Immortal start working on new album without Abbath

It’s been a few months since their singer Abbath left the band. Now the Norwegian black metal duo Immortal, which currently consists of lyricist and guitarist  Harald Nævdal “Demonaz” and drummer  Reidar Horghagen Horgh”, have began working on their new album. The long-awaited follow-up to ‘All Shall Fall’ will be released via Nuclear Blast Records. It is still unknown as to who will replace Abbath as Immortal’s new vocalist. So far the album title hasn’t been announced and there is no information about the release date but the band revealed three new song titles: ‘Northern Chaos Gods’, ‘Called To Ice’ and ‘Blacker Of Worlds’.

Here is an official statement which the band gave to blabbermouth:

“IMMORTAL is much more than just a band, and much more than just a form of music. The departure of one member cannot change that, no matter. We will continue what we believe in, and the power of ‘Blashyrkh’ shall live on.”

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