Tartarus – Of Grimness and Atrocity

Of Grimness and Atrocity EP
Released 31st July 2014
Black Metal
Released via Haarbn Productions

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‘Of Grimness and Atrocity’ is the debut EP from the Dubai based black metal band Tartarus.
There are many things that spring to my mind when I hear the words “Dubai” or “United Arab Emirates” but black metal isn’t one of them. Then again, music knows no boundaries and based on a quick search on the Metal Archives, Tartarus are not the only band from that region and there is a small metal scene in there.

After the eerie, dark ambient style intro featuring some unintelligible shrieks, comes the first real song ‘Axes (of Hatred)‘ which sounds like a homage to the Nordic black metal bands. I can detect two very distinctive influences in the song: Immortal for the vocal style and Gorgoroth for the ferocity and speed of music. The title track is true to its namesake thanks to the haunting howl-vocals which remind me of early Mayhem. The pace tends to vary a lot during the course of the track, ranging from ferocious pummeling of the guitars and drums to a slower, more melodic style of black metal. Last but not least is their cover of Emperor’s I am The Black Wizards – a very good interpretation of the song which is very close to the original in terms of style.

Overall this is a very promising black metal EP. I’m looking forward to hearing more from these guys in the future.

Iza Raittila

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