ‘Heading Below’ is an example of pretty good but ultimately very average death metal. I don’t hate it, in fact as a far as the genre goes it’s actually one of the better death metal albums that I’ve heard recently. It just doesn’t really offer anything new or awe-inspiring.

Iza Raittila

Lucifer – Desensitize to Oppression

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Desensitize to Oppression
Released 21st May 2014
Thrash Metal/ Death Metal

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Desensitized to Oppression’ is the debut album from the Lithuanian thrash metal band Lucifer. The band formed back in 2006 and have also released two demos ‘Agony’ and ‘Feeding the Machine’.

First up is the ultra aggressive and brutal-sounding Killchain which highlights the band’s death metal influences – the growling vocal style and the blastbeat drumming. The guitars and the overall feel of the music is very much thrash metal. Whilst the drums are mostly just steamrolling their way through the song, the guitars add more depth to it thanks to the melodic riffs and changes in the pace. This pretty much sets the tone for the rest of the album.

The death metal elements remind me of early Entombed, only these guys are much faster and the thrash metal guitars add an extra boost of energy to each track. Harmony and Connection Failure are good examples of how this combination works; the drums are blasting away at full speed whilst the guitar riffs and solos ensure that the songs retain that catchy element. One track that caught my attention is Feeding the Machine mostly due to ultra fast, almost punk-esque and at times incomprehensible vocals. It’s also the only song on here that has more of the thrash metal elements than death metal ones. In fact the only death metal aspect that I can detect in here are the drums.

Generally speaking I have very little reason to dislike this album. Lucifer’s signature hybrid of death and thrash metal is like a cross between Entombed, Helltrain, Grimfist with the guitar riffs of bands like Toxic Holocaust. The mixture is a good one but I have a feeling that it might be have been better had there been more variation between the songs. Most of them follow the same pattern of fast drumming, growls with some melodic guitar riffs half-way through the song. Once you have heard one song you have pretty much heard them all.


Iza Raittila

Demonic Death Judge – Skygods

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Band: Demonic Death Judge
Album: Skygods
Release date: 5th October 2012
Genre: Stoner/Doom Metal


Down & dirty.  If that’s how you like your doom, you’re in the right place!  Demonic Death Judge’s fifth release is a metal stoner’s dream. Looping progressions of down tuned, dirty riffage, extended swirling freakouts and a varied vocal performance from despairing screams to wizened clean singing.

Both stoner & doom are definitely ‘headspace’ genres – in so much as you won’t be playing this album in the sunshine, getting psyched up for a night out; but when it’s time to come down, kick back and dim the lights, Skygods brings the tunes you need.  Demonic Death Judge have just supported Entombed, and while they are traditionally received by a more death metal based crowd, fans of Entombed could easily get into these eight tracks – especially live, where the wall of noise & powerful grooves are strongest.

If you aren’t feeling sludgy, this album is very much a take it or leave it, but with patience & repeated listens, the subtle beauty & message woven into Skygods is revealed.  Fans of Eyehategod, Raging Speedhorn and the like will feel comfortable enough to accept the chant like clean vocals when they manifest, and the jazzy drum breaks interspersed throughout the album offer enough of a ‘different’ flavour to catch the attention of those not listening to this through a haze of smoke.

Finally, the 70’s psychedelia tinged cover is gorgeous, props to the designer, for raising expectations of the music before a note is even played!


Tobias Gray



Grave – Endless Procession of Souls

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Endless Procession of Souls
Released: August 27th 2012
Death Metal
Released via Century Media Records

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I would describe Grave as the dark horse of the original Swedish Death Metal scene. Although never achieving the level of prestige attained by genre favourites Entombed and Dismember, they, like their contemporaries Unleashed have been one of the most consistent and reliable groups in their native scene. This may not be a coincidence. Whilst Dismember sadly decided to call it a day recently, and Entombed changed their style completely to a Punk/Death ‘n’ Roll combination (not necessarily a bad thing), Grave kept chugging along producing more or less the same Old School Death Metal they had been making since their formation. After a turbulent middle period defined by several somewhat mediocre releases, Grave struck back with their 2010 release Burial Ground. Now, the band have returned with Endless Procession of Souls, featuring similar production values as well as similar a similar visual style and colour scheme on the album cover as its recent predecessor. It seems like the old vanguard are on a roll again, one that I hope continues well into this decade, and even beyond.

The album kicks off with the doomy instrumental intro “Dystopia”. I’m not usually one for intros unless they are especially good, but fortunately this one does its job and the band promptly moves into a blistering opening with “Amongst The Marble and the Dead”. The first impression I feel here is that the album achieves a similar ferocity to modern Death Metal bands, with a similar crisp and clinical production and clarity of instrumentation that can only be achieved with modern music producing technology. However this is not to say that the band have sacrificed their old school, deep and muddy sound, and fortunately the guitar tone is as crushing as ever, if not more so. It’s polished, but not to the point of sterility. In fact, this is almost what I would call the essential meeting of production sounds between the old school and the new wave in the genre. Death Metal, of all genres in the Metal world is also perhaps the guiltiest of sounding generic, partially due to the sheer volume of bands attempting its macabre style over the years – this band however, as fans would rightly expect, is a step above the competition, and are easily capable of writing some satisfyingly crunchy riffs and morbid lyrics.

There really isn’t all that much else left to say about this release. It’s more or less classic Grave song writing that should please long term fans. If you’re the kind of person that finds early Death Metal boring, then perhaps this album will feel like it drags sometimes across the 10 tracks and 45 minute run time, but that’s only because the band are not afraid to slow it down and add a much needed ebb and flow to the heaviness. Modern blast beat obsessed Br00tal bands could learn a thing or two. The musical style here moves all across the basic spectrum of Death Metal, featuring thrashy face-rippers like the album opener “Amongst The Marble and The Dead” and the almost pure thrash “Perimortem”; as well as thick, sludgy Doom-like riffs that add to the dark atmosphere. The album is fairly solid throughout but some of my own favourite tracks include “Amongst The Marble and The Dead”, “Winds Of Chains”, “Perimortem” and the Epic finale “Epos”. The spiritual successor to Burial Ground, Endless Procession of Souls is a very capable record from a stalwart band that deserves every success that comes their way.


By Paul Gibbins