Svart Records to release anthology of Isten fanzine

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In 1984, Mikko Mattila put all his passion and devotion for metal into a fanzine called Isten. It soon would build a respectful reputation, not only for the info it provided but also for its demanding, picky nature. Taneli Jarva, former member of the extinct Sentenced, even said “If you happened to get a favourable mention of your demo in Isten you’d peaked. You’d fuckin’ made it.”

Now, 30 years later, Svart Records is proud to announce that it will release “Don’t Break The Ghost”, an 800-page hardcover anthology of Isten, written by Mattila himself, Janne Sarna and Professor Black. Scheduled for September, the book will feature careful reproductions of nearly all of Isten’s issues plus over 60 pages of unpublished interviews, handwritten letters and photos that were never made public.

“We’re extremely pleased to be working with SVART,” says Mattila. “It is important to do this right, and to do it right now. There’s only going to be a diehard edition. It’ll be svart and heavy.”

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