Insanity – Visions Of Apocalypse

Visions Of Apocalypse
Released 13th November 2015
Extreme thrash
Released via Unspeakable Axe records

Insanity - Visions Of Apocalypse

Well, insanity is as insanity does, and this bunch of original bay area movement death-thrashers do more than a little of that. Furious energy, blazing leads, and venomous vocals are slathered over liberally, and all truly does come across as a little unhinged. However, that isn’t the be all and end all of a great metal band for me. The disjointed must be hammered together in function as well as form, and this particular promethean project is somewhat of a lumbering monster rather than a slick reflection of god, lacking the smooth grace of today’s polished icons.

It’s surprising that this is only Insanity’s second album, and that their sound is still “of its age”. The inexorable march of time seems to have left them to the dusty labyrinths of history, still following the thread that will eventually lead them to the light of day and the modern metal world. That’s in no way a fatal flaw, and many will certainly see the stoically traditional approach that Insanity continue to employ as endearing and charming. Furthermore, it is to be admired that they have released this opus at all, as the intended re-recording was sadly put to rest with the passing of drummer Bud Mills in 2007.

Where ingenious ideas flare up, they are really noticeable, but they do seem a little unfinished, and the production is so cushioned that it takes the edge off the impact that these moments could have had. It’s possible that if this issue was pulled up to date that the entire thing would take on a new life. Visions… is definitely worth a listen or ten, but it kind of seems like the demo version of what it could have been, especially when compared to their 1994 full-length Death After Death. A nice collector’s piece for the heavy thrash connoisseur at any rate.


by Paul Macmillan

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