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Gorilla Riot – Peach

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Gorilla Riot


Southern Rock, Groove Rock

Released 31st January 2020

via Off Yer Rocka Recordings

I have been following this band for a while now. If you are from Manchester then you should know who these guys are. Gorilla Riot are the premier southern rock band of the northwest. They have been tearing up the underground rock scene in the UK for a while playing some of the biggest festivals and headlining venues around the country. I have been interested in their music for a while and was intrigued to get this album. Peach is the first full-length album from the band. I have to say I am pretty pleased with the outcome and if you have never heard of these guys before, then this is the time to get into their music.

The album is filled with all sorts of riff-rock goodness including tight grooves and a real old-school feel. They have the groovy rhythms of the ’70s infused with the style, flair and production of modern hard rock. If you’re into the likes of Sturgill Simpson or Steve Earle then this is something right up your alley. There’s that real down ‘n’ dirty hard rock with burning passion and soul.  The production just feels massive with a lot of depth to the music. You can really feel the impact of the three guitars in the band with sharp and concise riffs, blistering solos and co-ordinated harmonies. The bass adds this massive bottom to the songs and the drum work packs a punch as it forms the framework of each song.

Saying all of that, I could definitely understand how this kind of music is not everyone’s cup of tea. The twangy blues rhythm is really slow-paced and when listening to the album all the way through. It never really feels like it picks up with every song hitting the same groove, or at least it feels like it. It could have done with an acoustic country-style ballad or a high octane super-charged track. Just something to break up the album and give it some more flavour. It’s not that any of the songs are bad, I just think it needed some other style of rock to give the band some more character and to show they can be more versatile.

I quite liked this album. I think it does more than enough to entertain. It’s not going to be to everyone’s liking and that’s fine. I think the band knows their audience and they’re not out to please everybody. They’ll keep right on trucking and I think that’s fair. They’re a really fun band to watch live and their music pretty much speaks for itself. It’s a solid album and definitely worth a listen.


Mick Birchall

Phil Lanzon – 48 Seconds

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Phil Lanzon
48 Seconds
Prog Rock, Hard Rock, Classic Rock
Released 2nd August 2019
via Lanzon Ditties/Cargo Records

If you’re familiar with your classic rock and music history then I shouldn’t really need to tell you who Phil Lanzon is… But if you’re not acquainted with your old school prog rock, he is the man who you will usually find rocking the keyboard in Uriah Heep. They are one of those bands that encapsulates a lot of people’s image of the 70’s – 80 prog-rock scene. Phil has also brought his talents to other projects such as Grand Prix and The Sweet. He has had a legacy in music that, starting in 1986, carries on today. In recent years Mr Lanzon has been striking out as a solo musician starting with his 2017 record If You Think I’m Crazy! and on to this album, his latest release, 48 Seconds. This album is a pretty fun listen, with all songs written by Lanzon and produced by the excellent Simon Hanhart. It also features some exceptional talent that elevates this to excellence.

The album has a big band feel with multiple layered sections of music and a lot of different instrumentation. Ranging from very synth and keys focused songs to music bigger rock n roll productions. Every song has this big-sounding chorus that hits hard and feels uplifting when listening to it. It definitely feels like an album with an older school method of production. The way the album is mixed is excellent with each musical idea perfectly complementing the other. From the brass section to the violins to the excellent vocal performances, it all feels oh so glorious. Listen to the song “Rock n Roll Children” for an example of how great this album can sound. The production is just excellent, making this very easy on the ear and I think anyone can listen to music like this. Just so rich with sounds and beautiful, carefully crafted melodies. 

One of the major influences for this album is Lanzon’s love of film scores and soundtracks. That definitely translates as every song sounds like it comes from some forgotten 80’s flick that is only really remembered for its soundtrack (you know the ones). Every song is filled with such powerful emotion and it can be very easy to get caught up in it all. With each song just building to an eventual climax that is really satisfying by the end. I will say I prefer the songs that go with the more orchestral vibe than the straight-up hard rock songs. Though I do like some of those tunes too, for example, check out the songs  “Look At The Time” which feels like an 80’s era Uriah Heep tune or “In The Rain” which has more of a John Parr feel to it. What I’m trying to say is, this album is very eclectic in its sound and works for a variety of listeners.

Simply put, this is an excellent album made by a musician who clearly still loves making music. I love the way Phil Lanzon has written this album. Full of sharp singer-songwriter notes whilst scaling it up to be this massive production. From the quiet subtle slower tracks to the more lively and intricate songs this album is filled with emotions and brilliant musicianship. 


Mick Birchall

DC4 – Atomic Highway

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Atomic Highway

Hard Rock, Classic Rock

Released: 21 September 2018

via Highvol Music

With over 40 releases under their belts combined, it’s really easy to expect a lot from these bonified legends of the industry. DC4 are a supergroup formed by brothers, Jeff, Shawn & Matt Duncan with their brother-in-metal Rowen Robertson, who between them have appeared in such bands as Armored Saint, Odin, Killer Bee & the legendary Dio. So their rock n roll pedigree is far from in question. We know they can do the job. The question is this, are they any good? My answer, in a word, yes. It’s all the great aspects of classic hard rock and none of the fluff. Their new record, Atomic Highway is an enjoyable experience that will get any rocker’s mojo going. If the talent on display didn’t impress you, then know that Bill Metoyer produced and mastered the record. With bands like Slayer, Suicidal Tendencies, Corrosion of Conformity and the aforementioned Armored Saint under his belt. You can bet the album is going to sound as good as it can possibly be.

This album gives you everything you expect. Powerful riffs, gut-busting solos, commanding vocals and grooves for days. The band sounds so good, with strong songwriting and well-executed performances all around. It’s amazing how this automatically feels like a classic record with those familiar guitar sounds that you could swear you’ve heard before. The band just rides the groovy riffs and then go wild during the solos, whilst still maintaining that great control of the rhythm. No one member feels more important than the other, everyone plays their part beautifully. Sure, the rock style may be formulaic, but at this point, it’s a tried and tested formula of rock n roll and it guarantees that people keep listening and enjoy the songs. The impressive guitar solos are what sell this record for me. When the guitar is let loose, I can feel goosebumps shiver through my body. The precision and skill, blended with a wonderful rhythm section make the solos pop and really stand out.

Jeff Duncan’s vocal performance is great as well. He has a dynamic singing voice that ranges from powerful with a rough edge, to tender and well toned. When he sings, his voice sores above the production. The music matching the lyrical subjects really well and the squealing guitar contracts well against his vocal style. I really don’t think there is a dull moment of the album. A real shock for me came with their unique cover of The Who’s “Baba O’Reily”. Although it’s not a flawless cover version, this song is a beloved favourite of mine. So anytime I get to hear it, a smile comes to my face. It also comes with cameo appearances from Guns ‘N’ Roses’ Dizzy Reed on the keyboard and John Bush (Anthrax, Armored Saint) on guest vocals. So that was pleasant and made the song more whole then if the band just tried to do it outright.

In all honesty, you get what you pay for with this record. It’s meat and potatoes rock n roll. If you love your classic rock and that old school flair, then this is for you. As a kid who grew up thumbing through his dad’s old albums, this album is right up my alley. It’s familiar and new in all the right ways. It doesn’t beat you over the head with nostalgia. It simply feels like a record right out of the past with newer production. Atomic Highway is a solid album that will please people who love unapologetic rock music. Let me tell you, I’m having a ball listening to this record.


Mick Birchall

Stone Free Festival announce headliners

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London’s prime classic rock event Stone Free Festival is now in its third year. This time it will take place on Saturday 16th June – Sunday 17th June 2018 at The O2 in London, The UK.

This year the headliners will include Scorpions, Megadeth (exclusive UK shows) along with YES and former Supertramp frontman Roger Hodgson. 

In addition to the main performances the festival will also have a range of other unique attractions such as the Speak Easy Lounge, an acoustic beer garden and a vinyl record fair.

Here’s the official poster:

For more information visit:

Perfect Blue Sky – The Eye of Tilos

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Perfect Blue Sky

The Eye of Tilos

Soft Rock, Psychedelic Rock

Released: 19th May 2017

via Scarecrow Music Group (SE) Right Recordings (UK)

Perfect Blue Sky, is the highly anticipated collaboration between one of the founding members of the Swedish metal act Netherbird Pontus, Pna Andersson and Australian solo rock vocalist, Jane Kitto. Together they formed the band in 2014 based out of Stockholm, Sweden. I have to say going into this album, The Eye of Tilos, I knew little to nothing about them. With that, I had absolutely no expectations when first playing this. On first listen I had no idea what I was in for.  Just vague non-descriptors from a PR statement. With a clear mind I listened on and found that this is one of the most pleasant sounding albums I’ve listened to in a while.

I was hit with tight songwriting and smooth production.  The music was this 70’s style soft rock, you know the kind of stuff that we don’t usually cover here on Valkyrian Music. This really beautiful soft acoustic soft rock, with light elements of psychedelic indie rock music. The sounds are so fluent and cerebral.  It has this way of getting lodged in your brain. It’s not catchy as such, there are no real ear worms here. More just beautiful tones that sink into your memory without you even realising it.  There’s some creative riffs and superbly simplistic, but effective, writing ideas. The harmonies really grab your attention in a way that you wouldn’t think.  All of the songs are designed so that you pay attention to them as a whole, instead of nitpicking the individual aspects. It’s the same joy I feel from listening to stoner metal or outlaw country music.  Just music that switches off my overthinking capacity and switches on my pure enjoyment.

I don’t want you to think that this production is small scale or under planned.  There’s a lot of work that goes into making music that sounds like this.  To achieve this the duo have recruited a pretty nice backing band that really bring all of the elements of this album together. Names like, Frank Bessard (Joe Satriani, Stanley Clarke) and Dave Getz (Big Brother Holding Co.) on Drums. Danny Oakhill on Keyboards (Queen Tribute, Turk Tresize).  Jerry Donahue on Guitar (Fairport Convention, Hellecasters). All of them bring their energy to the album, yet like I’ve said the production never lets any one member really over shine the others.  There is is this really nice balance to it all. So the listener never feels overwhelmed by any one part of the production.

Genuinely, I have loved this album. It’s a beautiful sounding record with a lot to offer in its production and in its songwriting. With songs of passion, abstract concepts and social commentary. The Eye of Tilos is such a nice sounding album.  It mixes old school hippie jams with classic rock and adds some modern style production to really keep it in today’s market. I am really liking this band.  Hopefully this won’t be the last I hear from them. Also, it makes for awesome driving music.


Mick Birchall

Jupiter Falls – Faces In The Sand Part One

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Jupiter Falls
Faces In The Sand Part One
Released 24th March 2017
Melodic Hard Rock
Released via Broken Road Records

Image result for jupiter falls faces in the sand

Faces In The Sand Part One’ is the third album from the British hard rock band Jupiter Falls. The band was formed in 2013 and they have released two albums and one EP prior to this.

I’m not entirely sure what the tag ‘melodic hard rock’ actually means. For me hard rock has always referred to music that is heavier than classic rock but not quite “heavy” or aggressive enough to be considered metal. On the whole it tends to be more radio-friendly and tends to appeal to a larger audience. As far as the genre classifications go, there is a very wide spectrum of bands that have been labeled “hard rock”. Jupiter Falls’s influences range from Guns’N’Roses and Metallica to Bullet For My Valentine so that doesn’t really narrow it down to any specific category.

After the first few songs it soon becomes apparent that these guys don’t really stick to just one specific style. Their music is very guitar-orientated and relies heavily on the use of twin-guitar harmonies. But as far as genre goes, what we have here is an amalgamation of various styles within both rock and metal. On the heavier, more metal end, we get tracks like Its Your Problem Now and Sickened in which you can hear the groove-metal tones in the guitars and particularly the bass. Then we have the classic rock -style, power ballads Call Me and Follow You representing the band’s more melodic side. The vocals on these two reminded me of the early works of an American post-grunge/hard rock band Creed. If there is one track that really shows off the skill of the guitarists and proves just how well the twin-guitar harmonies can work, it’s Voices. That song is by far the most guitar-centered as well as being one of the heaviest tracks on the album.

In summary, ‘Faces In The Sand Part One’ is a fine example of modern hard rock. I’m not a guitarist so I can’t comment too much on the intricacies of the riff work, but I can tell that these guys are really skilled musicians. Whether you’re a fan of classic rock power ballads, modern metal or hard rock there will be something on this album that appeals to you.


Iza Raittila

Voodoo Highway – Pervert County

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Voodoo Highway
Pervert County EP
Released: 1st June 2016
Classic Rock/Hard Rock

‘Pervert County’ is the new EP from the Italian hard rockers Voodoo Highway. The band have released two albums prior to this; ‘Broken Uncle’s Inn’ and the critically acclaimed ‘Showdown’ which I’ve had the pleasure of reviewing. This release is available from the band’s Bandcamp page as a free download.

Well, I’m not sure what to make of the cover or the title for that matter. It’s hard to know what to expect from the words “pervert county” and a very plump-looking pig on the front cover. Let’s just hope that the music is better or at least less confusing.

This particular EP is rather short with only three tracks, so I will do my best to say something about each of them. First up is NY Dancer starting with a slow, bluesy guitar riff before gradually picking up the pace and revealing its true nature as a good, old school hard rock tune. It’s great to see that the vocalist hasn’t lost his edge either. The single and the track that they made a video for, Grace of the Lord is very much guitar-driven offering a good mix of catchy rocking style with the occasional groove guitar melodies. Last but certainly not least is my favourite, Tears of a Brand New Sea, a very cheerful, classic rock song marking the end to what has been a very enjoyable EP.

Overall, all I can say is “don’t let the cover or the title put you off”. The music is actually pretty good. I’d happily recommend this to fans of classic rock and hard rock. So far, so good – I’m looking forward to the new album.


Iza Raittila

Space Elevator – Space Elevator

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Space Elevator
Space Elevator
Released 13th May 2016
Hard Rock/Classic Rock
Released via SE Productions/Cargo Records

‘Space Elevator’ is the debut album from the British classic rock band of the same name. Several of the members were involved in the famous West End musical We Will Rock You. Their music has been compared to the likes of Queen, Genesis and Fleetwood Mac.

It’s hard to know what to expect from a band whose name is Space Elevator… At a quick glance it’s clear that other than the flamboyant cover art there’s not much reference to space travel or anything science-fiction in the song titles or the lyrical themes. Instead, what we have here is some melodic and highly entertaining hard rock with the same theatrical vocal style that was present in Queen.

Right from the start my attention was drawn to their singer, The Duchess’s voice and her impressive vocal range. She seems just as comfortable with singing the slower ballad-like song such as We are the Losers as she is with the more catchy hard rock tunes like Little White Lies and Really Don’t Care. Little White Lies happens to be one of my favourite tracks on here thanks to the additional keyboards along with the cheerful and super catchy chorus.

Yet it’s not just the vocals that sound great on here. The guitar and keyboard work is really good too. Take The Loneliness of Love for instance, the guitars give the track a playful and uplifting feel. Similar things can be said about the ultra vibrant hard rock tune We Can Fly.

Overall, listening to Space Elevator has been a pleasant experience. There’s not a single song that I dislike on here. The songs are so infectiously catchy and fun that you almost want to jump into that elevator and rise up into outer space, off on your own little space adventure.


Iza Raittila

Jartse Tuominen – Untold Stories

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Jartse Tuominen
Untold Stories
Released 18th March 2016
Instrumental Rock with Jazz influences/ Classic Rock
Released via M.I.G Music GmbH

‘Untold Stories’ is the new album from the Finnish rock musician and composer Jartse Tuominen. In addition to his experience as a rock guitarist, Mr. Tuominen has also produced music for movies and TV programs. This particular album was recorded with the help of a few session musicians including Pekka Siistonen on keyboards, drummer Brannen Temple (Dixie Chicks, G3) and bassist Steve Bernal.

So, what we have here are ten tracks of instrumental and predominately guitar-driven rock music with a certain jazz flare. The “jazz” element means that the overall song structure is fairly loose and a lot of the songs resemble a jamming session. The guitar melodies are somewhat unpredictable at times and there’s a sizable amount of experimentation and improvisation in both the pace and the overall style.

The rock ballad Time to Go caught my attention, being one of the slower and more melancholic-sounding songs on here. It features some impressive guitar work and it has that good old, classic rock feel to it without the jazz fusion elements. Then there’s catchy rock’n’roll track Trouble Shuffle which forms a sharp contrast to the other songs on here due to a simple, effective structure and uplifting guitar tunes which leave the listener in a good mood.

In summary, this album is bound to please fans of both classic and progressive rock. Jartse Tuominen has proven that he is a very talented, highly skilled guitar player and composer. I’d think that any decent classic rock bar or lounge would like to add his new songs to their playlist.

Iza Raittila

Colour of Noise – Colour of Noise

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Colour of Noise
Colour of Noise
Released 4th December 2015
Classic Rock
Released via Colour of Noise/Townsend Music

‘Colour of Noise’ is the debut album from the Brighton-based, British classic rock band of the same name. The band was formed last year by guitarist Bruce John Dickinson (Little Angels) and Matt Mitchell (Furyon). They describe their sound as “steeped in the spirit of the late 60’s British Blues Boom and early 70’s Stadium Rock”, and cite Free and Led Zepplin as influences.

We’re off to a good start with Can You Hear Me? – a very radio-friendly rock song with playful guitar melodies and a chorus that is both catchy and easy to sing along to. Yes, I can hear you, loud and clear, just keep on rocking! And so they do, offering another nine tracks of energetic and highly entertaining classic rock packed with catchy guitar tunes and melodic vocals.

Some of the tracks were so catchy that I actually started swaying along to the tune whilst writing the review. For example, the chorus in Drive It Like You Stole It has that rock’n’roll feel to it and the “bouncing” guitars makes this song one of the most memorable ones on the album. There’s the odd slower track on here but none of them quite reach the epic ballad levels of complexity. Last but certainly not least is the aptly named Great Day for Rock and Roll, another very enjoyable classic rock tune which is sure to make you want to get up and dance.

In summary, listening to this has been a pleasant experience. What I like most about Colour of Noise is that their music is very uplifting and leaves you in a positive mood. Good job guys, keep on rocking!

Iza Raittila

Jeff Brown – 23 Years

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Jeff Brown
23 Years
Released 13th November 2015
Melodic Hard Rock/ Classic Rock
Released via Mausoleum Records

’23 Years’ is the debut album from the British classic rock artist Jeff Brown (ex- Wildfire, ex- The Sweet, Cats in Space,The Tremeloes). This release reflects Mr. Brown’s passion for hard rock and classic rock music. He is joined by several renowned hard rock musicians including Peter Szigeti (ex- Warlock, U.D.O.) on guitar.

Whilst this is his first solo album, Jeff Brown has been active within the hard rock scene since the early 1980s back when he played bass with a band called Wildfire during the New Wave of British Heavy Metal movement. So, how does all this affect his music? – you might ask… Well, the good news is that ’23 Years’ doesn’t sound like something straight out of a time capsule, still stuck in the same era and trying to re-live the good old, glory days.

There’s the occasional slow and melodic ballad on here such as When The Love is Gone or the closing epic that is Life Goes On but on the whole it’s the more cheerful, catchy songs that make this album memorable. Take Contagious for example, it might have a deceptively slow start with the acoustic guitar but once the electric guitars kick in at the start of the chorus, it’s difficult not to feel the positive vibe and sing along to the ultra catchy lyrics. Once In Every Lifetime is my personal favourite and with a chorus like that I can see it becoming a crowd favourite at the live shows too. If you don’t feel like air-guitaring, clapping or swaying along to this, then there’s something wrong with you.

In summary, what we have here is a very catchy, well-composed, guitar-driven album, which combines the best of classic rock and hard rock. There’s something here for everyone. Whether you’re into the heavier, more edgy hard rock, traditional heavy metal or the more melodic style of classic rock, ’23 Years’ is the album for you.


Iza Raittila

The Treatment: big in France

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 photo TheTreatment_zpsacaa6d13.jpg

Following the release of their second album “Running With The Dogs”, British rockers The Treatment have been making quite a fuss in France: several “Album Of The Month” reviews, a live appearance on L’Enorme TV and also on the French number 1 music TV show Taratata. The performance at the latter consisted of “I Bleed Rock + Roll” and their cover of AC/DC‘s “Hightway To Hell” and it can be seen on the following link:

Given all this, it comes as no surprise that The Treatment have now confirmed a headline show in Paris, at the famous Bus Palladium. The show will take place on the 28th of June and a French tour, also headlining, is planned for later this fall. The band had played in France before, supporting Alice Cooper in 2011, but this is their first time as headliners. Singer Matt Jones says: “To visit another country and be part of an established show like ‘Taratata’ was something really special for us. And now we’re going back for headline dates – it just goes to prove the power of rock music. When we struck the first chord to ‘Highway To Hell’, everyone in the studio knew what was coming!”.

They are also booked for some European summer festivals such as Rock Am Ring/Rock Im Park (Germany), Rock The Ring (Switzerland) and Graspop (Belgium), and Download back in their homecountry.

A new single/video will be released later this month, along with three previously unreleased acoustic tracks, so make sure to stay tuned.

The Vintage Caravan: new record deal, new video

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 photo vintagecaravan_zps465e8069.png

Iceland youngsters The Vintage Caravan have inked a deal with Nuclear Blast. Formed in 2006, even before becoming teenagers, they’ve been building quite a reputation in their home country, both for the great classic rock they play and the lively shows they perform. With one self-titled and self-released album out, its successor, “Voyage”, is expected in early 2014, now under the major label wing. A video for the first single, “Expand Your Mind”, is already available:

Voodoo Highway – Showdown

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Voodoo Highway
Released 26th April 2013
Classic Rock/ Hard Rock
Released via Dust on The Tracks Records

 photo VoodooHighwayShowdown-scaled_zps0fe3b515.jpg

‘Showdown’ is the second album from the Italian classic rock band Voodoo Highway. It is the follow up to their 2011 debut release ‘Broken Uncle’s Inn’. The band’s popularity amongst classic rock fans has led to several hailing them as “the new Deep Purple”. The cover-art for ‘Showdown’ was designed Storm Thorgerson (known for his work with Pink Floyd and Black Sabbath).

Straight from the offset you’re in for some catchy rock tunes with the aptly titled This Is Rock’n’Roll, Wankers! taking you on a journey filled with energetic, fun sounding guitar riffs and sing-along vocals. Ok, the lyrics are a little silly but it’s all done in the name of good fun. It’s not all catchy rock tunes though, as the slower tracks like Wastin’ Miles prove that Voodoo Highway is no one-trick-pony and they can produce great-sounding, melodic guitar ballads.

The main thing that stands out on here is the guitars which offer an impressive range of catchy riffs, groovy melodies and solos adding to the overall energetic feel of the music. If it’s guitar solos you’re after, look no further than A Spark From The Sacred Fire for your next air guitar practice session. Then there’s Mountain High which sees the focus shift towards the keyboards for the first time, a somewhat unexpected move but seems to suit the song.

There’s something really uplifting about this album. It’s easy to picture this playing in the background on a hot summer day when you’re having a barbeque with your non-metal friends.


Iza Raittila

Bodyguerra – Freddy… Nothing As It Seems

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Freddy… Nothing As It Seems
Released 29th April 2013
Hard Rock / Classic Rock
Released via Dust On The Tracks Records

 photo freddy_zpsa0d5266c.jpg

‘Freddy…Nothing As It Seems’ is the debut album from the German classic rock band Bodyguerra. It is a concept album based on the life of the infamous British doctor turned serial killer, Dr. Harold Fredrick “Freddy” Shipman a.k.a. “Dr. Death”.

Musically speaking, Bodyguerra position themselves firmly in the classic rock category. ‘Freddy…’ offers a mixture of energetic rock songs with catchy guitar melodies and choruses such as Dr.Death and slow, melancholic guitar ballads such as Vera. The latter reminds me of the earlier works by Genesis possibly due to vocal style and the overall pace of the guitars. This pretty much sets the tone for the rest of the album as the subsequent tracks tend to follow the aforementioned formula.

The Retreat features some catchy guitar solos making it one of the more memorable tracks on here. The majority of the songs on here feature lyrics that fairly easy to follow and very tempting to sing along to. 21 Market Street is a great example of this. So catchy that you almost want to wave your hands in the air and sing along “21 Market Street is a good place to die!”

Overall this has been a very enjoyable classic rock album. Bodyguerra’s intriguing storytelling definitely adds to the appeal and I’d happily recommend this to any fans of the genre.


Iza Raittila

Rival Sons featured as Classic Rock cover stars

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Rival Sons are featured as the cover stars on this month’s edition of the UK’s Classic Rock magazine, which is available in shops now.

The band have been honoured with the prestigious cover feature just weeks after winning the Breakthrough Artist award at this year’s Classic Rock Awards show in London, recognising the band’s meteoric rise to becoming this generation’s hottest rock ‘n’ roll band.

Rival Sons guitarist SCOTT HOLIDAY comments: “This is really a great topper to the year’s end, following a sold out UK/European tour.  Not only did the folks over at Classic Rock Magazine give us ‘Breakthrough Artist of the Year’, they followed it up by putting us on the cover?!  Alright!  I like you guys…  You’re definitely invited to Christmas dinner.  You’ll be sitting next to Vic Reeves and Al Pacino.  God bless you Classic Rock…  God bless you all.

Get the Rival Sons cover feature edition of Classic Rock magazine now in shops or online at

Rival Sons new album, Head Down, is available now in Europe on jewel case CD, digi-sleeve CD and limited edition audiophile vinyl.  A special framed stencil edition hand-made by the band themselves is also available exclusively from the Earache Webstore.  Get the album now in Europe here.

Head Down is also available now on iTunes.

Head Down is due to be released on physical formats in the USA on January 22nd, 2013, but the European import version is available now from the Earache Webstore.

Get more Rival Sons news and info at:

Official site –
Facebook –
MySpace –
Twitter –


Soulflame – Heaven and Hell

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Band: Soulflame
Album: Heaven and Hell
Release Date: 2009
Genre: Blues Rock/Metal
Label: Unsigned

 Soulflame are a hull-based Rock/Metal band formed in 2003. They have released Debut album, “Heaven and Hell,” and established for themselves a loyal fan base and developed a staggering live reputation.

The band’s old school fusion of Blues and Metal with a Rock and Roll mentality is incredibly infectious; immediately, Led Zeppelin, Deep Purple and Thin Lizzy leap to mind. This is largely due to the band’s impeccable reproduction of the Old-school sound – through production as well as music. That said, there are moments, such as the riff on “Falling Hard” that are most definitely metallic in origin, Thrashy almost, and sometimes, it is more Mötley Crüe that infiltrate their sound, seen best on the title track. Musically, the band is more than sound, they are completely brilliant – despite being very clearly influenced by 70s/80s rock and metal, they maintain a significant high standard of originality. They’ve bypassed the bargain bin of second or third-hand riffs, and wear the guise of a band of a vintage far beyond their years.

Not a thing more could have been asked for with regards to guitar work – solos here are positively golden, especially on “Get a Grip.” The drumming is restrained but invigorating, and the vocals are earnest and classic. Lyrically, there’s not a whole lot that’s new… but let’s face it, nobody cares about that, they’re still brilliant. Their songs are clearly designed for the live show, a group of definite crowd-pleasers from start to finish, even the ballad “Sands of Time,” But the energy of that environment is captured excellently on record. It’s a testament to the band’s supreme talent.

Heaven and Hell is an amazing album, brought to the fore by a band with the sound of the legends of yesteryear and the energy of a hyperactive toddler. Just as loud too. With a truly disappointing lack of nationwide (Read “world”) success, I say get it sorted, Britain!


Alasdair Dunn of Norderobring