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Letters From a Stranger – Apologies Mean Nothing [2011]

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Band: Letters From A Stranger
Album:  Apologies Mean Nothing EP
Release year: 2011
Genre:  Metalcore

Apologies Mean Nothing is the debut EP from the British metalcore band Letters From a Stranger.  The growing interest in the band has resulted in a decision to make this particular EP available for free download from the band’s Facebook page.

The opening track ‘Intro’ is the product of the band’s producer Mikey R. Scott and offers a very good atmospheric start to the EP. This is the only highlight of the EP and the only track that makes it stand out from a sea of up and coming metalcore albums. Sadly most the other tracks do not offer anything new to the scene or the overcrowded genre. For instance ‘Cowards Preying on the Weak’ starts off with a promising, catchy guitar riff only to be let down by the vocals. Similar things can be said for the title track ‘Apologies Mean Nothing’ which despite the catchy guitar solos, sounds average at best.

So if you’re not a fan of metalcore style vocals then this EP is unlikely to change your mind. My advice to Letters From a Stranger would be to take some inspiration from successful metalcore bands like DevilDriver or Lamb of God for their next album.


Iza Raittila (formerly Iza Lesniak)