Exorcism – World In Sin

World in Sin
Released 1st June 2015
Heavy Metal
Released via Dream Records

 photo ExorcismWorldInSin_zpswht7zlxk.jpg

‘World In Sin’ is the new EP from the Swiss heavy metal artist Csaba Zvekan a.k.a. Exorcism.The CD version of this will be a limited edition with only 666 copies available exclusively from the band’s website. Although the band is primarily a solo project of Zvekan’s, this EP and Exorcism’s debut album ‘I am God’ were recorded with the aid of various Total Master Sound studio musicians including Joe Stump and Lucio Manca (Dominici). His work has been compared to the likes of Black Sabbath and Dio.

First up is the is the title track and it seems that the Dio comparisons were spot on because Dio was first thing that came to my mind when I heard the vocals. Zvekan’s singing style is very similar but the music is faster and more aggressive. Certain tracks such as Virtual Freedom contain a tinge of thrash metal in the guitar riffs and remind me a little of early works of Megadeth. Then there is Sahara, which starts off with some slow groovy, doom metal bass guitar riffs and gradually speeds up with some catchy guitar solos towards the end.

The final track, Black Star – a ballad which is by far the most complex song on here featuring Zvekan’s powerful, story-telling vocals along with some skillful guitar work. It basically wraps up the EP in an effective way.

Overall I think that fans of Dio and Black Sabbath will enjoy this EP. Though clearly influenced by these two bands, Exorcism doesn’t just copy their style but adds a modern twist to the heavy metal genre.


Iza Raittila

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