Deficiency – The Prodigal Child

The Prodigal Child
Thrash metal
Released on 14th October 2013
Via Fantai’zic Productions

 photo 390487_zps08bca305.jpg

Deficiency, are a melodic thrash metal band from France with a sound that’s very heavily influenced by metal greats like Metallica, Trivium, Machine Head & Megadeth.  They play with intricate riffs and melodies to create a heavy and interesting sound.  Their second album The Prodigal Child is a powerhouse of heavy tones, catchy riffs and solo’s that are beyond impressive.

The album starts off really well, with some intensely brilliant melodies with really well written lyrics, the intro track, which is also the title track, has a great intro to let you know exactly what you’re in for with this album.  Everything sounds really tight on this record and the production is tidy and in general the sound is really good to the ear, at least for the average thrash metal fan.  Certain songs are really interesting and caught me off guard, songs like Those Who Behold and The Experiment twist and wind the melodies and rhythm to create something a bit different but ultimately pleasing.

For as technically capable the songs are written, the big downfall on this record is that it’s really not all that engaging,  it’s fun to listen to whilst some of the songs are playing, such as the song Unfinished, but the majority of the album is largely forgettable.   A lot of the songs are mostly album filler and have nothing more to offer than what is presented at face value.

In summary, it’s hard for me to love this album fully.  It’s very well written and you can clearly tell a lot of effort went into creating this record.  However, the album just doesn’t grab my attention in the right way; I suppose if you’re a hardcore lover of thrash or if you’re a fan of smaller melodic metal bands, than this might be well worth checking out.  If you’re looking for something big and innovative, than there a so many other bands with similar sounds and ground themselves with more of an identity.

3/5 (just because of the kick ass guitar solos)

Mick Birchall

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