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Striker to tour Europe this month

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Canadian metallers Striker will be touring Europe this month with five UK dates (which do include a Scottish and Welsh date). Striker comments:

Beware Europe… Striker is coming for you! After a long wait we’re finally taking Armed to the Teeth overseas to tour over Germany, Spain, Italy and more with some really killer bands. We’ve got a ton of big announcements coming up, and we can’t wait to get this started!  This tour is just the beginning and more dates will be announced soon. So keep your eyes peeled, beers cold, and horns held high!

Tour dates are as follow:

25.11.13 UK – London / Garage
27.11.13 UK – Edinburg / Bannermans
28.11.13 UK – Nuneaton / Queens Hall
30.11.13 UK – Wales / Hard Rock Hell
01.12.13 UK – Sutton / The Diamond
04.12.13 ES – Donostia / Mogambo
05.12.13 ES – Madrid / Sala Excalibur
06.12.13 ES – Valenvia / Sala Agora Live
07.12.13 ES – Barcelona / Sala La Bascula
08.12.13 IT – Torino / White Lion Club
10.12.13 IT – Viareggio / Paranoid Music Club
11.12.13 IT – Milan / Blue Rose Saloon
12.12.13 SI – Ljubljana / Orto Bar
13.12.13 AT – Vienna / Escape
14.12.13 AT – Dornbirn / Schlachthaus
17.12.13 DE – Hamburg / Bambi Gallore
19.12.13 DE – Trier / Exhaus
20.12.13 NL – Arnhem / Willemeen
21.12.13 BE – Antwerp / Kavka
22.12.13 NL – Tilburg / Little Devil

Striker online:


Sepultura post new album trailer on YouTube

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Brazil’s legendary metal icons Sepultura have released the first trailer for their upcoming album The Mediator Between Head And Hands Must Be The Heart. This first trailer sees producer Ross Robinson discussing the recording process. The trailer can be viewed below. The Mediator Between Head And Hands Must be The Heart is scheduled for release via Nuclear Blast on 28th October.

The artwork for The Mediator Between Head And Hands Must Be The Heart was created by Brazilian artist Alexandre Wagner ( The album was recorded with renowned producer Ross Robinson (Korn, Machine Head, Fear Factory), who worked with Sepultura on their landmark 1996 release Roots and co-produced by Steve Evetts (Symphony X, Incantation), who previously worked on Sepultura’s Roorback (2003), the Revolusongs EP (2002), and Nation (2001).

The  track listing for the album is as follows:

01. Trauma Of War
02. The Vatican
03. Impending Doom
04. Manipulation of Tragedy
05. Tsunami
06. The Bliss Of Ignorants
07. Grief
08. The Age Of The Atheist
09. Obsessed
10. Da Lama Ao Caos (Chico Science & Nação Zumbi cover)

Sepultura online:

Sepultura reveal artwork and tracklisting for new album

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Brazilian metal icons Sepultura have unveiled the artwork (see above), title and tracklisting for their new album; which is to be titled The Mediator Between Head And Hands Must Be The Heart. Bit of a mouthful, eh? Anyway, the new album is set for release on 28th October via Nuclear Blast. The cover artwork was created by Brazilian artist Alexandre Wagner who specialises in charcoal drawing techniques.

In preparing the statements below, Sepultura guitarist Andreas Kisser and artist Alexandre Wagner collaborated with Brazilian journalist Emanuel Leite, Jr. to gather their thoughts.

In this statement, Kisser reveals how he discovered Alexandre:

It was an indication of Silvio Bibika, who was my roadie for a long time. He always shows me things in general that Sepulutra might need. He told me about Alexandre – who is from Belo Horizonte [in Brazil, where Sepulutra was founded] – a year ago. So before we went to the United States to record the album, I was at his house to talk about the cover, tell him the album title, and talk about the concept of the film Metropolis so he could do something original. But when I saw the picture with the drawing, I thought it was all about what we wanted and we did not need something new.  I also asked him to do a tribal ‘S’ in the cover’s style, which will be on the back cover.

Album artist Alexandre Wagner comments on his creation:

This series of work in charcoal drawing [for the album] I did when I still lived in Belo Horizonte. They were all made there and are quick drawings without much reference, almost an experimentation that may have come from a desire to use the most basic of basic materials – coal, paper and wood. The cover design was ready, Andreas saw and liked it. We talked a little more and I also sent some other pictures for the booklet. I was pleased with the choice of the theme of the album; I like [Austrian filmmaker] Fritz Lang very much and not to mention only Metropolis, but Dr. Mabuse der Spieler [Dr. Mabuse: The Gambler, Lang’s 1922 film] is a fucking movie!

To see more of Alexandre Wagner’s work, visit this location.

The Mediator Between Head And Hands Must Be The Heart will be released as a Limited Edition Digipak CD/DVD and on Double Vinyl.

The  tracklisting for the album is:

  • 01. Trauma Of War
  • 02. The Vatican
  • 03. Impending Doom
  • 04. Manipulation of Tragedy
  • 05. Tsunami
  • 06. The Bliss Of Ignorants
  • 07. Grief
  • 08. The Age Of The Atheist
  • 09. Obsessed
  • 10. Da Lama Ao Caos (Chico Science & Nação Zumbi cover)

The Mediator Between Head And Hands Must Be The Heart was recorded with renowned producer Ross Robinson (Korn, Machine Head, Fear Factory), who worked with Sepultura on their landmark 1996 release Roots, and co-produced by Steve Evetts (The Dillinger Escape Plan, Symphony X, Incantation), who previously worked on Sepultura’s Roorback (2003), the Revolusongs EP (2002), and Nation (2001).

Sepultura online:


Incantation announce title for new album

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After a very successful tour in Brazil and an amazing  European summer fest campaign , Incantation is back in the U.S .

John commented “I would like to thank everyone on behalf of incantation for making this festival run our most successful to date. To get the opportunity to play for so many diehard death metal fans was absolutely amazing. We are especially thankful to all our supporters for giving us a warm welcome at all the festivals, you guys were amazing and totally raging every day. Most of all we would like to thank Sam (Mortician/Funerus) for doing a phenomenal job filling in for Kyle on drums. Without you this run would probably not be able to happen.”

Chuck also said“To the hoardes of thousands that littered the fests of this past run. Old friends and new, brothers whom we shared a stage, and the  unmatched support of the staff of each fest respectively. It’s my hope that our performance reflected the metal rage that you gave us, Hails!’


The band have now revealed officially that their new album will be titled Vanquish in Vengeance . It will be a conceptual album and the release date has been scheduled for November via Listenable Records.

John’s comments “The title track is about the massacre of Saxons in the town of Verdun in 782, called on by order of King Charlemagne. As a album title it has a different meaning to me. Vanquish in Vengeance symbolizes the long history of the band. We have fought many battles over the years to keep things going. We have always stayed true to our original vision and have never caved into trends. After a long wait between albums we are back with a Vengeance with some of our darkest and heaviest material to date.”

Necroriser – Suicide

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Released – 2011
Thrash/Death Metal
Self Released

Necroriser are a 3 piece Thrash/Death Metal band who originally come from Brazil, however they now reside in London. They formed in 2010 when frontman/bassist of the Band, Vermeyo and Mighell on Guitar teamed together from their previous band. Then in late 2010 they find their third and final member, Ruben,
on drums and the band have steadily been gigging around the UK ever since.

Necroriser have gigged with bands such as Abgott, Primitive Graven Image and Warbringer, among many others!

Their 2011 E.P Suicide opens with a track called, Horror, which starts with a fading in piece of drumming, which is clearly very skilled. Then a meaty and very thrash metal guitar chops it’s way into the track, which gets you headbanging straight away, next up are the vocals which can only be described as brutal but with a startling clarity to it. The pace of this first track is unrelenting, then it slows down towards the middle of the song and then the rythym changes to a very pleasing gallopping riff which then gives way for a blistering old school thrash metal solo. As the track continues it sucks you further and further into it’s unrelenting brutality, it grabs you by the throat and say’s, “we are f*cking Necroriser”.

A very pleasing first track to say the least!

Track two is the title track for the E.P, Suicide, which instantly rips its way in with a blistering ferocity, the drums, guitar and bass are instantly thrashing away and is very reminiscant of some Old School Death Metal bands. The vocals then come in unusually half way through the song which nicely blends its way from a brutal old school death metal riff into a more well known thrash metal sound.

The third track on this E.P is called, Cleanse, which I think starts off with quite a standard death/thrash metal style riff, however that soon gives way to a really nice riff where the drums perfectly compliment it with some double bass pedal work, it is clear Necroriser are a bunch of skilled Musicians with this track. Towards the middle of the track it slows its pace down and is very reminiscant of early Sepultura, a guitar solo then kicks in which sounds awesome! The vocals are truely brutal and lend a sharp edge to the overall sound.

The final track is called, Pain, unfortunately this is my least favourite track on the E.P, it is still brutal and gives the listener a smack in the face and sounds very old school death metal, the riffs are nice and choppy, the double bass work on the drums are very well done and the vocals keep lending that brutal sharpness to the music.

My overall thoughts about this E.P are very positive and to be honest I am struggling to find any faults.

The production on this cd has been done to a high level and it doesn’t sound amatuer in any way, even though the band mixed and produced this E.P themselves, on this I applaud them.

Each track is an unrelenting blend of Thrash/Death metal and it pummels you into submission, it’s very old school and it is clear that the musicians are very skilled at what they do.

Necroriser are a very tight and well honed outfit, every member plays their instrument superbly and they all fit very well together, each one lending a boosted brutality to the other. If you are an old school thrash/death metal fan then this band is most definately for you, if your into bands such as Sepultura, Slayer or Carcass then you have found your new favourite band in Necroriser, Go out and see this band play live, buy their cd’s and support them as this is a band that truely deserves that support.

I have tried to keep the similarities to old school Sepultura out of this review up until this point, Necroriser are in a very similar vein as the aforementioned band, if you love old school Sepultura then you will love Necroriser, as they are keeping the spirit alive for this style of music, this is a band who I can see are not going to soften their style, they are not going to sell out, they simply will be…