Hellscream – Made Immortal

Made Immortal
Released March 2013
Heavy Metal/ Power Metal
Released via Dead Inside Records

‘Made Immortal’ is the debut album from the American power metal band Hellscream which features Norman Skinner (ex- Imagika, Skinner, Dire Peril) on vocals and Dave Garcia (Cage).

First up is the band’s theme tune Hellscream which sounds like a mixture of cheesy (read “squeaky”) power metal akin to the likes of King Diamond with the guitar riffs, speed and “epic” thrash metal feel of Iced Earth. Come to think of it, the vocals are also a weird combination of these two styles. These guys also like really their narratives and voice-over intros – think Manowar meets Bal Sagoth, and you will have a pretty good idea of what I’m referring to. Luckily the second track, Mind Reaper, is less squeaky and much darker than its predecessor not to mention that the guitar melodies and solos are nothing short of impressive.

In fact, it’s safe to say that the guitars are the main good thing about this album. In many ways they are everything that you want from a good power metal band – fast or at least mid-paced, energetic guitar riffs and catchy solos that are easy to headbang or air-guitar along to. Last Charge Of A Bloody Brigade is a good example of how all these elements come together to make a great power metal song. As for the vocals, the singer’s full range can be heard on tracks like Phoenix: We Will Rise. This track sees him attempt not only the squeaky, stereotypical power metal style vocals and the clearer heavy/thrash metal variety, but also growling in order to make the chorus sound more powerful. I must say it’s not a bad effort and it came as somewhat unexpected.

Yet for some reason there is one main thought which sticks in my mind as the album progresses – this reminds me so much of mid-career Iced Earth. Yet unlike their fellow countrymen, Hellscream’s style is not quite as consistent especially when it comes to the vocals. It’s a shame really because the guitars are really top notch on every song.


Iza Raittila

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