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New track from Shaved Women available for streaming

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St. Louis-based punk act Shaved Women is back with a new work, this time the full-length “Just Death”. Ektro Records will release it on 8th August with the following track list & artwork:

1. No One Gets In
2. Paranoia
3. Relapse
4. I Don’t Belong Here
5. Bottom Feeder
6. Is It Worth It
7. Tired Again
8. Just Death
9. World Of Change

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And today, at the famous Noisey – music by Vice, the band premiered the track “Is It Worth It”. Listen to it here.

Official Facebook.

Ranger set date for new Ektro Records 7” release

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Recently, Ektro Records set 16th May as the date for the international release of Ranger’s upcoming 7” release Shock Skull. Following up on their hot debut with Knights Of Darkness last year, the band are ready to release the next part of their discography.

The next release, Skull Shock, will consist of two tracks which the band describe as your one-way ticket to heavy metal. Track listing is as follows:

1. Shock Skull
2. Omen of Doom


Ranger online:

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