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Alice In Thunderland w/Support @ Shades Nightclub, Bridlington

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Alice In Thunderland, Filth Wizard, Abbie Lammas, Liam White
Shades Nightclub, Bridlington
22nd December 2012

With Christmas just around the corner, the Christmas gig at Shades in Bridlington was just the event to help get one into the festive spirit. Originally, five acts were meant to have played but one of them dropped off last minute due to car troubles. Despite this set back, the event was ready to begin as a young Liam White took to the stage.

Combining an eclectic mix of acoustic renditions of songs such as Snuff (originally by Slipknot) and Run To The Hills (originally by Iron Maiden), Liam White played a nearly flawless set which did more than warm-up the crowd. The only downside to his performance was the lack of original material but saying that, there’s not many musicians out there who can pull off covering Iron Maiden on acoustic guitar like Liam did. Up next was Abbie Lammas and her band who played a superb set, which is no surprise when it comes to Abbie. Mixing a staunch use of riffs and rhythmic, almost hypnotic drums with angelic vocals, Abbie and her band put on one hell of a show which was greatly appreciated by all in attendance.

After Abbie’s set, Filth Wizard were pretty much ready to play. Coming onto the stage to Jingle Bell Rocks, came the frontman Adam Towse and bassist Jason Diprose – both of which adorned in outfits that left very little to the imagination. It had been many years since I’d last seen Filth Wizard perform and fortunately, they’re still on top form. Blasting out their singalongs like Spank Me, Show Us Yer Panties and Accidental Anal, they really did steal the show. Everything from the fierce, almost thrash-like riffs and the hard-hitting rhythm sections to the harsh, guttural vocals and lyrics dripping with sleaze went down a charm – Even their bluesy number which I forgot the name of was a real crowd pleaser.

And then Alice In Thunderland, who were fresh from their Metieval performance a week earlier where they supported Power Quest, hit the stage with their classic rock and old-school thrash stylings. With their thundering use of bass and charismatic vocals, topped with the more modern styled riffs of the guitars, Thunderland soon got continued rolling the momentum from Filth Wizard’s performance. The tracks from their latest album Hellfire seemed to go down better with the crowd, as did the few covers they threw into their set.

Well, it was one way to bring out the festive spirit and all the bands performed at the top of their game but for me, Filth Wizard were the best act of the night.

Nico Davidson


Abbie Lammas w/Ben Parcell @ Shades Nightclub, Bridlington

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Abbie Lammas & Ben Parcell
Shades Nightclub, Bridlington
Saturday 18th August

Shortly after leaving Brid Rocks, I headed down to Shades to see Abbie Lammas with her new (currently unnamed) band as well Bridlington’s own Ben Parcell. It had been some years since I last saw Abbie performed, so I was rather excited to see her perform in Brid again.

IMG_0122A calm, friendly atmosphere hovered in Shades as Ben hypnotised the crowd with a soothing, gentle sound that softly echoed across like a whisper in the wind. Ben performed a couple of tracks from his latest EP such as the folky title track Painted By Numbers which still retained a subtle, discreetly heard pop punk vibe and the catchy number Love Song, both of which Ben performed flawlessly. Of course Ben threw in a few covers as well such as Driftwood and Remembering Sunday, the latter of which came across powerfully. Ben ended his set on with an entertaining encore of Baby One More Time.

Shortly after Ben’s set, Abbie’s band had a quick jam on stage which IIMG_0135 unfortunately missed due to fulfilling my carnal cravings for nicotine. Once I placed myself back firmly in my seat, Abbie began her set, beginning with a song entitled Twinkle, which was like her own rendition of Twinkle Twinkle Little Star only with some new parts thrown in to make it more suited to her style of playing. The second song she performed, which I never caught the name of, really demonstrated the strength and versatility of her voice as it left people watching and listening in both awe and appreciation of her talent.

When her band began playing along with her later in her set, new musical dimensions were opened up with Abbie’s music as thunderous riffs and solemn bass work boomed throughout the venue, enhancing Abbie’s vocals grandly. Later in her set, Abbie swapped from acoustic to electric and to say it was her first time playing electric guitar live, she did superb, especially during in the performance of the mesmerizing, alt. rock sounding song Save Me.


In a vast landscape of female fronted acts, Abbie and her band have got a lot of potential and really do stick out, both musically and vocally, from the other female fronted acts.

Nico Davidson

Photography by DAVID FERRET TAYLOR –