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Broken Links – Disasters: Ways To Leave A Scene

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Broken Links
Disasters: Ways To Leave A Scene
Released: November2012
Industrial Rock / Goth/ Alternative Rock
Released via Devil Theory Records

Disasters: Ways To Leave A Scene is the debut album from the British industrial rock band Broken Links.

Electrik seems like a fitting name for the opening track which features a good mix of synths, heavy guitar riffs and standard rock style vocals. There’s something very uplifting about this band’s take on industrial rock, I can’t quite put my finger on what it is. Somehow the combination of the energetic guitar riffs and the singer’s passionate, melancholic vocals creates this happy vibe making you want to wave your hands around and sing along. The synth-laden intro to What Are You Waiting For? gives the track a certain darkwave/gothic feel to it. For a while you think this is going to be a slow and sombre ballad, then melodic guitars kick in picking up the pace and with them the vocals breathe new life to the song.

Then there’s the atmospheric, ambient-style, synth-driven Choice/Decay (Part I) and its melodic guitar infused twin Choice/Decay (Part II)’; the combination of which is the closest thing the band has to a rock ballad. There’s some really odd stuff happening during the intro to Therapy Sessions In The Dark; experimental guitar riffage and synth…hmm…I’m not sure if that was really necessary – then again neither was the industrial noise part in the intermission track. The weirdness doesn’t stop there though, as the bizarre synth noise makes a brief comeback in the later stages of the track. Luckily next up is Cherno which is a far less complicated beast, marking a return to the energetic industrial rock style of its predecessors.

Another noteworthy track is the melodic and atmospheric instrumental A Memory of Home which has this tranquil feel to it setting it apart from the rest of the album.

Overall this is one of the most unique rock albums I have ever reviewed. Broken Links is not an easy band to categorise and their debut is full of surprises. It may not be flawless but it’s definitely worth checking out in my opinion.


Iza Raittila


Broken Links release new video for Within Isolation taken from debut album

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Southampton alt-rock three piece Broken Links have released their band new video, Within Isolation, taken from their stunning debut album Disasters: Ways to Leave a Scene , which will be released on 19th November via Devil Theory Records.

The band set off on tour from Friday 16th of November around the UK; catch them at one of the following dates:

Fri     16th  Nov  – Legends Bar, Crawley
Sat    17th  Nov – South Sea, Sheffield
Sun   18th  Nov –  The Zanzibar, Liverpool
Mon   19th Nov –  Retro Bar, Manchester
Wed   21st Nov – The Rattlesnake, London
Thurs  22nd Nov – Lock 42, Leicester
Fri      23rd  Nov – The Railway, Winchester
Thurs  6th   Dec – Coburgs, Ryde, IOW

Playing industrial rock with under-currents of post-punk and new wave, Broken Links are as melodic and hook laden as they are dark and haunting. Atmospheric guitars, melancholic vocals and electronic soundscapes form a musical vehicle for psychoanalytical and emotionally complex lyrical themes, resulting in a dark and powerful aural experience.

Originally taking influence from an array of acts ranging from Joy Division, Depeche Mode, and Nine Inch Nails to Manic Street Preachers and Bush, Broken Links have evolved a sound that’s very unique to themselves and unlike anyone on the scene today.

Broken Links have been slowly but surely building a strong loyal fanbase on their own steam following the release of two self release EPs, and playing shows with the likes of  British Sea Power, The Boxer Rebellion, InMe, My Vitriol, 22, Official Secrets Act, Fighting with Wire, and The Xcerts in the UK, Germany and Italy.