Devilment begin work on new album

The British “Gothic” groove metal band Devilment, which features Dani Filth (Cradle of Filth) on vocals, has began working on a new album the follow up to their critically acclaimed debut ‘The Great and Secret Show’. The album title hasn’t been revealed yet but here are some of the song titles:

‘Shine On Sophie Moone’
‘Life (Is What You Keep From The Reaper)’
‘Hitchcock Blonde’ ‘
‘Hell at My Back’
‘Plot Spoiler: There Will Be Monsters’

Here’s a studio update from their lead guitarist Colin Parks:

“The pre-production songs from the new album are all but done and dusted.

This new album is heavier than anything we have done before, yet with it more melodic, passionate and mature.

We have all worked very hard, both in the band and those directly working with the band on a different level.

I am so happy with how things are sounding at this early stage.
I truly believe this album will be the one to make all of our fans happy.

It brings massive brutality contrasted with progressive beauty.

Lyrically and musically it’s an album that will take you on a journey of emotions.

Devilheads prepare!” 


The new album will be release via Nuclear Blast Records and is expected to hit the shops later this year.



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