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Angelspit – The Product

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The Product
Released 30th March 2014
Industrial Rock/ Electro Punk
Released via Black Pill Red Pill

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‘The Product’ is the new album from the Australian industrial group Angelspit. This latest brainchild of Angelspit’s mastermind ZooG Von Rock is the follow up to their 2011 release ‘Hello My Name Is’. This album features several guest musicians including Helalyn Flowers, Miss Ballistic, Steve Jones (Agent 13) and Adam Newman (Lab4); each of whom leave their own unique mark on the songs that they contribute to.

Now, my previous exposure to this band is limited to watching their surreal music video for the song ‘Vena Cava’ and listening to the remixes of ‘100%’… So needless to say that I had some catching up to do.

Angelspit has a very unique sound which is incredibly hard to classify. There’s some strong punk-rock elements in there along with some industrial synths as well as raw industrial noise with distorted guitars and vocals. Yet it’s the bizarre vocal style which truly makes these guys stand out. Take the track Because God for instance, the chorus featuring Zoog and Miss Ballistic’s shouting duet in making them sound like the leaders of an angry mob who are out there to cause havoc in the streets. Fight Dirty is a disturbing mix of heavily distorted electro-rock guitar, synths, glitchy noise samples with punk-style shouting vocals and melodic vocals from the Italian Goth Rock duo Helalyn Flowers.

Then there’s the eerie sounding, industrial noise instrumental Creeper (Featuring Steve [Agent 13] Jones) which is true to its namesake. The synth solo really did remind me of the some of the machine noises that you would expect to hear inside a factory. Velocity comes off as a bit of a surprise as it sees Zoog attempt a softer, more melodic and somewhat “cleaner” vocal style. The same vocal style is also present in the ultra creepy, slow-paced industrial rock track Walking In the Woods (Featuring Teknocracy) which is definitely one of the highlights as well as one of the most unique souding songs on this album.

Overall ‘The Product’ features an unsual mixture of different styles but still manages to retain its true identity as an Angelspit album. It takes a few listens to get into it and even then some of the tracks will leave you with a bitter taste in your mouth. Whilst I have no doubt that their existing fans will enjoy it, their music is a little too quirky and experimental for my liking.


Iza Raittila

Angelspit w/Support @ The Cockpit, Leeds

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Angelspit, Uberbyte & Zeitgeist Zero
Room 3 – The Cockpit, Leeds
13th September 2012

After missing Angelspit on their UK tour last year, I wasn’t going to let myself miss them again this year. Embarrassingly, the only band I knew on the bill was Angelspit, so I was in for a treat when Uberbyte and Zeitgeist Zero supported Angelspit in Room 3 of The Cockpit.

Zeitgesit Zero began the night with the sound of air raid sirens echoing through the small room, which was soon followed by a performance full of a heavy, futuristic synth-orientated sound and hypnotic beats. The driving use of dirty basslines added a lot to the band’s sound. I found the vocals to have an interesting sound, as they flowed back and forth over the ever growing crowd. Sadly, I didn’t see Zeitgesit Zero’s full set since I was interviewing Zoog during in the latter part of their set. Hopefully, I’ll get a chance to catch a full set of theirs in the future.

By the time I’d finished my aforementioned interview, Uberbyte were already dominating the stage with a mix of aggressive beats and almost-techno-like synth workings while the frontman Uberman whipped the crowd into frenzy. Jump Into Hell was certainly a stand-out track during in their set with its loud, overwhelming basslines and catchy vocal medleys, which got the crowd jumping along like crazed rabbits. It was hard to not be taken in by Uberman’s charismatic attitude on the stage, especially during in the performance of We Like The Bass and an apparently dubstep-influenced song that I never caught the name of.

And the headliners of the night, Angelspit took to the stage. With the crowd all hyped from the brilliant support acts, Angelspit blasted into a raw, violent set that almost tore the venue apart. Featuring tracks that span their whole career, Angelspit performed each song beautifully – yet sadistically – well. Tracks like Wolf and 100% sounded far more raw and distorted compared to the studio versions, though this was no issue at all as it added to the unique sound of the songs while some of the other fan favourites like Kill Kitty and Wreak Havoc were more like their studio versions but still belted out an overwhelming aggressive sound that went down well with the crowd. Hopefully the next time Angelspit play Leeds, they’ll be on a bigger stage.

Nico Davidson