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Leaves’ Eyes release new video for Hell to The Heavens, taken from upcoming album

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Norwegian-German symphonic metallers Leaves’ Eyes have recently released the video for Hell To The Heavens, which is the opening track for their upcoming album Symphonies of the Night. The video can be viewed down below. The song, Hell To The Heavens, is the first full glimpse into the darker and more atmospheric sound of Leaves’ Eyes.

Symphonies of the Night will be released on 13th November in Spain, Sweden and Norway; 15th November in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Finland and Benelux; 18th November in the rest of Europe; and on 26th November in North America via Napalm Records. The album was produced by Liv Kristine’s husband and fellow Leaves’ Eyes member Alexander Krull at his Mastersound Studio in Germany.

Symphonies Of The Night track listing:

01. Hell To The Heavens
02. Fading Earth
03. Maid Of Lorraine
04. Galswintha
05. Symphony Of The Night
06. Saint Cecelia
07. Hymn To The Lone Sands
08. Angel And The Ghost
09. Éléonore De Provence
10. Nightshade
11. Ophelia
12. Eileen’s Ardency (bonus track)*
13. One Caress (bonus track)**

* feat. Carmen Elise Espenæs (Midnatsol, Savn)
** Depeche Mode cover

Leaves’ Eyes online:


ReVamp move album release forward plus announce new bassist

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Dutch symphonic powerhouse ReVamp, fronted by Floor Jansen who recently acted as on-tour vocalist for Nightwish, have announced that they are moving the release dates for their currently untitled second album forward. The announcement came via the band’s official Facebook page. The new release dates are:

21st August – Sweden
23rd August – Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Finland, Norway
26th August – UK, France, Benelux, Spain, Portugal, Denmark, Poland
27th August – Italy

Release dates for Japan and the US are to be announced.

In recent and related news, ReVamp also announced the addition of their new bassist; Henk Vonk, who is replacing Jaap Melman who left before the recording of the second album. Stream of Passion’s bassist Johan van Stratum filled in bass duties for the second album. Henk Vonk comments on joining ReVamp:

I’m stoked to have been asked to join the ReVamp ranks. I’ve known Jord and Ruben for years and have played with other ReVampers before in other projects. This is a great honour and I look forward to see each and everyone of you on tour!

ReVamp online:

Experimental Black Metal: Svarga Music to release SVYATOGOR’s Doctor Veritas on May 7th

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On May 7th Svarga Music will release Doctor Veritas,  the third album from Ukraine’s SVYATOGOR, an Experimental Death/Black  Metal album, one quite unusual for this style. Along with melodic  fragments and penetrating vocals, the solos smack of classical Heavy  Metal and the saxophone gives the music Jazz and Art-rock tendencies,  all of which is rooted in Black Metal. Lyrics are written in Russian,  Ukrainian, English and French languages and devoted to the problems of  society, preparation of human emotions, reflection on the subject of  contemporary history, structure of the universe, and macrocosm.  SVYATOGOR features Amorth I.M. (ex-DRUDKH, ex-ASTROFAES, UNDERDARK) and  Master Alafern (QUINTESSENCE MYSTICA, TRIGLAV, THUNDERKRAFT). Doctor Veritas is officially distributed by Australis Records (Chile), Casus Belli  Musica (Russia), Dead Shop (Ukraine), Fono (C.I.S.), My Kingdom Music  (Italy), Rock Inc/Bertus (BeNeLux), The End Records (North America) and  Code7/PlasticHead (UK & Worldwide).

An album teaser for Doctor Veritas has been posted at this location 

1.    Памяти мёртвых Героев [In Memory Of Fallen Heroes]
2.    Word hard. Eat. Watch.
3.    Манифест [The Manifesto]
4.    Doctor Veritas
5.    Нi вогню, нi меча… [Nor Fire, Nor Sword…]
6.    AWOKE / INCOMING (Antarctic solitude)
7.    Плюнуть и забыть [Spit And Forget]
8.    Неизбежность [Inevitability]
9.    La concupiscence [Lust]
10.    Реинкарнация дум [Reincarnation Of Thoughts]
The band is currently streaming the track “Work hard. Eat. Watch.” on Svarga Music’s Soundcloud Page.

Praise for SVYATOGOR:

“Svyatogor is a newcomer for which we definitely see a bright future  ahead. Yes, these four thoroughly experienced guys know exactly how to  make an interesting album from start to finish, without a single moment  of monotony.” – Rock Tribune (Belgium) [85/100]
“The truth is that these guys do not have any limits, and they don’t  seem to want do it anytime soon either, which is something that makes  them outstand and also make about them a really unique band. A  surprising album, of a well performed surprise.” – Queens of Steel (Spain) [8.5/10]
“The most amazing track is “La concupiscence” which is performed in French!” – AtmosFear Magazine (Ukraine) [8.5/10]
“It’s  pleasantly surprising. SVYATOGOR have taken two styles which, on their  own, can be suffocating, i.e. boring, and blended them into a  stimulating album well worth the time to listen to.” – Voices from the Darkside (Germany)
“Enjoyable and crushing from start to finish, ‘Doctor Veritas’ is as close to aggressive perfection as you can be!” – Valkyrian Music (UK) [4.5/5]
“An album filled with original and a creative genius because SVYATOGOR  drifts away from all the clichés of the genre and it is difficult to  compare it to any other existing band. Recommend to all who are tired of  hearing the same music again and again, but still remaining in the  Extreme Metal range.” – Metalland (France)
“There is everything, there is harmony, there is fluidity of sound, there is epic magniloquence and evil Black Metal.”- MetalHead Webzine (Italy) [7.5/10]
“It twists and turns all over the place and the musicianship really does impress.” – Ave Noctum (UK) [7/10]
SVYATOGOR  was founded by Arius (guitar) and Konstantin (vocal) in the autumn of  1999. At the beginning of its existence the songs “Battle beyond the  forest” and”Immediate Vengeance” were created. They later became the  basis of the band`s debut album. In the years 2000-2001 the band was  completed by Odalv (drums), Master Alafern (guitar, THUNDERKRAFT,  TRIGLAV), Paulus (bass) and actively began rehearsal and concert  activities.
In the summer of 2002 the recording of the debut album …With Wolfish Stalk and by Wings of Black… was started in the band`s home studio. Due to force majeure connected  with some faulty equipment the album was lost. And only in the spring of  2004 the band tries again to record the lost album, but now in a well  known Kharkov studio (audioALchemia). The attempt was successful and in  the spring of 2005 the first full-length album …With Wolfish Stalk and by Wings of  Black… (6 tracks, 33 minutes) was finally recorded. The style of the album can be characterized as Pagan Black Metal.
Having  recorded the album Odalv, Paulus and Konstantin leave the band. Arius  takes up vocals, a session drummer Vsesvit joins the band which makes it  possible for the band to continue rehearsals and take part in concerts.  With this team in 2006 the band records its second album
Energy-Freedom: Force is Strong, Power is Imperious (7 tracks, 51 minutes) in audioALchemia and XC-Records studios. The style is Death-Black Metal.
In  the autumn of 2007 the permanent drummer Amorth I.M. (ex-DRUDKH,  ex-ASTROFAES, UNDERDARK) and bass guitarist Duk join the band. During  the years 2006-2011 the band has active concert activities and takes  part in such festivals as Svarogovo Kolo, Navja Noch, Metal Point,  Svarogov Den etc., also supports many different European Death/Black  Metal bands. SVYATOGOR has also been invited to many concerts as a  headliner.
In the summer of 2011 SVYATOGOR completes its studio work on the third album
Doctor Veritas (10 tracks, 52 minutes). This album will be released on 7th of May 2012  by Ukrainian underground label Svarga Music. Currently the band is  working on their 4th album. The recording sessions are planned for  summer 2012.
Band line-up:
Arius – vocal, guitar
Master Alafern – guitar, violin
Duk – bass
Amorth I.M. – drums