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Bliss Of Flesh: Marduk and Belphegor together on European tour

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On January 19th, Marduk released their latest album “Frontschwein” via Century Media and the band is now ready to take it to the road. In direct support, they’ll have Belphegor, whose own latest album “Conjuring The Dead” was released last August, by Nuclear Blast. The union of “Frontschwein Europa 2015” and “Conjuring The Dead European Run 2015” resulted in “Bliss Of Flesh”, on the following dates and locations:

 photo marduk-tour-final-poster-600x849_zpsvs22ctqd.jpg

Agnostic Front talk “The American Dream Died” track-by-track

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 photo image002_zpsjlyk7o6w.jpg

The Godfathers of of New York hardcore, AGNOSTIC FRONT, will release their 11th studio album on 6th April 2015 via Nuclear Blast Records. Produced by Freddy Cricien (MADBALL singer and AF-frontman Roger Miret brother) and engineered, mixed and mastered by Paul Miner (H2O, TERROR), “The American Dream Died” will feature guest appearances by Cricien, legendary AGNOSTIC FRONT/MADBALL guitarist Matt Henderson, Toby Morse (H2O) and Lou Koller (SICK OF IT ALL). Cover art and track-listing as follows:

 photo agnosticfrontamericandreamcd_zpsxpbnujte.jpg

01. Intro
02. The American Dream Died
03. Police Violence
04. Only In America
05. Test Of Time
06. We Walk The Line
07. Never Walk Alone feat. Freddy Cricien, Toby Morse & Lou Koller
08. Enough Is Enough
09. I Can’t Relate
10. Old New York
11. Social Justice
12. Reasonable Doubt
13. No War Fuck You
14. Attack!
15. A Wise Man feat. Matt Henderson on guitar
16. Just Like Yesterday

Miret wrote the following about every of those tracks;

The American Dream Died: “It’s a harsh look at what’s going on today in our society. The intro that precedes this song says it all! It’s a reaction to everything happening around us right now. The higher ups are out of control!”

Police Violence: “This is our reaction to what’s going on in our country regarding the unprovoked brutality of our citizens by those who we pay to “protect and serve” us. If they are going to act like criminals, then they should be prosecuted as one! They have some kind of elite fraternity-like understanding that they protect each other with. Don’t abuse your badge!”

Only In America: “It’s sad to learn that the people who serve in our military and risk their lives fighting in wars come home to the government not giving a shit about them, especially if those veterans were wounded mentally or physically. They gotta go through a lot of bullshit just to try and get a little help and support. You’ve gotta be blind if you don’t see that, only in America. This is why I strongly believe the US Government should stop policing the world, and start caring for the issues right here in the USA!”

Test Of Time: “Learning from the past is important, to help you move forward and not make the mistakes we did in our youth. Longevity is the key to success. We won’t get left behind.”

We Walk The Line: “It’s a statement of who we are and how we live in relation to the hardcore community.”

Never Walk Alone: “We always spoke about unity and how sticking together will help us grow as scene. Hardcore is worldwide now. This is our scene, our passion and it was great to present this song with honorable NYHC veteran’s Freddy Cricien (MADBALL), Toby Morse (H2O) and Lou Koller (SICK OF IT ALL) joining on the anthemy chorus!!! Punk rock/Hardcore is a movement it’s not an image!”

Enough Is Enough: “Protest song! I once read an inspiring quote that went like this “I hold it, that a little rebellion, now and then, is a good thing, and as necessary in the political world as storms in the physical” – Thomas Jefferson.”

I Can’t Relate: “Dealing with different people you don’t like in different situations. Could be applied to a boss, ex-girlfriend, someone who lives a completely opposite lifestyle, etc.”

Old New York: “New York City has lost its edge. It’s been stripped of its culture and over run by money. Making it hard for musicians and artist to live there. Now we’re surrounded by transplants and rich hipsters. Let’s face it, it’s not the NYC I once adored. That one is so well documented in one of my favorite movies Taxi Driver! Hence the intro, I Miss The Old New York.”

Social Justice: “Nothing is more disgusting than hearing about a grown man rapping a child. This song talks about a man who got caught in the act and was served street justice stabbed with knives from his head to his toes. Justice served!”

Reasonable Doubt: “Our whole lives we’ve been criminalized for one reason or another. But it’s actually the media, the corporations and the government who are the scumbags. Power to the people standing up against them. Wake the fuck up people!”

No War Fuck You: “Self explanatory, stop creating wars so you can justify your unlimited defense budget and make all your friends rich. Innocent people are dying for your stupid games.”

Attack!: “On some occasions people tend to disrespect and take our kindness for weakness. We have always been known for never taken shit from anyone. Cross the line and we will attack!”

A Wise Man: “Growing up in NYC living in and out of Vinnie’s apartment. Our old friend John always looked out for us like a father figure. He tried to guide us in the right direction and give us good advice. He was a wise man, a friend forever.”

Just Like Yesterday: “This song takes us on the journey through our history as a band, from touring all over the world and making friends that still remain loyal today. One of my favorite lines is “From NYC to the Berlin beat.” It shows our love for those two great cities and our great world accomplishments as a hardcore comunity.”

And then concluded: “We chose this title cause we want to open up people’s eyes to what’s going on in this country. We have a lot to say. Not everyone realizes that our government and the people who run this country are so corrupt, greedy and ruthless. We need to educate the ones we reach. We’re losing our values. We address real issues from full blown corruption and scandals to unjust police abuse and brutality. Everything’s we stood for as a country is going down the drain. But we still somewhat have our freedom of speech. We’re expressing it all through this record while we can.”

Papaslide – The Deepest Pain

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The Deepest Pain
Released 27th March 2015
Blues Rock
Released via M.I.G.-MUSIC GmbH in cooperation with Dust on The Tracks Records

‘The Deepest Pain’ is the third album from the Norwegian blues rock band Papaslide. It is the follow up to ‘What We Are Living For’ which was released back in 2011. Papaslide started out as a project of the blues musician Rune Nordvik. This album acts as homage to the legendary blues rock artist Johnny Winter who passed away last year. It includes covers of three of his songs: Master Mechanic, If You Got a Good Woman and Serious As a Heart Attack.

My knowledge of blues rock is limited but I decided to keep an open mind and give this a try. The first thing that I discovered; which came as a bit of surprise coming from an album entitled ‘The Deepest Pain’, is that the music is strangely uplifting and pleasant to listen to. I’m not entirely sure why that is, maybe it’s something to do with Nordvik’s slide-guitar or deep soul music vocals in the title track or Don’t Keep Fightin’ With Your Soul. What ever it is, it clearly works well…

Even the occasional improvised part, which has always bothered me in this type of music, doesn’t seem out of place on here. I can see how some of these songs might encourage people to dance along. Two tracks which definitely fit that category are the catchy Got To Have You and Vooing You. The latter is a great example of how the three guitar styles – acoustic, electric and the slide-guitar can work together in harmony to produce an enjoyable song. Last but not least are their skillfully executed covers of Serious As a Heart Attack by Johnny Winters and Give Me My Blues by Albert Collins which underline their admiration for these musicians as well as their love of blues rock.

Overall, this has been a pleasant surprise. I was expecting this album to be slow, dull and melancholic. It turned out to be the complete opposite. I actually enjoyed listening to some of the songs. Well done Papaslide!


Iza Raittila

Sylosis – Dormant Heart

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“Dormant Heart”
Progressive thrash metal
Released on 23rd January 2015
Via Nuclear Blast Records

 photo Sylosis - Dormant Heart - Artwork_zpskanzbtgs.jpg

Whether you like Sylosis or not, you can’t accuse them of writing mellow songs. So you’ve probably figured out that this title, “Dormant Heart”, has nothing to do with the music featured in it but with the lyrical content (not to mention the catchy, poetic ring it bears). What you may not know is what inspired it. Frontman Josh Middleton has said that it’s about those people – who sadly represent a large percentage of the world population – who just go with the flow, accepting the way things are and what society tells them to be right. People who need a wake-up call to get a new perspective on life. Now, I’m pretty sure none of the members in Sylosis fit in such category, but they’ve faced that kind of wake-up call in September 2013, on a driving accident while on tour, and it’s become a major influence on the writing process of “Dormant Heart”. I’m not telling you this just as a curiosity; after all, Sylosis have always written about the human mind, inner struggles and so-on. The difference is that this time its intensity is stronger, more compelling, as it doesn’t come from what they perceive but from something they’ve experienced; it comes from something more personal.

More intense and more somber. The first track, “Where Wolves Come To Die”, is a pretty sorrowful tune that I still look at as an intro: far shorter than all other tracks, the tension builds without actually exploding, until it abruptly comes to its end. Even though the following track, “Victims And Pawns”, doesn’t take on from where the other left it – kicking off with a thrashing attitude (the “explosion” missing in its predecessor) – it meets the same vibe as “Where Wolves…” at some point in the middle of song, before resuming the thrash speed and again the doom-ish vibe with which it ends (typical prog, when you think of it). So yeah, “Where Wolves Come To Die” screams “intro” to me.

I don’t want to sound too much like the official press release for this, but the truth is that “Dormant Heart”’s distinctive features are indeed its rich riffs – both in number and composition – , solos and breakdowns. I dare saying that the best combination of those resulted in “Overthrown”, “Indoctrinated” and “Mercy”. “Leech” as well, but this one deserves an additional note: the way the guitars sound so vibrant in that beginning reminds me of how Judas Priest “Hellion” makes way to “Electric Eye”. Please note that I am NOT comparing the songs but their effect on your senses and their nature – classy and epic. Although the guitar seems to cry its strings out in the solo, very lament-wise, very eighties-heavy-metal-like. Yes, I confess – it’s my favorite.

But all in all, every song here has the potential to be someone’s favorite (hence the “I dare saying”, as you’ll probably name other songs yourself). Even the 9-minute ballad “Quiescent”, which personally I’m not very fond of, but where I recognize a great job nonetheless.

You know how most bands claim to have released their “best work so far” when they have a new album? Occasionally they’re right. And Sylosis are definitely right.


by Renata “Pieni” Lino

Gehennah – Metal Police

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“Metal Police”
street metal
Release: 06th February 2015
Via Metal Blade Records

Gehennah - Metal Police

Straight out of the gate, this fast dirty rock ‘n’ roll with a hefty chunk of thrash metal vomited against the wall for good measure. Fans of High On Fire should be ready and willing to welcome Gehennah with sweaty, beer-soaked open arms, although you may want to leave the expectations of Lemmy-esque vocals right there, by the door, before you step inside.

I got a little tired of tongue-in-cheek, humourous thrash a while back, but there’s a bit more to this lot to appeal to the urge to snap one’s neck in the pit. For starters, there’s a filthy, punk element, pulling Gehennah out of sharing the same predictable pool as the majority of ‘laughs only’ fast-and-heavy acts. It also embraces the more rock side of affairs, as do the likes of Airborne, albeit with a hammer rather than a plectrum in the case of Gehennah.

For a certain audience, the track titles alone will be a selling point – Carve Off Your Face (And Shove It Up Your Ass) and Piss Off, I’m Drinking are great examples of how to pre-set the audience for high spirits and shenanigans. Not relying on this as the only card in their hand, Gehennah have stacked the deck with hooks and licks aplenty, and masses of heavy-but-catchy choruses.

I could be mistaken, but I’d have these guys pinned as a bunch who spent as much time listening to Venom and Raven as they did Deep Purple and Led Zeppelin. There are a multitude of influences openly on display, but although Metal Police is rife with reference to many of the past greats of old school metal, it does have its own identifiable character. Scruffy and undeniably European in sound, listeners with a more refined ear may even be able to narrow the geographical origins of this band down to Scandinavia, despite their blatant love of British heavy classics.

Memorable, energetic and genuine, I doubt Metal Police is going to win a Grammy, but it’s a cracking album! Add it to your party playlist.


Paul Macmillan