Reverence – Gods of War

Gods of War
Released 4th November 2015
Power Metal/ Thrash Metal 
Released via Razor Ice Records (Europe and U.S.A.), Avalon/Marquee (Japan and the rest of Asia

‘Gods of War’ is the second album from the American power metal band Reverence. The band was formed back in 2010 and since then they have released one EP and their debut album ‘When Darkness Falls’ in 2012 prior to this.

Before starting the review I would first of all like to say that I have limited knowledge of the American power metal scene. The United States always makes me think of thrash metal and The “Big Four” (Anthrax, Slayer, Megadeth and Metallica). The only American power metal bands that I’m really familiar with are the ultra cheesy, “macho” Manowar and the highly entertaining, power-thrash metal hybrid that is Iced Earth. So I pressed the play button on my device, and hoped for this to be more about power-thrash guitar riffs than tales of swords, steel and glory.

Luckily for me, this album turned out be more of the former. Reverence’s signature sound is a mixture of styles. They use power metal as a base whilst incorporating elements of both traditional heavy metal and some of the guitar patterns from thrash metal. Take Angel in Black for instance, the playful, catchy guitar riffs remind me of the Black album and ‘Load’ -era of Metallica and to some extent Mercyful Fate. As for the vocals, they’re nowhere near as high-pitched as some of the ultra cheesy (read cringeworthy) variety that is common within this genre. Their singer’s chosen vocal style falls somewhere between the epic, story-telling Iron Maiden -esque type (as audible on tracks such as ‘Blood of Heroes‘ and ‘Angel in Black‘) and the dominating, slightly higher-pitched style of mid-career Iced Earth.

Battle Cry‘ is by far the catchiest track and definitely one of the highlights of the album. It’s very guitar-driven with vocals merely acting as a means to encourage you start headbanging along to relentless, “full-speed ahead” barrage of thrash metal riffs and solos.

Overall I am happy with this new discovery. Whilst ‘Gods Of War’ doesn’t offer anything ground-breakingly different, it succeeds in delivering eleven well-composed, guitar-driven songs which are bound to please power-, thrash- and heavy metal fans alike.


Iza Raittila

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