Wolf Release New Single “My Demon”

So Wolf are back with the first sample of what we are going to get in the follow up to 2011’s Legion of Bastards.  The song is called My Demon and it a true monster of a tune.

For those not familiar with Wolf, they are a true as any, heavy metal band hailing from Sweden, writing about a variety of topics from mythical creatures, to tyrannical leaders, to pagan sacrifice and other abstract subjects. This new single will be on the the new seventh album entitled Devil Seed and it sounds like it’s going to be a great record if this is a peak at what is to come. The album will be produced by Jens Bogren, who’s worked with names such as Kreator and Opeth, so you know no one THAT big.

It’s a little more toned down than their older stuff but I still thinks it gets the job done, the riff is solid but I would have like to have heard a better guitar solo. It has a decent melody and the chorus is quite catchy, albeit a little repetitive.  However the band seems to like it, in fact founding member Niklas Stålvind has said ”I haven’t been this pleased with the songs on a Wolf album since the release of Black Wings,  I really think we have taking our songwriting to the next level on this one and I hope that the metal fans will love it as much as we do”.  If that’s the case than we should be in for a treat with this new record, and in all honesty I’ve liked the last few albums from Wolf.  Check out the lyric video for My Demon below.

Devil Seed will be released via Century Media, August 25 in Europe and September 2 in North America
Also Wolf will be playing a UK tour in September, dates below:

11.09.2014 Sound Control, Manchester

12.09.2014 Rock N’ Metal Circus, Northampton

13.09.2014 Rescue Rooms, Nottingham

14.09.2014 Borderline, London, UK


Website: http://www.wolf.nu/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/officialwolf

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