Adrian Erlandsson leaves Paradise Lost

Paradise Lost have parted ways with their drummer Adrian Erlandsson. The news came shortly after the band announced that they have signed a new record deal with Nuclear Blast.

Lack of time and his commitments to At The Gates and The Haunted were cited as the main reasons for this decision. Here is an extract from the statement that Erlandsson posted on his official Facebook page:

For the ones that don’t already know, I am no longer playing with Paradise Lost.
When “The Plague within” was released last year I was in the middle of gigs with At The Gates (Official) and The-Haunted.
Since I couldn’t make all the gigs for the new album,
it made sense for PL to have someone that can be there the whole time, which I couldn’t.
I want to thank everyone in the band and management.
It has been an amazing ride playing with one of my favourite bands and I feel very proud of the work we did together. “

So far there has been no news about who will replace Adrian as the band’s new drummer.


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