Blood And Sun stream new album “White Storms Fall”

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Brooklyn-based neofolk act Blood And Sun has released last Thursday their debut album “White Storms Fall”, through Pesanta Urfolk. However, they were glad to make it available for streaming at the esteemed cultural journal Heathen Harvest (listen here).

Blood And Sun is born from the collaboration of Luke Tromiczak (Maledicere), Thomas Ashe, Tanner Anderson (Obsequaie/Celestiial), Erik Wivinus (Thunderbolt Pagoda) and Angela Mcjunkin, producing a mixture of “solemnly chiming string and richly resonating percussion, with proud-yet-understated male voice”.

Track list:

1. Hewn
2. Merciless Master
3. Fell
4. Veiled Lady
5. Feast
6. Lord of the Spring
7. Culling
8. White Storms Fall
9. Cedar Smoke
10. Adieu
11. Keen
12. Tides
13. Slaughter the Instant

2 Responses to “Blood And Sun stream new album “White Storms Fall””

  1. come on now Says:

    The band is from Minnesota, not Brooklyn…

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