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Hanging Garden – At Every Door

Posted in Review with tags , , , , , on 2nd December 2012 by izaforestspirit

Hanging Garden
At Every Door
Released: January 2013
Melodic Death Metal/Doom Metal
Released via Lifeforce Records

‘At Every Door’ is the third album from the Finnish melodic death metal band Hanging Garden. It is the follow up to 2009’s ‘TEOTWAWKI’. It is also the first album to feature the new singer Toni Toivonen who joined the band in 2010.

The droning guitar intro to ‘Ten Thousand Cranes’ proves that categorization of this band as “a mix of doom and melodic death metal” is very accurate. Their music is melancholic, often ponderous with melo-death -style semi-growls, clear vocals and sombre-sounding melodic guitars. At the same time the pace is too fast to be pure doom metal and a little slow to be classed as melodic death metal. There’s also some slower tracks with acoustic guitar parts such as those in the atmospheric ‘Ash and Dust’ which also features some melodic keyboards.

The melancholic feel seems to permeate its way through the album as the subsequent tracks maintain the mood and overall atmosphere of gloom and despair. Fans of bands such as My Dying Bride, Anathema and early Ghost Brigade should enjoy this kind of music. The keyboard-infused ‘Wormwood’ is a good example of this sombre atmosphere, created by the combination of atmospheric keyboards, melodic guitar and clean vocals. Then there’s the soothing, ambient-style, instrumental title track ‘At Every Door’. Similar things can be said about the lengthy and droning, melancholic ballads ‘The Cure’ and ‘To End All Ages’, which are the closest the band has to offer as far as doom metal is concerned. Luckily there’s also ‘Evenfall’ which features more of the melo-death -style growls and some heavier, mid-paced guitar riffs proving a sharp contrast to the melodic keyboards and clean vocals.

3.5/5 – This album tends to sap all the energy out of the listener. Some of the tracks are good but I wouldn’t recommend listening to this whilst tired.

Iza Raittila