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DEADLY REMAINS’ Severing Humanity Out Now On Deepsend Records

Posted in News on 8th June 2012 by markssonofjorvik

DEADLY REMAINS’ Severing Humanity Out Now On Deepsend Records

One  of the best new American death metal bands, California’s Deadly Remains  truly crushes all in its path. The band’s debut album, Severing Humanity,  is an impressive display of pure, brute force. Taking death metal to  the gates of hell in an absolute fury of rage, angst and absolute  torment. Fans of Hour of Penance, Abominable Putridity, Condemned or  Flesh Consumed, will be instant Deadly Remains minions. Order the album at this location.
Severing Humanity Cover Art & Track Listing:
Apocalyptic Birth
Cosmic Necrosis
Equilibrium Obsolete
Home Invasion
Human Trafficking
Instincts of Flesh
Memories of Defilement
Psalm of Impurity
Scriptures of Foreign Tongues
Severing Humanity
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Deadly  Remains is from Northern California. The band came into existence in  the fall of 2006. They produced and released an eight track demo called Moral Crusade in 2008. Recorded at NB Recording Studios in Santa Rosa, CA Moral  Crusade afforded the band opportunities to play throughout California  and build a fan base. In fall of 2009 Deadly Remains released Before the Nothing (once again recorded/mixed/mastered at NB Recording Studios), featuring  artwork by Jon Zig as well as improved songwriting, musicianship, and  better production.

The  band toured the Pacific Northwest (CA, OR, WA, ID, UT, LV) on this  release. Over the past two years Deadly Remains has played shows in  theater halls, clubs, bars, warehouses, homes, back yards, and  everything in between. They have made numerous appearances at festival  type shows all over California and Nevada, and have had the privilege of  sharing the stage with notable bands such as Napalm Death, Kataklysm,  Toxic Holocaust, Flesh Consumed, Sepsism, Colonize the Rotting, Septycal  Gorge, Cerebral Incubation, Condemned, Embryonic Devourment, Putrid  Pile, Arkaik, Pathology, Inherit Disease and Vulvectomy.
Josh Kerston-Guitars
Ian Andrew-Vocals/Guitars
Chris Dericco-Bass
James Royston-Drums

HUMANGLED: Odd Ethics EP Out Now On Abyss Records

Posted in News on 8th June 2012 by markssonofjorvik

Odd Ethics, the newest EP from Italian death metal act HUMANGLED, is now available via Abyss Records. The follow up to 2010’s Fractal, Odd Ethics sees the band taking bold steps into new musical territory, while attacking the social aberration and hypocrisy born from our lack of ethics and common sense. HUMANGLED recently released a video for the track “Needles of the Blind.”  The clip was directed by Andrea Falaschi and points out the blindness of  medical science, describing the unpredictable damages of combined  collateral effects obtained with therapeutic obstinacy. Visit this location to watch.

Odd Ethics was tracked at Italy’s Mel-1 Studiosand mixed/mastered at Unisound Studio in Örebro, Sweden by Dan Swanö (EDGE OF SANITY, HAIL OF BULLETS, NOVEMBERS DOOM). Cover art for Odd Ethics was designed by artist Marko Somero.

Needles of the Blind

Skinned, to Feel All

Smells Acrid

Deny Your Creed

Andrew Goreds – Vocals
Luke Scurb – Guitar
Vhell Miscarriage – Guitar
Frank Nichols – Bass
Fred Valdaster – Drums
Abyss Records has officially kicked off their Summer of Sickness Campaign 2012. The label will unleash six releases over the next six weeks. Look for albums from HUMANGLED, FETUS STENCH, RADIATION SICKNESS, CORROSIVE CARCASS, SOUTHWICKED and ROCKING CORPSES in the coming weeks. Go HERE for updates and details.



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ComaTour 2012 Featuring Kraanium, Atrocious Abnormality and Coathanger Abortion Starts Tomorrow

Posted in News on 7th June 2012 by markssonofjorvik

The ComaTour 2012, featuring Comatose Music acts KRAANIUM, ATROCIOUS ABNORMALITY and COATHANGER ABORTION, kicks off tomorrow night at Ground Zero in Spartanburg, SC. For updates and details, join the ComaTour Event Page.
Each band will have brand new tour merchandise available and the Comatose Music Store will be set up at each show. The label has put together a tour promo video featuring sample clips from all three bands. Visit this location to check it out.

06/08/12 Spartanburg, SC @ Ground Zero 06/09/12 Charleston, SC @ Oasis Bar and Grill 06/10/12 Chattanooga, TN @ Ziggy’s 06/11/12 Shreveport, LA @ The Tiki Bar 06/12/12 Dallas, TX @ The Boiler Room 06/13/12 Oklahoma City, OK @ The Black Hole 06/14/12 Albuquerque, NM @ The Launch Pad 06/15/12 Tempe, AZ @ Yucca Tap Room 06/16/12 Las Vegas, NV @ Cheyenne Saloon (Las Vegas Deathfest) 06/18/12 Pueblo, CO @ Phil’s Radiator 06/19/12 Manhattan, KS @ Johnny Kaws 06/20/12 Peoria, IL @ The Brass Rail 06/21/12 Lansing, MI @ Blackened Moon Concert Hall 06/22/12 Ft. Wayne, IN @ The Tiger Room 06/23/12 Milwaukee, WI @ The Blue Pig Bar

KRAANIUM will be touring in support of their third full-length of gore-drenched and perverse brutal death, Post Mortal Coital Fixation. out now on Comatose Music. The album was recorded by Vadir Ermesjo and Kraanium at Studio Rolighed in Norway and mastered Colin Davis of Imperial Mastering. The band has posted a teaser video at this location

WOODS OF YPRES Merchandise Bundles Available to Benefit David Gold

Posted in News on 7th June 2012 by markssonofjorvik
On  Dec 21, 2011, there was a shock wave felt around the world when David  Gold of Ontario’s WOODS OF YPRES died on Highway 400. In loving memory  of this immensely talented artist and beautiful human being, the family  of David Gold has made available a range of merchandise bundles at this locaton.
Paypal information is included, so please make a purchase in memory of  the man that meant so much to so many with his creative, emotionally  deep contribution to music. All proceeds from the sales are used to  cover funeral costs and other expenses resulting from David’s death.
David’s mother Esther Gold wrote about her son in her e-mail to us and we are honored to assist in spreading the word.

We  and thousands of people are learning to live life without David. David  was courageous to create songs about love, love lost, facing challenges,  celebrating joys and accepting and understanding consequences of  another’s behavior. None have control over others, but one has control  of reactions and responses, and then makes choices. We all are survivors  of loss.
With  no exaggeration,  hundreds of people have contacted us  with  testimonies about how David’s lyrics impacted their lives, helped them  to make changes resulting in personal growth, motivating them and  inspiring them to follow their dreams.
As David’s family, of me, Esther, siblings Michael, Laura and Marie, we need help to promote David’s CD and merchandise sales.
We  had a Tribute concert in Toronto and one in Sault Ste. Marie. The Metal  Community has become family as we all share in our time of deep sorrow.  I was proudly, M.O.F., mom of four, now I am M.O.M., Mom of many. Those  who grieve David as a multi-talented musician, admit they grieve the  loss of their brother. I have become a Mom figure to many and David’s  siblings are now considered to be family to those who miss David.
There  is so much positive press created about David. It is said” when we are  born, we cry. We hope when we die, thousands cry.” In  David’s case,  thousands cried, and their lives are forever changed because their David  is no longer with them.
Thank  you for helping to honor my son, and to recognize all who must learn to  live life remembering David’s lyrics, “love the living while they are  alive,” and life is not the destination, but it is the journey.” David  admitted writing lyrics, with empathy, for those who needed to hear  them, or learn from them, and he wrote from his own experiences from his  heart and  from his soul. David was a man with many dimensions, not  just his music. He was well educated, with three university degrees, was  a teacher, a multi-talented musician, burned the candle from both ends,  with high energy and  determination. In the Finnish language is a word  “SISU.” David was “SISU,” personified.

Cianide’s The Dying Truth Reissue Out Now on Deathgasm Records

Posted in News on 7th June 2012 by markssonofjorvik

‘s been a long time coming, but CIANIDE’s 1992 Death ‘n Doom landmark album

The Dying Truth has gotten a special reissue treatment from Deathgasm Records, this  time with its originally-intended track order! The reissue also includes  as bonus tracks 1990’s Funeral demo and 1991’s Second Life demo, as well as new liner notes detailing the story of the album and  its ultimate reissuance on Deathgasm. All songs have been remastered and  edited by John Alexander.

“This is the heaviest and sickest death metal that you will EVER hear.” – Mike Abominator (
The Dying Truth Cover Art & Track Listing:
Scourging at the Pillar

The Dying Truth
The Suffering
Human Cesspool
Crawling Chaos
Second Life

Funeral Demo:

Morbid Restitution
Choose Your Death

Second Life Demo:

The Dying Truth

Human Cesspool
The Suffering
Second Life

Morbid Execution’s Vulgar Darkness Out Now on Deathgasm Records

Posted in News on 6th June 2012 by markssonofjorvik

Deathgasm Records is proud to announce the release of MORBID EXECUTION’s Vulgar Darkness,  the first full-length album from this Polish cult of sodomy and death.  Featuring members of Throneum, the album bleeds filth and vile old  school darkness that is tailor made for devotees of Hellhammer, Sodom  and Bathory. Seven songs of alcohol fueled Satanic evil!
Vulgar Darkness Cover Art & Track Listing:
Twisted Maniacs
Wizards of Silesia
Rusted and Demonized
Dreadful Romance
Hell’s Driven Anger
Remain Breathless
Vulgar Darkness
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Brume d’Automne’s Self-titled Album Coming June 12 th on Sepulchral Productions

Posted in News on 6th June 2012 by markssonofjorvik

Seven  years after their debut album, one of the forerunners of the “Métal  Noir Québécois” movement is back at last! Athros (Forteresse/Ur Falc’h)  and Nordet (Ur Falc’h) return with a self-titled album on June 12th (Sepulchral Productions) that is both harsher and more epic than
Fiers et Victorieux,  while keeping that firmly Québécois side which has gained the band many  fans since 2005. With a bit less emphasis on folkloric passages, and  with a rawer, more furious approach, on the new release Brume d’Automne  takes a stab at classic Black Metal, while incorporating its very own,  distinctive twist in what is yet again an album that those following  Québec’s Black Metal scene will not want to miss!

Brume d’Automne Cover Art & Track Listing:
Tels des Béliers
Traditionnelle 4
L’esprit du Courant
Rouge Souvenir d’Antan
Le Lieu de la Vengeance
Moé, j’me Souviens!
Saint Eustache – Traditionnelle 5
Quand les Corbeaux Crient leur Haine


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Founded  in 2003 by Athros (Forteresse/Ur Falc’h) and Nordet (Ur Falc’h), Brume  d’Automne is considered as one of the forerunners of the “Métal Noir  Québécois” movement. Blending raw Black Metal with Québec’s  traditional/folkloric music, the group released their first album, Fiers et Victorieux,  in 2005. Even though the album had a large influence on Québec’s Black  Metal scene and helped shaped it as it stands today, the group went  dormant for five years afterwards, emerging again in 2010 on a split 7″  with Forteresse. At long last, the group will release their  eagerly-awaited sophomore album on June 12, 2012 through Sepulchral  Productions.


Brume d’Automne is:

Athros : Guitars, bass, drums
Nordet : Guitars, vocals