Jeff Brown – 23 Years

Jeff Brown
23 Years
Released 13th November 2015
Melodic Hard Rock/ Classic Rock
Released via Mausoleum Records

’23 Years’ is the debut album from the British classic rock artist Jeff Brown (ex- Wildfire, ex- The Sweet, Cats in Space,The Tremeloes). This release reflects Mr. Brown’s passion for hard rock and classic rock music. He is joined by several renowned hard rock musicians including Peter Szigeti (ex- Warlock, U.D.O.) on guitar.

Whilst this is his first solo album, Jeff Brown has been active within the hard rock scene since the early 1980s back when he played bass with a band called Wildfire during the New Wave of British Heavy Metal movement. So, how does all this affect his music? – you might ask… Well, the good news is that ’23 Years’ doesn’t sound like something straight out of a time capsule, still stuck in the same era and trying to re-live the good old, glory days.

There’s the occasional slow and melodic ballad on here such as When The Love is Gone or the closing epic that is Life Goes On but on the whole it’s the more cheerful, catchy songs that make this album memorable. Take Contagious for example, it might have a deceptively slow start with the acoustic guitar but once the electric guitars kick in at the start of the chorus, it’s difficult not to feel the positive vibe and sing along to the ultra catchy lyrics. Once In Every Lifetime is my personal favourite and with a chorus like that I can see it becoming a crowd favourite at the live shows too. If you don’t feel like air-guitaring, clapping or swaying along to this, then there’s something wrong with you.

In summary, what we have here is a very catchy, well-composed, guitar-driven album, which combines the best of classic rock and hard rock. There’s something here for everyone. Whether you’re into the heavier, more edgy hard rock, traditional heavy metal or the more melodic style of classic rock, ’23 Years’ is the album for you.


Iza Raittila

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