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Crooked Lizard – Ink

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Crooked Lizard
Released 11th July 2014

Hull, voted to be the City of Culture 2017, is home an interesting amount of talented bands and solo acts but one band is slowly rising from the depths of Hull’s murky musical talents. Describing themselves as a rock ‘n’ roll band, come the bluesy rock trio Crooked Lizard, who are set to bring about something fresh, new and exciting to not only Hull but the rest of the UK as well.

The album is opened by the track Devils Lullaby, a song laden with hypnotic vocal melodies and riffs more infectious than the common cold. The bass workings of Mike Sheriff parades through the song like a leprachaun on a rainbow. Motormouth follows closely in a fashionable manner, focusing on the vocals on Tom Hennings‘ vocals in the beginning before displaying his slick style of guitar playing later on in the track.

Chasing Gold comes across as a more laid back song, weaving the distinct talents of all three members as well as combining their voices for the occasional awe-inspiring chorus where as Cheeky Fly paints a sound that would be described in the vein of Kate Nash and Lily Allen. The vocals of the band’s drummer Roberta Lawson can heard in parts of the song, adding a new dimension to the sound. I Wish I Knew makes a staunch use of memorable lyrics performed in a manner that will leave you singing it for weeks to come. The combination of guitar, bass and drums helps add to the catchy and poignant elements of the song, defining the track as one of the best tracks of the album.

Oh Jonny belts out in a good ol’ fashioned rock ‘n’ roll fashion, keeping a steady pace with glossed up guitar melodies and smooth rhythm sections. The artful sounds of Whispered Mistakes carry a solemn yet calming atmosphere through the embroidered musicianship and vocals.  The album closes with the touchingly passionate song Monster, which is built up from moving basslines, poignant guitar passages and rhythmic drum sections.

Ink might be the debut album of the young Crooked Lizard but it rings out like the greatest hits of a band that has been around longer than what this talented trio has. Each track has its own distinct sound, allowing for a new listening experience throughout the album. Crooked Lizard’s live sound has translated well into a studio sound, providing that the band can sound just as good in the studio as they do live.


Nico Solheim-Davidson

Dictated to release second album via Metal Blade Records

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 photo dictatedband_zpsfb7fd6ca.jpg

Dutch death metal band Dictated, who have recently signed with Metal Blade Records, have set 19th August as the release date for their second album “The Deceived”. The follow-up to “Summary Of Retritution” will have the following track list:

1. Forced Into Dismay
2. This is to All
3. No Absolution
4. The Basher
5. No Mercy For Cowards
6. Dispossession
7. The Deceived
8. Stonebreakers Rising
9. They Live, They Suffer, They Die
10. Rail Of Death

 photo dictatedalbum_zps812cbd32.jpg

Dictated is very honored and proud to have signed with the mighty Metal Blade Records! We have just finished our album ‘The Deceived’ and we are thrilled to see it being released amongst legends. A great step in our musical careers and we would like to thank Metal Blade for welcoming us into their world and all who believe in us!”, states the band.

Savage Messiah to headline European tour this autumn

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 photo sm_euuk_2014_zpsc5a2e4c8.jpg

In order to promote their latest album “The Fateful Dark”, Savage Messiah will headline an European tour, kicking off in later September and finishing in November, after a full UK leg:

Sep. 26 – Hillegom, Netherlands – OJC Solution
Sep. 27 – Dijon, France – Rising Fest
Oct. 04 – Brescia, Italy – Circolo Colony
Oct. 06 – Barcelona, Spain – Rocksound
Oct. 07 – Madrid, Spain – Wurlitzer Ballroom
Oct. 08 – San Sebastian, Spain – Le Bukowski

Oct. 25 – Oxford, UK – The Cellars
Nov. 11 – London, UK – The Garage
Nov. 15 – Sheerness, UK – The Ivy
Nov. 18 – Southampton, UK – The Joiners
Nov. 19 – Bristol, UK – Exchange
Nov. 20 – Winchester, UK – The Railway
Nov. 21 – Cambridge, UK – Portland Arms
Nov. 22 – Birmingham, UK – Institute

“We’re pleased to announce that we’ll be out on the road again this Sept/Oct and November once the festival season is over. This is the biggest headline tour for us so far so we’ll be pulling out all the stops! Expect lots of visuals, lights, popes and of course METAL!!! We’re even thinking of chucking a new song in the set (!!) as we’ve been busy crafting the follow-up to ‘The Fateful Dark’ for a few months now. Get your tickets early, and we’ll see you at the front for a UK heavy metal extravaganza!!!”, says frontman Dave Silver.

Entrails to release demo compilation

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 photo entrails_zps33bce957.jpg

Swedish death metal act Entrails have set 18th July as the release date for “Resurrected From The Grave – Demo Collection”. The album will contain both 2009 demos “Reborn” and “Human Decay”, in a total of 18 tracks, and it will be available on Digi-CD and vinyl, via Metal Blade Records.

01. Reborn (Intro)
02. Evil Obsession
03. The Morgue
04. Your Dead Dog Smile
05. Voices
06. Triumph of the Sinners
07. Stormy Death
08. Midnight Death
09. Breath of Blood
10. Entrails
11. Depression
12. Dust to Dust (Intro)
13. Blood Red
14. Euthanasia
15. Evil Terror
16. Total Death
17. Human Decay
18. Casket Garden (Dismember Cover)

“It feels great to finally do something serious with the two demos from 2009, “Reborn” and “Human Decay”. After multiple requests from fans asking about the demos I had to release the brakes on this, now or never. While we are working on the upcoming new Entrails full-length we feel better to do this release now which gives a bit more time for upcoming shows and the new album!”, says guitarist Jimmy Lundqvist.

The first single “Blood Red” is streaming HERE, where you can also check the pre-order options.

Nunslaughter to tour Europe with Demonical and Warfect in July

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 photo nunslaughter_-_band_2014small_zps14a4f00e.jpg

“Devil Metallers” Nunslaughter have just released their 4th full-length album “Angelic Dread” (24th June via Hells Headbangers Records) and will now embark on an European tour to promote it. Quoting Don of the Dead, “It has been two years since NUNSLAUGHTER defiled the shores of Europe. We will be landing in July, so prepare for Hell, prepare for the deathcharge!”

Supported by Swedish bands Demonical and Warfect, the “European Deathcharge Tour 2014” will hit the following locations:

July 3rd – (GER) Berlin – Under the Black Sun Fest
July 4th – (GER) Wermelskirchen – AJZ Bahndamm
July 5th – (BEL) Leffinge – Devils Corner
July 6th – (FRA) Paris – Le Klub
July 7th – (NL) Tilberg – Little Devil
July 8th – (GER) Kassel – H. Schmiede
July 9th – (GER) Bremen – Romer
July 10th – (DEN) Fredericia – Metal Magic Fest
July 11th – (GER) Hamburg – Bambi Galore
July 12th – (GER) Torgau – In Flamen Fest
July 13th – (GER) Karlsruha – AKK
July 14th – (GER) Aalen – Rock it
July 15th – (ITA) Milano – Blue Rose
July 16th – (ITA) Zero Branco (Treviso) – Altroquando
July 17th – (AT) Graz – Club Wakuum
July 18th – (CZE) Trutniov – Obscene Extreme Fest
July 19th – (POL) Szczecin – DK Slowanin

 photo nunslaughter_-_euro_tour_dates_2014smal_zps64225f5b.jpg

Five new additions announced for Damnation Festival

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Germanic titans of doom Ahab and Icelandic progressive metal unit Solstafir are amongst the latest names to be added to the tenth edition of Damnation, which already is boasting the likes of Bolt Thrower, Saint Vitus and Cannibal Corpse.

The headline set will be an exclusive UK performance by Ahab and the first the band have played outside London, while Solstafir arrive in for their debut UK festival show in support of their stunning new album Otta.

They will be joined at Leeds University Union on Saturday, November 1, by Welsh heavy-rock trio H A R K, Dutch post-metallers Atlantis and London’s blackened doom three piece Bast. Ahab said:

We’re delighted to celebrate our 10-year anniversary with the only Ahab UK Show 2014 at Damnation Festival. Headlining the doom stage is an honour and a great birthday present for us!

Solstafir revealed they are "stoked" to be part of Damnation’s tenth anniversary show:

We picked Damnation Festival for our debut UK festival performance, after countless offers from other UK festival promoters, so what better way to celebrate Damnation’s 10th anniversary than joining us in Leeds? And you even get to see Bolt Thrower. We’re stoked!

JimBob of H A R K added:

Damnation has to be one the UK’s best festivals, so we’re over the moon to be added to such a great lineup. We’ve been taking Crystalline out all across Europe since its release, and can’t wait to show the amazing Damnation crowd what we’ve got. This will be a great day.

And Glison Hetinga of Atlantis said:

Playing Damnation Festival is something that we as a band always wanted to do. So being invited for this year’s edition is an great honour.

Bast are also looking forward to playing Leeds for the first time. The band said:

As patrons and fans of Damnation in previous years, it’s with particular honour and excitement that our inaugural performance in Leeds be at the festival’s 10th anniversary – being part of a line-up that’s already promising to be one of the most memorable in recent times.

With ticket sales going at a rate not witnessed since 2008, Damnation Festival’s tenth anniversary promises to be an event to remember. Tickets for Damnation Festival are priced £36 and on sale NOW from Damnation’s official website and Facebook page and Leeds Tickets.

Dragonforce announced to co-headline with Epica at London show in December

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UK power metal heroes Dragonforce have been announced to co-headline with Epica at their only UK show in London later this year. The show will take place at The Forum in London on 6th December. Fans are advised to grab their tickets quickly as demand for this double bill will be high. Tickets are on sale now via

In related Dragonforce news, the band also unveiled their new video for  The Game last week. The video can be viewed below.

Dragonforce online:

Brutal Blues – Brutal Blues [Mini-album]

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Brutal Blues
Brutal Blues
Released June 2014
Released via Selfmadegod Records

Brutal Blues - Brutal Blues

I’m no stranger to the stranger side of extreme music, or music in general. I grew up in a social environment where certain mentalist side projects of one Mike Patton were par for the course during a mid-week chill-out session with mates. Ambient-acid-thrash for the morning after breakfast? Sure, we’ll give it a shot! Talking of which, does it come with a whisky chaser? I like to think it prepared me for most insane audio meanderings that may be presented. Well, I asked for something weird and heavy to review this week, and by Christ if I didn’t receive!!!

On their debut mini-album, Brutal Blues thrash out some truly mind melting noise in the way that I always figured most grindcore bands miss out on. Opening track, Skjold (from an old Norse word for shield) weighs in head first with the screaming lunacy, so much so, it’s hard to tell exactly what’s happening on first spin. I’d forgive most who claimed this was just noise, but there is definitely more to it than that, albeit for consumption by the true connoisseur of ugly sounds.

Remember the Converge/ Agorophobic Nosebleed split, The Poacher Diaries? Well, this isn’t too dissimilar to the AN side of that particular psyche-shattering opus. In questioning the limits of what actually constitutes music, it turns out what may be creation in pure form. Clattering and clanking through just over a quarter of an hour and six tracks, this self-titled release will give you a serious, high-intensity mental work-out – if you’re willing to push yourself. Trivium it ain’t.

I find it impossible to discern the lyrical meaning, with other song titles as disorientating as the tracks themselves: Rett could mean ‘about to be made red’..? Others named Stafett (relay), Medalje (medal), and Tradisjon (tradition), seem to tell a tale of sporting events, whereas Alminneleg Utsegn (literally translated ‘her ordinary statement by’???) completely escapes my understanding.

Brutal Blues have delivered the equivalent of reading a chapter from H. P. Lovecraft’s personal copy of the Necronomicon, or for those less initiated to the wilds of artistic human consciousness, seeing the shadow of The Great Old one himself, as he strolls casually down the street outside your window. The whole affair races past in a blur of confusion, which, to me, says, try again! The next time you might discover the secret. However, continuous repeat listening may not be the greatest advice for all. I’m not sure the stamina of the average mind could withstand it.

A challenging listen, and not designed for mass-appeal even within the metal community, this would be a rare yet relished spin that I would be happy enough fork out for, especially if it had add-ons such as luxury packaging, posters, signed sleeves; y’know, the things that make a physical recording unique. Unique enough to match what’s on the record. There have been words of a vinyl release through Drid Machine Records (Norway)/Nerve Altar Records (USA), so that may actually be a possibility. Utter chaos on wax has a ring to it.


Paul Macmillan

The Cadillac Three to play one-off headlining show in London

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 photo cadillac_zps0ee60775.png

Nashville rockers The Cadillac Three will be playing an intimate one-off headlining show at The Lexington, London, on the 7th July – right after their appearance at Sonisphere. Quoting vocalist/guitarist Jaren Johnston: “We can’t wait to get back across the pond! The first two trips were some of the best times of our lives. We look forward to playing Planet Rockstock, as well as Sonisphere and our upcoming headline tour. Hide your women and your cold beer… The Cadillac Three are coming back to the UK!”

They have recently recorded a cover of Mötley Crüe’s “Live Wire” which will be featured in the upcoming “Nashville Outlawes”, a tribute album to the legendary rock band involving TC3’s US Big Machine label, plus The Crüe camp itself.

Also, Spinefarm Records has re-issued their debut album “Tennessee Mojo” with two bonus tracks, and a new single featuring both “White Lightning” and “Back It Up” will be released to coincide with the aforementioned Sonisphere show.

New track from Shaved Women available for streaming

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 photo shavedwomen-bandsmall_zps8d4d3aa7.jpg

St. Louis-based punk act Shaved Women is back with a new work, this time the full-length “Just Death”. Ektro Records will release it on 8th August with the following track list & artwork:

1. No One Gets In
2. Paranoia
3. Relapse
4. I Don’t Belong Here
5. Bottom Feeder
6. Is It Worth It
7. Tired Again
8. Just Death
9. World Of Change

 photo shavedwomen-justdeathcoversmall_zps58eae5aa.jpg

And today, at the famous Noisey – music by Vice, the band premiered the track “Is It Worth It”. Listen to it here.

Official Facebook.

Darkest Era to tour the UK in September

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 photo darkestera_zpsdf9d2c7c.jpg

In support of their new album “Severance” (released in Europe on 13th June via Cruz Del Sur Music), Celtic masters Darkest Era will play the following shows across the UK:

25/09/2014 – Birmingham, Scruffy Murphy’s
26/09/2014 – Manchester, Sound Control
27/09/2014 – Glasgow, Classic Grand
28/09/2014 – Leeds, Library
29/09/2014 – Sheffield, South Sea Live
30/09/2014 – Bristol, Exchange
01/10/2014 – London, The Garage

“We toured the UK twice around the last album and had a great time. We made loads of new friends and we can’t wait to hit some of the same cities and see some familiar faces. We’re really looking forward to seeing how the new stuff goes down live and we’ll be working hard between now and September to make sure each show is completely killer”, says guitarist Ade Mulgrew.

The day before the European release, the Northern-Irish band posted a new video for the track “Beyond The Grey Veil”:

Check out also the lyric video for “Sorrow’s Boundless Realm”:

Corrosion of Conformity – IX

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Corrosion of Conformity


Released: June 24th, 2014

Stoner/Sludge Metal

Released via Candlelight Records



With the release of IX, Corrosion of Conformity have delivered another hard hitting album filled with crushing riffs and distinct vocals that are enough to please any old or new school fan. While this kind of metal isn’t my particular favorite, this album kept me interested and wanting more the whole time I was listening to it. The songs vary from super slow, heavy riffs that almost sound doomy to fast finger taps and harsher vocals with a hint of thrash and punk traces throughout.

My particular favorite songs on this album are the faster songs, specifically, Denmark Vesey and The Nectar, since they were the most memorable and the easiest for me to bang my head to. However, I was quite surprised at how much I liked the slower stuff as well.

The only problem I had with this album was with the first song, Brand New Sleep. It was my least favorite only because I felt like it dragged on too long. With it being the first song, I had doubts about how interesting IX was going to be. I gave it a chance, though, and ended up loving the rest of the album. I feel like it’s one of those albums that will eventually grow on me the more that I listen to it.

Overall, I found this to be a great listen. The production and musicianship were both solid on this album and I hope Corrosion of Conformity continue to put out heavier music.



Lauren Gowdy

King Diamond Announces North American Tour

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And the rumors are TRUE! The legendary King Diamond has announced a full North American tour for the fall! After hearing rumors for weeks about a possible tour and the leak of a date in New York City, the band has confirmed a 19 date tour across the U.S and Canada. The band will have it’s original lineup, and King Diamond will be doing their full European festival stage show for each date! A special guest act will be supporting which will be announced later on.

A limited edition King Diamond jacket will be available through the fan club pre-sale ( that begins tomorrow, June 24th. Tickets will be on sale online for the rest of the public nationwide on Friday, June 27th.  Here is a list of dates taken from the official King Diamond Facebook page:



Warhorns 2014 announced

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The third edition of the annual Warhorns Festival has been announced. Unlike the previous two years, Warhorns 2014 will take place in Selby, near York, at The Riverside on Saturday 20th September. Announced so far for the festival are York’s mercenary metallers Sellsword as well as Nottingham pirate metallers Red Rum and Hullian black metal outfit Aloeswood. Other bands are to be announced including the headliner and ticket information will be available in the near future.

Slayer Announce U.S. Fall Tour with Suicidal Tendencies and Exodus

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After touring together this past May, the trio is back with a full U.S tour for the fall. Slayer will be taking a break from recording to take off on this tour starting in November. Gary Holt will be once again playing for both Exodus and Slayer, and this will be the debut of former front man Steve Souza. 

Slayer’s Tom Araya states his excitement for this upcoming tour,”We are way fucking excited about hitting the road again with Suicidal and Exodus. Fucking intense. See you in the fall.”

Tickets go on sale this Friday at 10 AM local time. Here are the confirmed dates:


11/12 Fox Theatre, Oakland, CA
11/14 The Forum, Los Angeles, CA
11/15 Comercia Theatre, Phoenix, AZ
11/17 Bricktown Events Center, Oklahoma City, OK
11/18 ACL Live, Austin, TX
11/19 Verizon Theatre, Dallas, TX
11/21 Hard Rock Live, Orlando, FL
11/22 The Tabernacle, Atlanta, GA
11/23 The Fillmore, Charlotte, NC
11/25 The Armory, Albany, NY
11/26 Sands Events Center, Bethlehem, PA
11/28 The Palladium, Worcester, MA
11/29 Wellmont Theatre, Montclair, NJ
11/30 Tower Theatre, Philadelphia, PA
12/2 Agora Theatre, Cleveland, OH
12/4 Egyptian Room, Indianapolis, IN
12/5 The Fillmore, Detroit, MI

And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of The Dead – Live at Rock Palast [Live DVD]

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And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of The Dead
Live At Rockpalast
Released 23rd May 2014
Released via MIG (Made In Germany Music)

AYWTUBTTOTD Live At Rock Palast


Well, I’ve written a few album reviews in my time, but never one for a DVD, so you’re stuck with my first attempt, boys and girls! This one is for a band I haven’t heard much about since the 1990s, and I wasn’t all that familiar with them then – And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of The Dead. Quite a mouthful.

Opening with a piano intro reminiscent of the soundtrack to the Final Fantasy game series, this live outing moves in with instant atmosphere. The dark auditorium, intimate crowd, swirling searchlights, is transformed by a crash of lights and a wall of noise, as AYWKUBTTOTD introduce themselves without words.

As a band who states that part of their mission is to bring an energetic performance to every show, they do have the sort of essence that only some are in possession of. However, I’m personally more used to the underground metal scene, where if the hair, beer and blood ain’t a-flying you’re not that likely to get a gig, never mind a career. Sitting down to play the keys isn’t in the description.

That may sound harsh, but it really is just a comparison between what qualifies as energetic in two disparate genres. I’m not saying that they don’t have presence or that this isn’t a totally professional performance, because that would be utterly wrong on both counts. I’m just saying that if you’re going to talk the talk, you should make sure you walk the walk. For example, they could have more correctly said they were sonically intense, straddling genres without a care. That statement is certainly applicable. Some tracks incorporate two drum kits, others fire up the punk riffs, and yet others meander through the ethereal. The power, thought and effort are there in spades.

I brushed up against it earlier, but the up-close-and-personal approach they have taken for the main concert is really refreshing. Remember, although released in 2014, Live At Rockpalast was recorded back in 2009 when a lot of their contemporaries were taking advantage of rising live music industry to play bigger and bigger venues. AYWKUBTTOTD may very well have chosen this more face-to-face set-up as a mark of respect to their fans, which is always nice. Looking at the effort which has been put into the technical side of the show, it seems unlikely that it was due to financial restraints.

One thing that may have been improved on, though, is the audio production. It’s hard to tell with such a thick sound if it’s due to the live engineering, the post-production or even just my own speakers not being able to handle it, but some of the edges are just… lost. On occasion vocals or low-end disappear a bit. It’s not a major disappointment, but I think it would be noticed if there was a slightly higher quality available. The band and the audience don’t seem to care, though, so maybe it’s just me!

There’s also a nice little clutch of extras included here; videos from a couple of other bigger festival shows, interviews and back-stage footage: a treat for the enthusiast! All in all, this DVD is a fine display of what a real band of human musicians can and should be, and even if it isn’t your genre of choice, other artists could do far worse than taking a leaf from this book. If this band was one of my favourites, I’d be feeling like I was a teenager again, and that emotional connection is sorely lacking in so much modern music.


Paul Macmillan

Midnight to release second album on 19th August

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 photo midnight-nomercycoversmall_zps6c137865.jpg

After a series of EP and splits, black/speed metal act Midnight released their much acclaimed debut album, “Satanic Royalty”, in 2011. The Cleveland-based act and their record label Hells Headbangers have now set 19th August as the release date for the follow-up “No Mercy For Mayhem”, which will have the following track list:

1. Penetratal Curse
2. Evil Like A Knife
3. Prowling Leather
4. No Mercy For Mayhem
5. The Final Rape Of Night
6. Degradation
7. Woman Of Flame
8. Try Suicide
9. Whiplash Disaster
10. Aggressive Crucifixion
11. Destroy Tsunami’s Power (CD Bonus Track)

Meanwhile, through webzine Noisey – Music By Vice, they’ve let the world hear the track “Evil Like A Knife”:

Official Facebook page

Interview with VoA from Ad Inferna

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The French industrial band Ad Inferna have 7 albums and over a decade worth of experience to their name. Iza caught up with their keyboard and guitar player VoA VoXyD to discuss the band’s black metal roots, collobrations, movie soundtracks and their latest release ‘Opus 7: Elevation’.
Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Iza: You originally started out as a symphonic black metal band and then after debut album ‘L’empire des Sens’ you switched to an electronic/industrial style with ‘Trance N’ Dance’.
What was it that persuaded you to change the style of your music?

VoA VoXyD:
Right after our album “L’Empire des Sens”, we encountered a lot of issues with our first label, essentially some money problems. The studio we have been recording in (Excess Studio) was asking for 1 month of recording bill and it has been very tough to finish the recording with them and starting the mastering in the Kohlekeller Studio. Once everything was finally done, our label Last Episode went bankrupt, we then signed for a sub division of Metal Blade called Silverdust, everything was fine with them, but we found out that someone printed some Ad Inferna shirts with a very tricky sentence on the back – something we never claimed, some words that Arkames never wrote down. Then, we decided to stop for a while and we had a very long 7-year break. Once back, we didn’t feel comfortable enough to release a black metal album, cause we’d changed a lot, and we didn’t find any good reason to release a fake black metal album. TnD is NOT a very good reference for Ad Inferna, but it reflects our wishes to want out with the black metal scene and with our past.

Iza: Do you still follow what is happening in the metal scene or are you more interested in the industrial one?

VoA: Personally, neither, but I’m still a big fan of the black metal bands between 1990 and 2000. I really don’t have any clue about the industrial scene!

Iza: Your first electronic album ‘Trance N’ Dance’ was very dancefloor-orientated yet over the years I’ve noticed that your songs were becoming more and more atmospheric especially on the albums ‘Ultimum Omnium’ and ‘Im Mortelle’. Was this planned or were you just experimenting?

VoA: I think we are part of artists who just wanna explore more and more horizons between each album. The composition period is generally very short but intense, and depending of our state of mind, our album will be more or less metal, more or less atmospheric. I personally always enjoyed the atmospheric side and it’s so easy and logical to include it in Ad Inferna.

Iza: Your first two electronic releases ‘Trance N’ Dance’ and ‘DSM’ featured the female singer Asphodel (Penumbra). Then after ‘DSM’ you have had various guest singers doing the vocals. What happened? Why did Asphodel leave the band?

VoA: I don’t know. We’ve been very close but I think she was super busy with her other band. But we miss her, she has a huge talent and we wish her all the best.

Iza: You have collaborated with various artists over the years including Zombie Girl, Vasi Vallis (Reaper/ Frozen Plasma), Lindsay Schoolcraft (Cradle of Filth live) and Morfeus (ex-Limbonic Art). Who has been your favourite person to work with and why?

VoA: All of them have been professional with us. Obviously, my preference is to work with Melissa Ferlaak who is my partner in life, and also because I have followed this band since the beginning, I really enjoyed working with Morfeus. But it’s always exciting to work with all of them, they all have a particular way to impress us, and that’s a good feeling!

Iza: Let’s talk a bit more about your latest album ‘Opus 7: Elevation’. Can you elaborate more about your inspirations for this one?

VoA: All I can tell you is that it’s a huge album that we are 200% proud of. We have worked intensely on this album to create a 100% unique sound and a kind of “soundtrack” for the music we really wanted to do for a while now. It’s a book, a movie, a piece of our existence that you can’t cut off such everything inside is linked together. The lyrics are awesome, and we plan to provide translations in several languages for non-French people. What you see on the artwork is what you gonna listen with the album, then if you’re interested or fascinated by religion, possession, weirdnesses and ghost stories, you’ll definitely like it!

Iza: ‘Opus 7: Elevation’ sounds dramatically different compared to its predeccessor ‘Im Mortelle’. The atmospheric/ambient elements are still there, but the overall sound feels more aggressive and sinister. Can you explain the reasons behind this?

VoA: Absolutely. Im Mortelle is more “pop”, easier to understand and to listen to. It’s a very good album because of the catchy songs like “Moïra” or “Equinoxe” but the composition of Im Mortelle has been radically different. We were focusing on making some independent good songs, one by one, trying to make a song the most efficient and emotional possible. The concept was different and deserved a very ominous way to compose. As I said before, Elevation is a book, with chapters and themes, and for that we have been focusing on a whole concept, from the beginning to the end of the album. It’s a one song album, with a lot of aggressive parts, and dithered of more or less short movie oriented passages.

Iza: In many ways this album features an interesting and complex mix of styles. We have the industrial/electronic programming and synths, classical operatic vocals and black metal screams and guitars. How would you describe this new evolution in style? Do you have a name for it?

VoA: A very good question again. I like the term of “Operatic Electro Dark” that a magazine used to describe our sound. But you’re right, and everything you mentioned is true.

Iza: I’ve noticed that the last few albums have a certain “soundtrack quality”. Some of the songs sound like they were written for the opening scene of a Gothic horror movie. What are your thoughts on this?

VoA: Besides Ad Inferna, I run my own recording studio (Akamaradara Studio) here in MN, USA, and I am a music composer, and even if I’m trying to avoid the “too much soundtrack oriented” for Ad Inferna, I must admit that I broke my rules on the last opus!

Iza: If you were to pick one song from the latest album which you would play to someone as an introduction to Ad Inferna, which one would you choose and why?

VoA: Without any doubt: Elle est Moi (Track 10) and InVisible (Track 13 only on the physical CD)

Iza: I’ve heard rumours that this will be the last Ad Inferna album. Is this true and if so why?

VoA: Maybe?

Iza: Do you have any final words for your fans and your readers?

VoA: Along with “L’Empire des Sens”, “Elevation” is the album that I’m the most proud of (as is Arkames). I would like everyone to forget the name of Ad Inferna between those both albums and just focus on the music. Thanx a lot for your interest Iza.

‘Opus 7: Elevation’ is out now on Advoxya Records.

We Came As Romans at HMV Dublin on 18th June

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 photo wcarhmv_zpse6131d40.jpg

For the first time in their career, We Came As Romans are about to play a couple of shows in Ireland. And in addition to it, they will perform an acoustic session and in-store signing in Dublin, at HMV – Grafton Street, on Wednesday 18th June, between 13:00 and 14:00.

The two Irish gigs are at the following locations:

17.06.14 Northern Ireland Belfast @ Mandella Hall
18.06.14 Ireland Dublin @ Fibber Magees

Sabaton announce several UK tour dates

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 photo sabatonuk_zpsfade1c82.jpg

Last month, Sabaton‘s seventh studio album “Heroes” hit the stores. Now the Swedes themselves will hit the stages to introduce it to you live, bringing along Korpiklaani and Týr. UK will have a full leg on this European tour, happening on the following dates (click links for tickets):

Nov 28th – Norwich, Waterfront
Nov 29th – Brighton, Concorde 2
Nov 30th – Plymouth, White Rabbit
Dec 2nd – Reading, Sub 89
Dec 3rd – Weymouth, Pavilion
Dec 5th – Glasgow, QMU
Dec 6th – Dublin, Academy
Dec 7th – Belfast, Limelight
Dec 8th – Manchester, Ritz
Dec 9th – Wolverhampton, Slade Rooms

Jan 12th – London, Forum

Pär Sundström, bass player and founding member, commented: “Finally we can reveal our plans for UK this year! We love to play a lot of shows and we love to see a sweaty sold out club everywhere! Sabaton always brings a good party wherever we go and when we take Korpiklaani and Týr with us for this run its certain that we will leave no city untouched”.

Sabaton online: