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Amaranthe – Massive Addictive

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Artist: Amaranthe
Album: Massive Addictive
Genre: Melodic Metal/Power Metal
Released on 20th October 2014
Via Spinefarm Records / Universal Music

Amaranthe Massive addictive

So after The Nexus did really well for them, Amaranthe comes back with their new record “Massive Addictive” and I’m not going to lie, this is not the best of follow ups.  Don’t get me wrong, it’s a decent album but I feel they could have delivered so much more.  However, there is still a fair share of absolute belters. There are some well some well constructed riffs and melodies that keep this album interesting and fun.

The album opens on the track “Dynamite” which is a big sounding tune with a very pretty decent chorus, but it’s not really impressive, it’s  just an OK tune.  In fact I feel that’s the biggest compliment and the biggest insult I could give this album, it’s just OK.  With the exception of a few tunes it’s just mediocre with no surprises.  The next couple of songs are the two that served as the lead in, to this album, and both a catchy, fun tunes.  “Drop Dead Cynical” & “Trinity” just simply glorify everything that Amaranthe strive to be.  Solid riffs and a catchy chorus with alot of synth sound-fx that just elevate these song to great songs.  There some other really great tunes like “Digital World” and “Danger Zone”, which again capture that fun essence that Amaranthe is all about.

However with the good comes the average, and to be honest there’s a lot of that on this album.  I don’t hate any of these songs, hell, I don’t even dislike them.  Nevertheless, when you know what a band is capable of you want them to get better, and so many of these songs don’t really work all that well.  The two ballads of this record “True” and “Over and Done” just drudge along and don’t really give you anything interesting to keep you in the song.  Other tracks on this record just feel like generic power metal and offer little else.

All in all, this is an OK album. I enjoy it fine, but after The Nexus, I feel the band could have done more.  The songs that are good are really good and fun.  I look forward to anything this band puts out, and I look forward to seeing them live. This album however will tide me over, I would recommend this to fans of the band and the genre only, I don’t think this album could reach anyone else.


Mick Birchall

Amaranthe confirm new album is in the works and set for autumn 2014 release

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Swedish modern metal sextet Amaranthe have confirmed an autumn 2014 release for their currently untitled new album which will be released via Spinefarm. This latest piece of modern metal craftsmanship will be the follow-up to the band’s 2011 Amaranthe and 2013 The Nexus releases. Guitarist Olaf Morck comments:

2014 will indeed see the release of the next Amaranthe record. We don’t want to reveal any details yet, apart from this album representing a big step forward for Amaranthe musically – where Amaranthe and The Nexus were closely connected, this new album is bolder and more different… But, of course, with the trademark Amaranthe sound throughout! See you all on tour this spring with our last Invincible shows – and expect blown minds in 2014!

Amaranthe online:

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Amaranthe postpone Ukraine show

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Swedish pop-metalcore outfit Amranthe have postponed their Ukraine date due to the unrest affecting the country at the moment. The show which was due to take place on 14th December has now been moved to 14th February next year. The band stated in their announcement:

Management have in consultation with the promoter found a new concert date, 14th of February 2014 – if state then stabilized. We apologize to our Ukrainian fans and donate at the same time our thoughts are with those affected by the unrest.

In related news, Invincible, the third single from Amaranthe’s sophomore album, The Nexus, is out now, accompanied by a video directed by Patric Ullaeus. The video was shot on location in Hollywood, Las Vegas, the Nevada desert and the Grand Canyon, amongst other locations, and it’s certainly the most ambitious Amaranthe clip to date.

Amaranthe online:


Amaranthe announce three UK dates as part of headline European tour

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Known for their mixture of metalcore and pop elements, Swedish band Amaranthe three UK shows as part of their headline European tour. The three UK shows will their first UK shows in support for their latest album The Nexus. Joining Amaranthe on all European dates will be fellow Swedes and label mates Deals Deathand Smash Into Pieces. Guitarist Olaf Morck comments:

At last, the time has arrived to announce our first headline tour of Europe! We are very excited to bring a special, full-length set to our fans throughout the continent! This tour finally includes our first dates in the UK in support of The Nexus.

UK dates are as follow:

05.04.2014 – 02 Academy Islington – London
09.04.2014 – Slade Rooms – Wolverhampton
11.04.2014 – Rescue Rooms – Nottingham

In related news, the band also announced that screamer Andy Solveström is no longer in the Amaranthe ranks, and has been replaced by Henrik Englund Wilhelmsson. The band said:

After careful consideration, Andy has chosen to step down as the ‘growl vocalist’ in Amaranthe. His reasons are personal and best expressed in his own words. However, the split is completely friendly – Andy has been a brother through the last two and a half years of craziness, since the release of our debut album, and he will always be a central part of the Amaranthe family – not to mention, a fantastic screamer! We wish him all the best with his future endeavours.

But life goes on, and we are not planning to slow down, so… please welcome a new member to the family! Many of you have already seen and met Henrik Englund Wilhelmsson (Scarpoint), who filled in for Andy on our latest European & American tours! Henrik has real stage presence, tons of charisma and a great voice, and he’s already showed that he’s up to the extremely high standards we always strive for with Amaranthe.

Andy comments:

The time has come for me to move on. Myself and the guys have been through a lot over the past five years – traveled the world, played arena shows, done tons of gigs and picked up gold records, and all this in just two albums… amazing! I´m glad and humble to have had the chance to experience all of that, and now that I have chosen to move on, I want to thank the guys for the good times and the memories, and of course all the fans out there, too. You are, and always will be, in my heart. I hope to see you again soon.

Amaranthe online:


Amaranthe – The Nexus

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The Nexus
Released March 2013
Power Metalcore/Synthcore
Released via Spinefarm Records/Universal Music


Amaranthe pretty burst onto the scene two years about with their self-titled debut album and since then have been dominating their native metal scenes whilst expanding further on the international scene. Hailing from Sweden, a country renowned for its metal and its pop, Amaranthe have been fusing the two together with hints of other genres as well.

The first thing that really sticks out on the album are the artificial flavourings in the clean vocals, making the synth-vocal combination sound off, especially during in the opening track Afterlife. The synths create a mixture of techno and power metal offerings, that interestingly blend with the bloodthirsty screams, fierce use of guitars and acutely destructive drum passages. Elize’s pop vocal melodies are reminiscent  of Nightwish’s last album though not as catchy, except during Electroheart.

The title track, The Nexus, is the most memorable track on the album due to the poignant chorus and the breakdown which is followed by a grand solo. Burn With Me, which features later on in the album is the softest song found on The Nexus, using softer vocal passages and cleaner guitar riffs whilst Electroheart the heavily techno aspect of the album, containing infectious lyrics and cumbersome synths. The metalcore screams and breakdowns still manage to make an appearance though. Technocore anyone? Razorblade is the song that will most likely sit well with power metal fans because of the brilliantly executed synth-and-guitar combination, though the vocals leave something to be desired.

The Nexus has an interesting sound that ranges from one side of the musical spectrum to the other but appears to have been over-produced and over-hyped. While it is an enjoyable album, it’s not something to write home about.


Nico Davidson

Amaranthe online:


Pete Dimov departs from Kobra and the Lotus

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Bassist Pete Dimov announced via his personal Facebook page (See image below) that he has left Canadian metal band Kobra and the Lotus. Pete has not stated his reasons for his departure from the band, only stating in his announcement that “[it’s] time for a change” and Kobra and the Lotus haven’t made an offical announcement as of yet. Fans are hoping that Pete’s departure from the band won’t affect KATL’s upcoming US tour with Amaranthe – New dates for the tour were announced hours before Pete’s announcement.

Kobra and the Lotus online:

Spinefarm Announce Second Label Night

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Following on from the night of rock ‘n’ roll excess that saw Reckless Love, Jettblack and The Treatment lining up at the Garage in February of this year, Spinefarm Records has put together another ‘label night’ at the North London venue, this time in association with Last.FM. The ticket price is £10 and the first 50 people into the venue will receive a free Spinefarm goody bag.

Appearing on the bill are Amaranthe, Dynazty and Soen, three acts from Sweden currently causing a stir on home turf; six‐strong award‐winners Amaranthe hail from Gothenburg, and – complete with three vocalists (including some‐time Kamelot touring member Elize Ryd) plus a sound that veers from pure pop to full‐tilt, gruff‐throated metal – are successfully adding a brand new chapter to the Book Of Hard Rock.
Already the band have toured Europe with fellow Swedes Hammerfall, appeared at the Bloodstock event in the UK, played a wall‐to‐wall headline London show, sold out a Japanese venue in a matter of
minutes, been confirmed for Germany’s premier metal festival, Wacken, and become a firm staple at Swedish national radio… and all on the back of a self‐titled debut album that has thrown up some of the most memorably rockin’ moments of the past 12 months, including lead‐off single Hunger – the video for which has now exceeded two million plays on YouTube.

Says guitarist Olof Morck: “So it is time for us to return to the UK once more, and anyone who attended our last show at the Borderline in London can easily figure out why we are so excited to be coming back! Now, it is time to destroy the Garage with thundering riffs and catchy choruses, so you should definitely not miss out on this one! We have also just gotten word that we will play northern Europe’s largest amusement park at the end of the festival season – a HUGE show right in our home town, where we will be headlining in front of more than 10,000 people! We could not possibly have imagined this just a few months ago, and in response to this honour we will deliver the biggest and most spectacular Amaranthe show so far. A taste of the future!”

Joining Amaranthe on the bill in London will be powerful melodic rockers Dynazty – a five‐piece outfit from Stockholm whose latest/third studio album, ‘Sultans Of Sin’, entered the main Swedish chart at No. 8 and the hard rock / metal chart at No. 1! Bringing to mind prime‐era Skid Row & Whitesnake, Dynazty would seem to have a very busy 2012 in store, with an appearance at the Sweden Rock Festival now confirmed plus a full run of Swedish dates with battle metallers, Sabaton.

Rounding out the Spinefarm bill is progressive rock outfit Soen – a four piece outfit described as “melodic, heavy, intricate and very different to everything else”, and featuring a collection of musicians whose individual reputations go before them; that’s Swedish drummer Martin Lopez (ex‐Opeth, Amon Amarth), bassist extraordinaire Steve DiGiorgio (Sadus, Testament, Death, Iced Earth), vocalist Joel Ekelof (Willowtree) and guitarist Kim Platbarzdis.

The band’s debut album, ‘Cognitive’, has recently been released via Spinefarm; it features the video tracks ‘Savia’ & ‘Delenda’, and has been mixed by David Bottrill of Tool & King Crimson fame.