Jartse Tuominen – Untold Stories

Jartse Tuominen
Untold Stories
Released 18th March 2016
Instrumental Rock with Jazz influences/ Classic Rock
Released via M.I.G Music GmbH

‘Untold Stories’ is the new album from the Finnish rock musician and composer Jartse Tuominen. In addition to his experience as a rock guitarist, Mr. Tuominen has also produced music for movies and TV programs. This particular album was recorded with the help of a few session musicians including Pekka Siistonen on keyboards, drummer Brannen Temple (Dixie Chicks, G3) and bassist Steve Bernal.

So, what we have here are ten tracks of instrumental and predominately guitar-driven rock music with a certain jazz flare. The “jazz” element means that the overall song structure is fairly loose and a lot of the songs resemble a jamming session. The guitar melodies are somewhat unpredictable at times and there’s a sizable amount of experimentation and improvisation in both the pace and the overall style.

The rock ballad Time to Go caught my attention, being one of the slower and more melancholic-sounding songs on here. It features some impressive guitar work and it has that good old, classic rock feel to it without the jazz fusion elements. Then there’s catchy rock’n’roll track Trouble Shuffle which forms a sharp contrast to the other songs on here due to a simple, effective structure and uplifting guitar tunes which leave the listener in a good mood.

In summary, this album is bound to please fans of both classic and progressive rock. Jartse Tuominen has proven that he is a very talented, highly skilled guitar player and composer. I’d think that any decent classic rock bar or lounge would like to add his new songs to their playlist.

Iza Raittila

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  1. Nice bllog you have

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