The Defiled to enter Guiness Book Of World Records 2016

 photo thedefiledguiness_zpsmk6zaodq.jpg

It’s been a year since The Defiled faced arctic conditions to be the first band playing a gig on an iceberg. We are proud to announce that such debut has been recognized by the Guiness Book Of World Records and it will be featured on the latter’s 2016 edition.

“Breaking Records certainly makes an interesting change from making them”says Keyboard player The AvD. “As a child this was a book of wonder and excitement, so it’s pretty mindblowing to open this book and see myself and my bandmates looking back at me.“

The show, which was part of Jägermeister’s Ice Cold Gig series, was documented here: The band also took the time to get footage for the video of the intense song “Five Minutes”:

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