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Cattle Decapitation announced as support for Cryptopsy’s European tour

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Vegan Death Metallers Cattle Decapitation will return to Europe in April as support to the mighty Cryptopsy! Also on the bill are Decrepit Birth and The Last Shot Of War.

Cattle Decapitation singer Travis Ryan comments: “It’s great to hit the road with our friends Cryptopsy and Decrepit Birth again… and this time, in Europe! We’ll be hitting some spots harder than usual and some spots we’ve never been and we’re always into that. This might be the only time this year you guys see us so be sure to come out and rage with us!”

The full line-up:
+ EYECONOCLAST (from 12/04 to 20/04)
+ THE WAY OF PURITY (from 21/04 to 30/04)
+ REARMED (from 01/05 to 05/05)

Tour dates are as follows:

12/04/13 DE – Oberhausen – Helvete
13/04/13 DK – Aarhus – Metal Royal Fest
14/04/13 DE – Rostock – Alte Zuckerfabrik
15/04/13 DE – Berlin – K17
16/04/13 DE – Darmstadt – Steinbruch Theater
17/04/13 AT – Wien – Escape Metalcorner
18/04/13 CH – Zurich – Dynamo
19/04/13 IT – Pistoia – Pianeta Melos
20/04/13 IT – Romagnano Sesia – Rock & Roll Arena
21/04/13 FR – Luynes/Aix – Le Korigan
22/04/13 ES – Barcelona – Apolo 2
23/04/13 ES – Almeria – Sala Jala Jala
24/04/13 ES – Madrid – Caracol
25/04/13 PT – barosselas – SWR Fest
26/04/13 ES – Bilbao – Sonora
27/04/13 FR – Toulouse – Le Saint Des Seins
28/04/13 FR – Lyon – t.b.a.
29/04/13 FR – Nancy – t.b.a.
30/04/13 FR – Paris – t.b.a.
01/05/13 UK – Cardiff – Bogiez
02/05/13 UK – Glasgow – Audio
03/05/13 IE – Dublin – The Pint
04/05/13 UK – London – Underworld
05/05/13 NL – Tilburg – Neurotic Death Fest

Blastanus – Collapse

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Released: 17th June 2012
Grind/Death Metal

Blastanus…more a statement of intent than anything else.  Like Dying Fetus or Aborted before them, electing to give your band such an obviously extreme name automatically brings a certain expectation to your music.  You aren’t playing Collapse in anticipation of acoustic passages and uplifting sing along choruses, right?

Finland has a rich heritage of metal, and Blastanus can be proud of their contribution to it with this collection of brutal tracks.  Wall to wall slam, frying politically charged vocals, & well placed guitar sweeps litter this album.  The drums are (mercifully) real, and the truly awesomely-named Hammer Fredriksson is one sick drummer.  Grinding when necessary, double bass rolling the ‘quiet’ sections then blastbeating the rest!  A couple of obligatory samples emerge towards the end of the album and, oh yeah, they have a saxophonist.

Most extreme bands with quirky additions like to throw them in your face at every opportunity (such as Nile‘s ‘Egyptian’ samples), but blastanus barely utilise Jussi Huurre’s saxophone for the majority of the album.  It’s standout moment occurring in the epic final track, the 7 minute, prog/jazz infused ‘Collapse’, and don’t let that description deter, it’s a fitting & fascinating album closer.  In fact the under utilisation of their ‘fifth element’ prevents the saxophone becoming a novelty & allows it to be a welcome addition to the sonic onslaught when it does appear.

Track one is quite midpaced, and while brutal, left me completely unprepared for what was to follow. Reward Failure is where the album really takes off. Full aggression and some tech death lead work had me banging my head incessantly.  And any band with a track called ‘HAMMERFIST’ deserves respect.

Being what it is, unashamed grinding death, Collapse won’t be to everyone’s taste.  Blastanus proudly display their influences, and if you’ve ever given the likes of Origin, Cryptopsy, Cephalic Carnage or even Ephel Duath a try, you’ll enjoy this!

With the resurgence in unsigned death metal across Europe it wouldn’t be surprising to see a tight unit like Blastanus on future festival and tour bookings, and if they keep to this level of intensity, I’ll certainly be watching them.


Tobias Gray.