Lucifer – Desensitize to Oppression

Desensitize to Oppression
Released 21st May 2014
Thrash Metal/ Death Metal

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Desensitized to Oppression’ is the debut album from the Lithuanian thrash metal band Lucifer. The band formed back in 2006 and have also released two demos ‘Agony’ and ‘Feeding the Machine’.

First up is the ultra aggressive and brutal-sounding Killchain which highlights the band’s death metal influences – the growling vocal style and the blastbeat drumming. The guitars and the overall feel of the music is very much thrash metal. Whilst the drums are mostly just steamrolling their way through the song, the guitars add more depth to it thanks to the melodic riffs and changes in the pace. This pretty much sets the tone for the rest of the album.

The death metal elements remind me of early Entombed, only these guys are much faster and the thrash metal guitars add an extra boost of energy to each track. Harmony and Connection Failure are good examples of how this combination works; the drums are blasting away at full speed whilst the guitar riffs and solos ensure that the songs retain that catchy element. One track that caught my attention is Feeding the Machine mostly due to ultra fast, almost punk-esque and at times incomprehensible vocals. It’s also the only song on here that has more of the thrash metal elements than death metal ones. In fact the only death metal aspect that I can detect in here are the drums.

Generally speaking I have very little reason to dislike this album. Lucifer’s signature hybrid of death and thrash metal is like a cross between Entombed, Helltrain, Grimfist with the guitar riffs of bands like Toxic Holocaust. The mixture is a good one but I have a feeling that it might be have been better had there been more variation between the songs. Most of them follow the same pattern of fast drumming, growls with some melodic guitar riffs half-way through the song. Once you have heard one song you have pretty much heard them all.


Iza Raittila

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