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Posted in Unsigned Friday on 10th May 2012 by Demolithia

Tzaraath is one of a hellish True Swedish Black Metalact, still unsigned, which originally took shape in the shadowed darkness of the first wave of Black / Thrash Metal by demonic guitarist Minion, vokiller and bass-strangler Abaddon and drummer Darth in 2009. Later that year also guitarist Asmodeus joined the horde.

During the year 2011, whilst the underground demons was working on new material, a new vokiller – Groundbaur revealed himself from the shadows and brought the konstellation to a more blasphemous level.

From the heritage of true norweigan unholy blackmetal with a twist of extreme swedish undivine brutality, the horde now working on  new  material that will make you wanna switch off the light.. From the forthcoming selfreleased album, entitled “Saeculum Sathanas“,the horde have already played  some songs at live rituals. And one of the killers are “Glaciers“, which more or less appeals to me the most, thus it consists both slower epic parts combined with dynamic wrath higlights.. In other words..the song´s  extreme infernal form probably makes ones blood flow in veins wanna freeze in pure staggering fear of how well designed it really is. When the demons in this horde reveal themselves from the shadows along their walk on “The Darkened Path” in the musically rough and barren  landscape one truly got he sense that the holocaust of the earth is close, and that armageddon closing in by leaps.

So if you are a true fan to scandinavian bands such as Mayhem, Watain, Burzum, Dark Funeral, Darkthrone, Marduk etc. I am sure you will find this act just as blasphemous as any of the above mentioned bands!

Saeculum Sathanas will be a killer release which is extreme enough to add to any deathwishlist for those individs worship the Dark Lord of hell and hail the darkness..

  Photo by Carline Bengtsson 2011