Ranger live in Tampere

Steel Machine, Satan’s Fall, Ranger
Dog’s Home, Tampere, Finland
15th April 2016

The Dog’s Home is a pub located in Tampere’s city centre. I haven’t been there since the Two Witches’ show last spring. This time it was a little different because it was a metal gig, heavy and speed metal to be precise… Ultra, fast, adrenalin-fuelled metal music that is really fun to listen to and tends to sound great live.

First up was Steel Machine who are clearly big fans of Motörhead. Not only did their singer wear a Motörhead t-shirt during their performance, they also covered a Motörhead song at the end of their show. They also happen to sound like a raw, demo-esque version of the aforementioned, world-renowned British heavy metal band. 3.5/5

The Helsinki-based, heavy metal act Satan’s Fall are a new entrant to the Finnish metal scene. They were entertaining to watch even if they were not on stage for as long as the previous band. Their style is a mixture of 80s heavy metal with some power metal and speed metal elements. What I heard was only a handful of songs but I enjoyed all of them. 4/5

I’ve seen Ranger live twice before so I pretty much knew what to expect. They’re an energetic young band who play ultra fast speed metal. I liked their debut album so much that I listed it as one of my favourite metal releases of 2015. But enough of that and on to the show… They were just as good if not even better than the first time that I saw them live. The only issue I had with their show was the venue that they played in. They are perfectly suited for an open air festival and a slightly bigger concert venue. Dog’s Home however, is none of these things. It’s a pub with a very small stage that’s so low down that it puts the band practically at the same level as the audience. So as much as I enjoyed their show, it was actually really difficult to see them at times. 4/5


Overall, it was a good night and I enjoyed all three performances. It’s always nice to see some new bands appearing in the Finnish metal scene and it’s even better when they decide to visit my city.
Iza Raittila


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