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Obscene Entity – Self Titled EP

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Obscene Entity
Released October 2012
Death Metal

Cambridge based three-piece Obscene Entity have released their début EP.  A generous five tracks of technical, up-tempo brutality that promise good things for their future.

Duel death metal vocals, a talented (human) drummer & a penchant for catchy, groove based riffs elevates them above similar bands breaking out on the underground.  The production is clean and professional, and the organic yet precise mix mirrors the band’s musical style – modern ethics mixed with the old school ethos.  How is this achieved?  Through tight, beatdowns (not breakdowns!!) reminiscent of the early 90’s Florida scene, blending seamlessly with modern ‘tech’ riffs involving dissonant tremming and rapid guitar trills.  The vocals are similar to the gravelly spoken tone of earlier Decapitated releases, with enough clarity to hear individual lyrics on occasion (a rarity in death metal!).

The songs each have their individual flavours and I expect will get heads banging live.  The band’s Facebook promote the track ‘Doomed’, a faster, tempo shifting song with a couple of substantial solos.  For me, however, the climax arrives with final track Hell Goeran oppressively violent number with a tight chuggy main, ‘tasteful’ sample use and eastern Nile style melodic leads dropped intermittently.

To sum up, they aren’t sludgy Autopsy copycats, but they aren’t hyperspeed sweep-laden Necrophagist enthusiastics either – they are a n interesting bridge between both worlds and this EP is an excellent career beginning…Check them out live if you can!


Tobias Gray

Akkadian – Obsidian Dawn [2011]

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Band: Akkadian
Album: Obsidian Dawn
Release year: 2011
Genre: Blackened Death Metal

Britain, the very country whose music scene has given birth to metal subgenres such as black metal, Gothic rock and metal, folk metal and progressive metal and has gone as far as to influence other genres such as Power metal and Death metal, has one of the most well known metal undergrounds in Europe. Each year, new bands appear within the metal underground and one the most notable bands to have formed in the past decade within the British underground is the blackened death metal outfit known as “Akkadian”. Following the success of their EP “Tides Of Carpathia”, Akkadian have gone to release their next EP “Obsidian Dawn”.

The EP begins with the unexpected, melodic intro of “Dominus”. The riff is hypnotic and mesmerising and slightly haunting. The track turns brutal after the intro – The riffs and drum work are absolutely ruthless in their playing and the vocals are callous and gruff, certainly better than most vocals found in modern death metal. The drums are hard-bitten and adeptly played, adding a certain amount of intelligence to the barbarically savage track. The title track, “Obsidian Dawn”, has a semi-melodic, semi-rage-fuelled introductory riff. The vocals keep the death metal element flowing through the track whilst the guitars and drums bring the aggressiveness. In parts, the drums seem sluggish though this is nothing to despair about as it adds to the heaviness of the song. The vocals are probably the one thing that truly stick out about this track. ”The Slaves Shall Arise” has a slight hint of Behemoth influence by the sounds of it. The vocals are beast-like and faster paced than the last two tracks. The guitars play some amazing riffs – Both melodically and barbarically – Whilst the drums are more sophisticated yet hateful in their style. “The Slaves Shall Rise” could easily be a mosh-pit anthem as well as a fan favourite. It is clearly the best track on the EP.

”Ascension Of The Nephilim Child” has a very interesting, energetic and melodic intro that is savage and violent as well. The vocals are still going strong, keeping that death metal element flowing. The use of melodic riffs on this track is just simply mind-blowing and its amazing how the sheer brutality of the drums works so well with the melodic sections. The EP finishes with “Sargon Of Akkad”. The soft, melodic intro is unexpected and feels like a disappointing come down after the aggression and heaviness of the previous tracks. Fortunately, the track does turn angrier and more demonic sounding. The riffs sound sadistic and the drums seem to have more bite, whilst the vocals sound like demonic howling of a werewolf – Which is a brilliant addition to the song. As “Sargon Of Akkad” progresses it begins to sound more and more monstrous and slightly old skool death metal styled as well. The narration in the second half of the song is just brilliant, working well alongside the guitars and drums. The solo that follows is immense and beastly. The track ends with a soft and melodic riff.

”Obsidian Dawn” is a brutish piece of work in terms of composition, everything just seem feral and violent – Making for a brilliant piece of work. The production qualities are great on the EP as well, as one can clearly hear everything and still enjoy the aggressive brutality of the songs. Akkadian could well become the next Death, Behemoth or Mayhem.


Nico Davidson