Counter-World Experience – Pulsar

Counter-World Experience


Jazz-Metal, Experimental, Progressive

Released: 18th March

via Hänsel & Gretel

Counter-World Experience have returned with their fifth album, Pulsar.  The German experimental metallers consisting of Benjamin Schwenen (guitar, guitar synth, programming), Sebastian Hoffmann (bass) and Thorsten Harnitz (drums) have clearly been up late in their music laboratory again to produce another album that sounds like it’s from the future.  Pulsar is a vibrant, dynamic album that oozes with energy and creativity and I have had a blast listening to it.

The album really is a fascinating specimen combining the heavy electronic tones with genuinely beautiful melodies that grab your attention.  It really is something when at one minute you’re listening to a metal tune then the next it breaks down into electronica.  Also the album just flies through other genres like nothing else I’ve ever heard.  From jazz through funk and to blues, whilst always being encapsulated in the heaviness of metal.  Everything blends together so nicely and it’s over just like that, so obviously you want to listen to it again! It’s the perfect example of what I like to call “TARDIS” music, when listening to an album/song that feels like a short time but you’ve actually been listening to it for 2 hours.  Pulsar’s production is simply beautiful, nothing feels out of place and it’s all well balanced at every point.

I also like the idea behind the concept of Pulsar, in how every song is named after a star. It has this great sense of grandeur to it, it’s one of those albums that I could just sit and listen to, not caring for the rest of the world. Very similar to how I am with Mike Oldfield or Felix Martin songs. It only gets better when you look look at the featured guest list. Big musical legends such as Steve Di Giorgio (Testament, Sadus) on “Alpha Serpentis” and Hannes Grossmann (Blotted Science & ex-Obscura) on “Cygnus”, it all stands out like a who’s who of technical music and that’s only mentioning a couple of them.

Is this album going to be for everyone? Well… Ultimately no.  Not everyone can get behind music like this and I completely get that.  Some people just like music that follows a typical structure and they don’t like deviating from that.  However, if you’re looking for something different from the norm and you want to listen to musicians that truly care about pushing the limits of metal and creating a unique listening experience for the listener then I would definitely recommend this, in fact I’d recommend all of their albums.  If you’re like me and you need something different and interesting to spice up your music collection then it’s worth, at least, checking out.

4 ½ / 5

Mick Birchall

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