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Band of the Month [07/2012]: Gloomlurker

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Hailing from the grim and not-so-frostbitten town of Grimsby, deathened doom lords Gloomlurker are this month’s BOTM.

The deathened doom quintet have already shared the stage with the likes of Sarah Jezebel Deva, Severed Heaven, Old Corpse Road and Infernal Creation. The band’s sound is a fine mixture of death metal elements and droning doom riffs mixed in with vocals more demonic than the girl that gets possessed in The Exorcist.

You can check out Gloomlurker on Facebook, here.

Band of the Month [05/2012]: Cyb3rnator

Posted in Band Of The Month with tags , , on 5th May 2012 by Nico Davidson

So, we’re a bit late announcing this month’s BOTM which is all my fault since I’ve become far too lazy lately. Anyway, this month’s BOTM is somewhat of a surprise… We’re proud to announce that the 8-bit/dubstep duo Cyb3rnator as May’s Band of the Month. While it’s a surprise that a dubstep act have taken the title, Cyb3rnator do deserve it, especially after their performance supporting Severed Heaven in April.

Cyb3rnator have virtually mastered the balance of their 8-bit and dubstep. The duo sound just as good live as they do in the studio and we’re certainly looking forward to hearing from these guys in the future.

You can check out Cyb3rnator over on their Facebook page:

Band of the Month: Low Culture [04/2012]

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Breaking away from tradition for a second time of metal acts winning the Band of the Month, Low Culture have been crowned this month’s Band of the Month. They beat the likes of Alice In Thunderland and Wolfcrusher in the poll and came out on top. According to their Facebook, the band are a mixture of blues and punk rock, which certainly does ring true with their music. There’s a hint of good ol’ fashioned, take no prisoners rock n roll mixed into their songs as well. Either way, Low Culture have a truly unique sound and are certainly a band to check out.

Low Culture are:

Peaches Jones – Guitar & Vocals,
Doc Ashton – Drums,
Morley Adams – Lead Guitar
Ryan – Bass

You can check out the band’s music by clicking here.

Don’t forget that Low Culture are supporting Severed Heaven at The Lamp in Hull on 29th April. Tickets can be purchased here.

Band Of The Month [December, 2011]: Collisions

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Breaking tradition of a metal band being the Band of the Month, upcoming Hull-based post-hardcore quintet Collisions smashed the other bands in the voting last week and no wonder why. Powerful guitar sections, strong vocals and sick drums mixed in with an EP produced by Lee Rule makes for a damn good band.

Unfortunately, we couldn’t find a picture of the band to go along with this article. So, here’s a pretty video instead! Well, we say video…

Band Of The Month [November, 2011]: Aonia

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Following recent revelations involving the voting being rigged, we were forced to randomly select a BOTM for this month [November]. We are pleased to announce that Aonia are this month’s Band of the Month!

In the Greek mythos, “Aonia” is the place where muses dwell near Helicon mountain. Though their name is derived from classical mythology, Aonia’s music is far from being classical. With riffs that roar like the thunder of Olympus and strong operatic vocals provided by their front woman Mel, Aonia have been on the rise for the past few years sharing the stage with the likes of Evil Scarecrow and Scarlet’s Wake.

Unlike most female fronted bands, Aonia lack a heavy emphasis on the symphonic element, helping add to their unique and mythic sound. f you like bands and artists like Nightwish, Within Temptation, Epica, ReVamp, After Forever, Leaves Eyes, Delain or Tarja then check out Aonia.

Aonia will also be playing Valkyrian Festival later this month with Cryptic Age, XIII, Infernal Creation and many more.

Rating: 5/5


Official website:

Band Of The Month [October, 2011]: Old Corpse Road

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The voting for October’s Band Of The Month began as a fierce competition between The Colour Line and ReVerbed, however, Darlington-based blackened folk metal quintet Old Corpse Road swooped in at the last minute and snatched victory quite unexpectedly gaining the majority of the votes. Old Corpse Road avoid the cliché black metal style of Satanic imagery, instead, their songs are about British folklore with masterfully written music and lyrics. Old Corpse Road have shared the stage with the likes of Hecate Enthroned, Northern Oak, Windrider and Skyclad.

Rating: 5/5


Official site:

Band Of The Month [October – Voting]

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It’s that time of the month, where you get to vote for the next Band Of The Month!

Voting will last for one week [24th September – 30th September].

The nominees are:

Obsolete Tomorrow
Old Corpse Road
Lost Effect
The Colour Line