Savage Machine – Event Horizon (single)

Savage Machine
Event Horizon (single)
Released 19th January 2016
Old School Heavy Metal

Savage Machine - Event Horizon

‘Event Horizon’ is the new single from the Danish heavy metal band Savage Machine. The band was formed in 2014 and has released an EP called ‘Through the Iron Forest’ prior to this. They are currently working on their debut album which is due later this year.

There’s only two songs on here so I’ll do my best to say something about both of them. The title track is the faster, more catchy one and I can see why they chose to make a video for it. It might be short in length but it’s a very well executed, head-banging friendly and packed catchy guitar riffs, piece of old school heavy metal.

Savior is the longer, more complex one of the two. This song puts more emphasis on the vocals which tell a story. The story-telling vocals made me think of Iron Maiden. The guitar work isn’t half bad either.

Overall, I like what I’ve heard from these guys so far. It’s difficult to judge a band based on just two songs. It would be interesting to hear the full album. Keep up the good work guys!


Iza Raittila


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