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Skitarg w/ support – Gothenburg, Sweden

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BatAAr, The End Of Grace, Skitarg
Sticky Fingers, Gothenburg (SE)
10th April 2015
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 photo skitarg01_zpsdywxhoh1.jpg

Clown metal is a big thing in Sweden, at least when it comes down to Skitarg. But support acts BatAAr and The End Of Grace caused quite a fuss as well that night.

 photo bataar1_zpsvgxsjmry.jpgDespite my often trips to Sweden and the crash-course I’ve taken last year on its native language, I’m still not able to maintain a conversation in Swedish (reading is okay, talking not so much). This means I can’t tell you what BatAAr-Seb said to the screaming crowd that welcomed the band. But then again, it’s the music that counts, right? They themselves must think the same, as their borderline visual kei image is toned down once they’re on stage, in comparison to what you see in their videos and promo photos.
Between the exquisite prog of “Riskbreaker”, the spirited melodies of “The Distance” and “Owls And Snakes”, or the extremeness of “Refrain From Your Porcelain”, BatAAr’s sound may be hard to label in matters of genre, but pretty easy to do so in terms of quality: DAMN GOOD! Adding that to how comfortable they are on stage and how they give themselves to what they’re playing, it all can only result in a show worth attending to. (5/5)

 photo bataar2_zpsjrwq65nh.jpg

 photo teog1_zps52y9pbfy.jpgJust like BatAAr, The End Of Grace also come from Gothenburg, but since Kriss is British and addressed the audience in English, I can be a bit more thorough regarding the singer’s speech. For instance, I can tell you about the at least half a dozen times he said “oh my God you’re fucking crazy” and “we love you all”. If you’ve been following our posts on these guys, you know I’ve been to quite a few TEoG shows, so trust me when I say that Kriss wasn’t kissing ass – this crowd was the most vibrant I’ve ever seen on a TEoG show. There was even a wall of death at the beginning of “Beneath The Waves”, right after a cool, melodic new intro – guess they got inspired by Frodd‘s remix of it for the B-side of their latest single “Final Burden”.
They’ve been hard-working on their upcoming debut album and less than a month since the release of the aforementioned “Final Burden”, they were ready to introduce another new song – a song about being in a band, how that means “brotherhood”, and so it’s only natural that it was named after the band itself. The response to “The End Of Grace”, the song, was as massive as to the rest of the gig, which makes me believe the album will get a killer feedback once it’s finally out.
And because of that brotherhood, this being drummer Thomas last show felt like “losing an arm”. He got quite an ovation from the crowd and then BatAAr-Seb got on stage to help Kriss sing the last song “Fist Face Bleed”. Thomas couldn’t have asked for a better farewell show. (5/5)

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 photo skitarg3_zpsvsunz0yv.jpg

The house had been crowded for both supporting acts, but for Skitarg it was fully packed, leaving no doubt that they lived up to their headlining status.
Sure, their creepy-clown makeup and flashy outfits cause an impressive visual impact, but if we strip those away, we’re still left with a very active and powerful performance. So if you’re thinking that Skitarg’s popularity is only due to their looks, think again. And songs such as “Jag Bryter Nacken Av Din Häst”, “Du Har Keps Och Knarkar” or “Utvecklingsstörd” made the crowd go wild in mosh circles and loud sing-alongs, proving my point.
At some point, close to the end, TEoG-Kriss joined on stage, not to sing but just to fool around with Barnet. Sadly I had already put away the camera, as the aforementioned mosh was too vicious for my bones’ sake and I had retreated to a safe point at the back. Yeah, it was that kind of show, that kind of party. (5/5)

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A big thanks to Martin Efternamn for the help with the Skitarg song-titles.

Text & photos by Renata “Pieni” Lino.

Mørktår – Dark Years

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Dark Years
Released 5th March 2015
Raw Black Metal
Released via Mordgrimm Records

‘Dark Years’ is the debut EP from the London based, British black metal band Mørktår. The band originally started out as a solo project Thrym Mørktår back in 2006. ‘Dark Years’ is also the first Mørktår release in both CD and mp3 format. You will find it along with some of band’s early demos on their Bandcamp page (

As soon as you press the play button you’re greeted by a barrage of raw screams, guitars and drumming, all sounding as though they were recorded deep in the depths of someone’s basement. This is about as raw and bleak as black metal can be. It sounds almost as though most of the music was captured in just one take and very little (if any) mixing was done to improve the overall sound quality.

Painful Dark Death is true to its namesake thanks to the vocalist’s screams of anguish and terror. The first few seconds of Worse Than Plague reminds me a little of Mayhem’s ‘Freezing Moon’ mostly due to the similarities in the vocal style which seems to alternate between a scream and a howling-like noise. The main difference here is that the production on here is even more raw than on any Mayhem track. The rest of the EP continues along the same path of cold and primitive black metal.

In summary the rawness and the nihilistic atmosphere are the two dominant features of this EP. This makes for some uneasy listening and having heard all six tracks I can safely say that I’ve had enough. To me it just sounds like a black metal demo; there’s some potential but it’s unfinished. Only a small very percentage of people might enjoy this. So you’re fan of ‘hard to find’, raw black metal demos then you might want give this EP a try.


Iza Raittila

Leaves’ Eyes announce UK tour

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Norwegian-German symphonic metal outfit Leaves’ Eyes have announced the dates for their 2015 UK tour, which will be in support of their new album. Details of the new album are still to be announced.

Leaves’ Eyes, who are fronted by exceedingly talented Liv Kristine, will be in the UK in November later this on the following dates:

03.11.2015 UK – Southampton, Talking Heads
04.11.2015 UK – Bristol, Marble Factory
05.11.2015 UK – Wolverhampton, Slade Rooms
06.11.2015 UK – Sheffield, Corporation
07.11.2015 UK – Glasgow, The Audio
08.11.2015 UK – Manchester, Academy 3
10.11.2015 UK – London, 02 Islington Academy

Tickets for the tour go on sale on Thursday 16th April. And if you can’t wait that long to see Leaves Eyes in the UK, they’ll be headlining the second night of The Dames of Darkness Festival in Bilston on Sunday 10th May.

Leaves’ Eyes online:

Details and first band announced for final Valkyrian Festival

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Midlandic melodic metallers Winter Storm are the first (and currently only) band to be announced to play the Valhalla Stage for the 2015 edition of Valkyrian Festival, which is also set to be the last ever Valkyrian Festival.

Valkyrian Festival: The Requiem For Valhalla will take place at both The Venue and The Riverside on Ousegate in Selby, North Yorkshire with the Valhalla Main Stage being hosted in The Venue and the Danelaw Stage being hosted in The Riverside.

The event will take place from 14:00 on Saturday 21st November. Tickets are available for the price of £10 from this location. An additional 13 bands, including headliners, are still to be announced with a few other surprises as well.

Winter Storm online:

Immortal is no more. Abbath launches solo project

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Here’s some bad and some good news for black metal fans. The bad news first: Abbath, the leader of the Norwegian black metal band Immortal, has announced that the band has split up for good. After several arguments with the other members and a lawsuit over copyright to the band name, Abbath has made a decision to end Immortal.

The good news is that he will start his own solo project Abbath. He has already began writing some new songs which he plans to play at the upcoming shows along with some old Immortal tracks.

Here’s an extract from the official statement he gave to Metal Hammer recently:

“Immortal’s frontman and founding member has been writing and rehearsing fervently, with a deluge of new material ready to be recorded; unable to come to an agreement in order move forward with the other members of the band, he has formed a new line up. Whilst grateful and respectful for the contributions of Demonaz, Horgh and Apollyon, the time is now right for Abbath to present his art to the world and continue to evolve the legacy.

Using his own name is a natural step for Abbath, having become iconic and synonymous with the band that he co-founded in 1990. That’s 25 years of powering face first into the northern wind; a milestone for any band, and rather than exploit it by dragging Immortal’s name through the mud, Abbath will instead carry his own on his back.

The name of Immortal, for the time being, will rest; the essence, the power, the music – and Abbath – will not.”

The first Abbath album is expected to see the light of day within the next two years. Abbath will also play a show in London on 18th September 2015 and at Blastfest  in Bergen, Norway next year.

Behemoth release new video ‘Messe Noire’

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Polish blackened death metallers Behemoth have just released a new video for the track ‘Messe Noir’.  This surreal looking clip is dedicated to the life and memory of H.R. Giger (1940-2014) and it was directed  by Zev Deans at Panorama Programming. The song is taken from the band’s latest album ‘The Satanist’ which was released last year via Nuclear Blast Records.

Check it out here:

Eisbrecher live in Helsinki

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Vergeltung, Eisbrecher
Helsinki, Finland
2nd April 2015

The Neue Deutsche Härte band Eisbrecher came to play one show in Finland. This time the concert was in Helsinki, a two to three hour car journey or bus ride away from where I live. It’s been a while since I’ve been there and this was my first time at that particular venue. Luckily it was easy to find and within walking distance of the bus station.


The supporting act was a Russian band who played a mixture of industrial rock with elements of nu-metal. They were very energetic and well versed on how to entertain a crowd. Some of the tracks sounded decent but none were memorable enough to stay in my head. Also they were only on for half an hour which is not quite enough. 3.5/5


These guys were definitely worth the trip to Helsinki. Some people regard them as a watered-down version of Rammstein but there was nothing watered down about that performance. The lead singer Alexx was great at agitating and interacting with the crowd. It didn’t take long before everyone was dancing, waving their hands and singing along in to the German lyrics. The venue was packed and everyone including the band members seem to be enjoying themselves. Alexx explained that this was actually their first time in Finland and that they regret not having the time to learn any Finnish words before the show.

They played a lot tracks from the latest album including the title track ‘Schock’, ‘1000 Narben’, ‘Volle Karft Voraus’ along with some older material such as ‘Willkommen Im Nichts’, ‘Heilig’, ‘Leider’, ‘Ohne Dich’, This is Deutsch’, ‘Verrückt’ and my personal favourite ‘Vergissmeinnicht’. 5/5

I’m so glad that I decided to go. Danke schön Eisbrecher! I hope that we will meet again soon.

Iza Raittila