At The Gates live in Tampere, Finland

Rotten Sound, At The Gates
Klubi, Tampere, Finland
20th November 2014

The Swedish melodic death metal legends haven’t played a club gig in Finland for nineteen years and last night was the first night of their tour. This was also the first time that they played the new songs live. The venue was absolutely packed.

The warm-up was a Finnish grindcore band Rotten Sound. They were only on for about half an hour but since their average song lasts about two minutes, I’m guessing that’s long enough by their standards. I’m not the biggest fan of grindcore so I didn’t really enjoy their show that much. Like most grindcore, this was suitably fast, furious and aggressive which, based on the reaction of the crowd, must have pleased their fans. 2/5

At The Gates

Based on how comfortable these guys looked on stage it makes you wonder why they took such a long break from touring. What ever their reasons, I’m just glad that they are back with a new album and newly found energy to put on a great performance. They played a mixture of new and old tracks including: ‘At War With Reality’, ‘Heroes and Tombs’ and ‘The Night Eternal’ from the new album along with some old classics such as ‘Kingdom Gone’, ‘The Burning Darkness’, ‘Terminal Spirit Disease’, ‘World of Lies’ and ‘Under A Serpent Sun’.

It was a really good show. I’m really tempted check out their new album now. 5/5

Iza Raittila

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