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Seven Deadly – The Allegiance EP

Posted in Review with tags , , on 31st July 2012 by izaforestspirit

Seven Deadly
The Allegiance EP
Released: May 2012
Thrash Metal

‘The Allegiance’ is the debut EP from the British thrash metal band Seven Deadly. The band consists of former members of Panic Cell and Denounce.

The title track ‘Allegiance’ sets the tone for some good thrash metal complete with fast and furious guitar riffs. Ok, so the vocals are not exactly the greatest, shifting from clean to a more nu-metal/At The Gates, but they seem to suit the overall feel of music. Similar things apply to to ‘End Of All’. Notable exceptions included ‘Blood on your hands’ and ‘From This Darkness’, both of which offer a more melodic touch to the guitars as well as emphasizing the clean vocals.

Overall not a bad effort though the vocals could do with some refining.


Iza Raittila