E-Force – Demonikhol

Released 19th June 2015
Thrash Metal / Extreme Metal
Released via Mausoleum Records

‘Demonikhol’ is the new album from the Canadian thrash metal band E-Force. It is a concept album about the devastating effects of alcohol abuse. The band was formed back in 2001 after the singer Eric Forrest left Voivod. Their debut album ‘Evil Forces’ was released two years later after which Forrest relocated to France, resulting in some changes in the lineup.

The album kicks off with Grievance, offering a barrage of ferociously fast guitar riffs and equally brutal-sounding drums. At first it seems like your average thrash metal, then the vocals enter the frame and they really aren’t at all what I expected to hear. Not that thrash metal as a genre is known for its pleasant-sounding singers, but this guy’s angry shouting reminds more of ‘Slaughter of the Soul’ -era At The Gates or even Children of Bodom than old school thrash metal acts. I guess it’s all about capturing the raw emotion and that uncomfortable feeling that you get after a heavy night’s drinking.

Double Edged Sword stands out due to the brutal drumming and the aggressive guitar work. If you like your thrash metal fast and furious, you might enjoy this track. Debauchery is true to its namesake in that it’s completely chaotic and slightly mad as far as the song structure goes but the guys sound like they are having fun. On the plus side there’s the occasional decent guitar riff on there which makes the track more memorable. State of Delusion has more of the thrash metal vibes in the guitars which makes the song one of the more catchy ones on here. Even the abrasive vocals don’t bother me as much thanks to the skillfully executed guitar work.

Overall, this album proves that E-Force doesn’t want to conform to one specific style. Their signature sound comprises two key aspects: speed and brutality. So if it’s old school thrash metal you’re after then you probably wouldn’t enjoy this. If however, you’re happy to check out something more extreme or experimental than you might want to give ‘Demonikhol’ a try.


Iza Raittila

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